A love song for a lost "LOVE" ( my version of love song for noone)

Staying up all alone,
I was just sitting thinking about you.
I am looking at that cemented roof,
With thoughts so lost just in you.

What can I do more to make you feel my love?
What should I do more to make you trust me?
You are thou my dearest.
And you know me the closest.
You make my heart beat the fastest.

And now you say I have to live a life that this so lonely without you.
What can i do more to make you feel my love?
What should I do more to win your heart?

With all that memories I sit here,
When it is just days away until you walk away with someone else.
The way you walk, the way you smile, the way you speak,
the way you eat, the way you cry
And just everything about you had made me love you.

You are ready to trust a stranger in life!
Now what can I do to make you feel my love?
what should I do to make my heart forget you?

Its a war that I fought!
A war in the name of Love.
For now that I look to have lost it.
But the war is not over yet!

The war is not over;
until I loose my love for you.
And my heart cant loose its love until stops beating!

You came as an angel in ma life.
You stayed as a Princess forever,in my heart.
So it is a war that has never ended.

What can I do more to make you feel my Love??
What should I do more to make you feel my LOVE??

Whatever I need to do I Will do.


  1. OMG!!Who is it raja, that ur heart is pining for??
    do make her read this, she wil definitely fall for it, i bet.:-)and pls don try to tell it was about mother india! lol

  2. Then its a bet you lost prassana:-). . my heart has been pinning on her for long i have made her read hundreds like this nothing has worked though it seemed to be only a joke to her:-((

  3. Raja, publica naan eduvum kekka virumbala:)
    supera eluthirukka pa...the more i read ur poems, the more u make me to think....semaya eluthirukka....
    be like this always and do write more!!!!!


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