OCT 2nd,  “Gandhi Jyanthi.” One of the greatest human was born today. Gandhi, as we know is a saga by himself. We celebrate his birthday today as “World Non-Violence Day”.
Today, I am writing, writing about a ‘little known hero’. A hero, in his own little suburban town. The one that we failed to recognize.

I met him yesterday, in his cozy little home. He was there outside in his bed, lying with his eyes closed, all too tried from his years of fight.
“He is ninety four years old” my mom said. 

It is astonishing. I would rather like to say he is ninety four years ‘young’.Now he is barely able to eat anything. His “all this while busy" limbs that carried him around have rested too. “No more”, said those limbs. Even his bowels are not obeying his commands in his last days. He was there, our ‘HERO’, lying in his bed that is wet in his own urinal.
 All his relatives and neighbors were around, counting his days on this inhuman earth. They are paying visits to fulfill their duty, the duty of visiting him. I went there with my mother and the moment he opened his eyes it recognized her.
I don’t know if he recognized me for I have met him only a few odd times before. But he definitely said something looking at me. Little did I know about him then! 
All that I knew was that he is an old man, who helps a lot for the school that my mother works in as a head-mistress.

But there before my eyes was a brave Hero, who had lived his entire life with dedication and selflessness.

When everybody around was concerned about him and confronting him saying that he will be fine. He said this to my mom in his trembling voice with his vocals failing to widened up,
“Sorry, I was not feeling well ma that’s why I couldn’t come to the school NSS meet. I don’t know, if I will come to the school hereafter but this year also Annual day should be celebrated well and all those good performing kids should be encouraged.”

I am talking here about a Government girl’s school in a suburban area. What makes this ‘94 year young man’ here in his death bed so concerned about a school and its well being.
He is definitely a hero, a little known HERO maybe.
         Born to a poor family some ninety odd years ago, he had led his life through struggles and hurdles. He was nineteen then when he picked up tailoring as a profession. Little did schools educate him for his family couldn’t afford it.
          Taking up the family responsibilities, he worked hard and took his family to better a position. He never got married but got all his siblings married and educated them too. He became popular as a tailor in his town.
          Joining congress, he became active in it’s movement and Gandhian principles. He even has the pride of meeting Gandhi in person and hearing his speeches. He was one of our freedom fighters. He had dedicated and donated all his toiled earnings then for cause the freedom movement.
           After independence another leader changed his path forever.Yeah the Dravidian party and its leader “EVAERA RAMASAMY” or ‘ PERIYAR’ as they call so, became his religion and GOD.
Since then he started working alongside with the Dravidian party in social up-fronting. Little did he was educated in schools. But he is right to be called as a Scholar, a scholar in TAMIL. With his commanding voice and depth of knowledge he was able to attract many people by his side.
He became an active Dravidian worker and started spreading PERIYARISM throughout.

IN 1964,(may not be correct with the dates) he was one of the important person to start a Girls school in the suburb of ‘MANNACHANALLUR'. Since then, he became associated with this school. For the well being and development of this school he contributed and dedicated himself.

He was then a Motivator, a support for the younger generation of girls to take up schooling. He mentored them in a period where girl’s education is still on the back side. He continued to stand firm and helped these girls in whatever little ways he can, from getting books which was not free then to aiding them psychologically.

Years rolled by but this man never changed he continued to be a mentor of that school, helping in all its issues, helping in developing its infrastructure. Even at this age he never failed to do his work. Every single NSS MEET he will be there, every other annual day he will be there with a ‘caravan’ full of gifts for the out-performing kids.

He never failed to motivate them. He never failed to motivate the public too in donating for that schools development. Its right to say the school would have not been what it is now without his contribution.

All his life he lived as a fighter, fighter for social development, for a change, for a better living to the people around.Every other fight he took it in his shoulders and carried on.
He may not have led a political party or led a revolutionary moment. But he lived his life in a standalone way.


He is one of those men that we failed to recognize, rather these men don’t care for recognition though. He is our own hero, a real leader, the one to be admired, followed and praised.

Now what he has savaged with this in his life?? Why this old man is all too concerned about the society he lives in?? Why he is in this age worried about girl’s education?? Why in this age he spreads his leader ‘Periyar’s’ thoughts?? What has he gained out of this??
Nothing!! All that he savaged was his bed, a little piece of blanket to cover him up, a few old clothes and off course his collection of books.
                   But here again, even in his death bed he is worried about a school that has nothing to do with him.

                 What made him become so? What made him a fighter?? Maybe he had leaders, selfless leaders to follow then.
                   All that we have as leaders now is crooks who play with people minds to lure their votes – ‘Colour TV for a man who is dying out of starvation, colour TV for a TV agency dealer too’.
All that we have as leaders now are those who loot let it be the spectrum or the Common wealth Games their Moto is “WE LOOT”.
Maybe that’s why we don’t bother of our society or of the lives around us. Maybe that’s why we live our own selfish life.
                But remember, “Brave, young, mettle INDIANS we are the ‘KINGS and QUEENS’ of this nation. It’s our time to redeem ourselves. It is our time for carnation.
       It’s we who should bring the change.

                   For our selfless little known HERO,“ MA PA”.

SPREAD LOVE around ......... Cheers


  1. ppl lik him shld be recognized n honourd for their selfless service... its really good to remember abt a man lik ma pa on this spl day today... congrts raja on ur initial step towards the long journey of creatin the change u wanted to c around the ppl, society n our nation...

  2. really tear filled my eyes ,on ur saying about mapa,even i have seen him and talked with him,i and had a affection on him,but i couldnt think this much. i think we should really feel proud to have met and been with him in our life time. he is great,

  3. Sister you have posted from the critics account itself you should have done it with your id though . . anyway its true what you said there

  4. your article was beautiful... it's high time to stop raising above our heads, the so called "heroes" of cinema field ,who wield all their paid fame and fortune under the limelight,and instead, pay our tributes to well-deserved selfless people like these who serve from behind the screen, sacrificing their whole lives for our smiles... i hope many read your blog and realize and pay their respects where they're worth it.

  5. people who I thought once great are no longer considered as even human at times... Im yet to find that Hero... that hero has to be a person who is a human respecting humanity in every tough situations...I know this might be hard to find or ...even to say, but there are yrs to go and will meet a great human one day I suppose... but Ive tried myself to find that bit of human in every man and woman, but still not convinced with anyone. anyway, not much bothered abt it .. thanks to my profession!!! a chance to meet every people in every community!!! will write U something in mail Raja... which may not be related to the blog. But still...;) I ll keep following U in the blog..:)........comment by dr jannani

  6. @ jannani this blog has no particular association.....just post in .......for the feel and love of writing.....write whatever it is.....its just to stimulate our minds..looking forward for our views..

  7. It was an eye-opening article. I wonder how many more unsung heroes are out there in our country, hope it is quite a few atleast, so that they inspire our generation also to pursue thier path.

  8. hey everybody MA PA is now up and walking..,.he is back to wage his fight....

  9. hey everybody...i m very sorry here to say that our very own little known hero MA.PA is no more with us......may his soul rest in peace...may all that he wished for will be done.

  10. lets continue the works he carried on

  11. MA PA is one among the numerous unrecognized heroes of our nation...
    Look at the youth of the nation...They are very much cared of fun, money and if u ask who their real hero is, they would be spotting at a cine hero, who would be in his real life, a coward and or even not to be fit to be a human being...such is the situation of our nation!!!
    I feel jealous of Raja, as atleast u had a chance to meet such a real hero, who cared about the girls education..
    The awareness of having a girl child in our nation is pathetic, which could be seen from the declining numbers seen in sex ratio!!!
    Not only the rural areas, even the urban areas consider that having a girl child is a curse!!We should change this attitude, if have to live in a better environment....
    I salute MA PA for his work and happpy to have known a hero like him!!!
    May his soul rest in peace!!!


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