I am tired of being alone,
I am tired of being without you.
Give me the strength to be without you.
Give me the hope to live without you.

Through the thunder sky
And that lonely moon
I send you a message,
Hoping it will reach you.

I know you have reached a never-land
And there is no return from it
But still i send you a message.

What shall I do without you?
Why should I be without you?
why cant i end my journey here?
but, I have promised myself to go further.
And now its a journey without you.

Give me the strength to be without you
Give me the hope to live a life without you.
You are my Love.
But why did i loose you?

With questions not answered,
I just sit here,
in memories so lost and thoughts so wilder-ed.
Hoping that I will live my life worthy, a life that is without you.


  1. Losing a loved one can be painful, but in a few years time your hurt and disappointment will give way to a sense of fondness for that person. Letting go of someone takes greater strength than holding on.Fate can take away that girl from you, but not her memories, right? Do not worry that it's over; be happy that it happened. Life is all about letting go and moving on...:-)

  2. memories.. people say they are cherished, I say they hurt so much.... letting go, impossible, in your mind and your heart, it's always there.. very very touching!

  3. Whether the loss be love or life, we must mourn but for a season. I believe the season must be short, and then we should move on. One step at a time. Your poem is written well; your pain exposed and raw. Good writing.

  4. Go on we do. Scarred but stronger. Defiant in the face of loss. Nice write!

  5. This is so heart-rending beautifully written, raw and vulnerable loved it

  6. Sad--reminded me of the loss of my first husband. Have faith--you CAN recover.

  7. Sad - losing of a loved one. The struggle and inner misery - let time work its wonders and the living to go on and fulfil the dreams of those who left.
    Thanks for expressing those thoughts:)

  8. Raw emotion. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Very honest and clearly very real. I hope that you find the strength to continue and the bravery to remember.

  10. Beautiful and sad but strong. Good Writing

  11. i can never understand how we can feel like we can't live without someone when in fact we HAVE lived without that certain someone.

    very honest poem.

  12. Keep up the good work,enjoyed reading you today !

  13. Sad, sad, sad. But love the fact that "the character" here have promised to go further.

    Happy rally. :)


  14. The tough part in life is, when ur closed ones do not exist any further!!!!
    The toughest part in life is to miss ur closed ones, even thought they are still around you :(


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