The Purpose

It was lonely Sunday and some deep thoughts sulked in me
Lost in my own thoughts I was thinking,
“When a baby is born,
He opens his small lids and looks around and cries.
He gives smile and happiness to everyone around.
Every little thing that he does makes people crazy.
There are heart and souls always around to take care of it.
To feed him, to clean him, to dress him, to soothe him, to walk him
To play with him there are always eager hearts around.
The mom carries him hugged around her shoulders.
The dad cries out I have a child and buys all possible thing on earth for him.
Then the crazy grandpa and grandma are there to pamper and protect him.
But why the same hearts sway when they have a duty?
The duty of caring a little older child .
Say an 80yr old child.
To clean him, to feed him, to talk with him, to walk him there is no one around
It’s a burden then!!!
And he cries cuddled in his lonely smelling bed.
He cries. But still there is no one to bother.
These human souls are hard to understand.
Their emotions are never fully felt”.
Just as I was thinking
A young lady in her twenties
Beautiful as the angels would be
Was walking around in a clad white dress with a cross upon her chest
And she was walking not alone but with a child,
Yeah, a little older child.
This man in his eighties with barely any teeth was smiling like he was just born!!
And was happily holding her as he walks around.
Now, this young woman
for all her love on his fellow being seemed to be a guardian angel to me.
May be as they say everything in this world is for purpose!!!
If there aren’t any heartless souls then what is the purpose for these guardian angels?
But if so what’s my purpose on this earth??
Hey and what’s yours??????????????????


  1. i like the way u r thinkin .......... hope this wont apply only to the writin ...... hope u will follow this thin to the end ......... all the best....

  2. enna da sai feelings ah oru will continue till the very end man for sure....

  3. well wrote buddy !world is a mix of heartless souls and guardian angels i dont want to disturb the eco system .

  4. Even shakespere had said old age is second childhood,maybe in his days old folks were well cared for. We owe a lot to our older generation for their love and the natural resources they have so meticulously conserved for our generation. All they want in return is, for us to spend time with them, some kindness and regard- very simple things which does'nt cost a penny, but things which even their milionaire sons and daughters cant provide.

  5. Yes, those who raise us becomes burden when they need us...sad but truth.We happily do everything for our child but those who did for us becomes smelly,why? We must consider 1 year child and 80 yr child the same way.
    Wonderfully expressed today's scenario.

  6. True. . beautifully said prathiba

  7. Looking after their grand parents or their age-old parents has become an additional work to all those young people nowadays..
    Its because of those age olds, that v r in this world...but, v never think about this and live our life king size, not even giving a small room for the age olds....
    V r just asked to take care of our family..not a neighbours family...still, v r lethargic to not to do that...
    hope, v understand the purpose of our life sooner.....


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