'A Dream'

"Waking up from a dream,
a dream that I wanna live in
is the most difficult thing to do!!"
Waking up from a dream,
a dream so soothing
a dream so pleasant
is the most difficult thing to do.
Waking up from a dream,
a dream where i can be with you,
where I can feel you,
where I can hear your voice,
where I get a chance to see your stupid face,
Waking up from that dream is the most difficult thing to do!!
But still I dream on!!
Everyday I dream on.
Knowing that its painful to wake up from.
Knowing it is not reality!
But, it is the only way I can be with you!
So I continue to dream on.
And will dream on.


  1. "The first step towards realising your dream is to wake up!"-said someone whom i dont remember:-) but, you say dreaming is the only way to be with her, so...happy dreaming, coz life's greatest pleasures are behind the closed eyes of a dream. :-)

  2. such lovely longings,
    sweet dreams tonight.


  3. I know this feeling well. Beautiful emotional poem

  4. Beautifully wrought, and pleasurably read. Dreams guide my life, for they take me where I cannot physically go, and return me to places I regretted leaving. Waking life is for now, and should be enjoyed with passion, but dreams, sweet dreams, takes me where this husk is but a burden. This was wonderful, thank you!

  5. A lovely piece of work. Sad but also very sweet. I felt this.

    ~Ms. Queenly

  6. Wonderful work. Liked your poem... sweet and simple

  7. OMG I can soooo relate to this one. Wonderful job. Kudos

  8. Oh, I've been there. And like you, I didn't want to wake up from the dream!

  9. thanks......sad u had to face the situation too :)(

  10. I feel that everyone should dream, but inorder to make that dream real, one has to wake up and start working towards the dream, irrespective of how the result is going to be!!!!!
    Its my pleasure to have read "Dream"


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