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'A Dream'

"Waking up from a dream,
a dream that I wanna live in
is the most difficult thing to do!!"
Waking up from a dream,
a dream so soothing
a dream so pleasant
is the most difficult thing to do.
Waking up from a dream,
a dream where i can be with you,
where I can feel you,
where I can hear your voice,
where I get a chance to see your stupid face,
Waking up from that dream is the most difficult thing to do!!
But still I dream on!!
Everyday I dream on.
Knowing that its painful to wake up from.
Knowing it is not reality!
But, it is the only way I can be with you!
So I continue to dream on.
And will dream on.

is there an alternate to democracy???

On a beautiful saturday evening, i was lolling down in my mom,s car waiting for my friend. And as usual he said he will be there in five minutes and his five minutes never came for another hour also.

So waiting there, bored and with no good music to play on, I tuned in the radio and the familar voice of that radio jockey sounded in. I dont know what frequency i tunned in or what station it was! but then the programm running was related to some social issues. The jockey was speaking about a incident that happened recently then. It was about a forgery that took place then recently, about a group who disguised as income tax officers and cheated. The highlight behind this incident is that main man behind this was an EX-MLA during the period of 96-2000 and he won that election standing for DMK party. Amidst of all that he won that election against one of the great parliamentarian MR. vaiko. Imagine how cheap are we!!!

we sit and blame about our politics and politicians sti…