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The morning saw a huge gathering before our hospital. The gatherers are postgraduate students here. With no real backup, no real protection, we gathered. We gathered for a cause; “Justice”. BACKGROUND: The day before morning by 10am an old lady dies in the ICU. The cause of death is sudden cardiac arrest. Now the lady was admitted in the hospital some 15 days back with diarrhea and severe electrolyte imbalance. She also had super added complications. She was revived and was recovering fast. And that day morning as usual a physiotherapist was giving her treatment; she collapsed suddenly. The emergency medicine doctors posted there tried their best giving resuscitation and CPR, only to fail. The relatives outside misinterpreted this and they themselves identified the reason of the death as the “physiotherapy treatment”. Now the sons of the expired lady are so called influential in the TOWN OF Chidambaram; and they carried a mob of 30 people least into the…

" Clad through"

             He was sitting there shirtless and looking himself at the mirror. The tanned, toned body which portrayed every single muscle out was gleaning on the mirror. And hidden there was that Scar that passed just about an inch from sternum through his third intercostals.
           It is his past, a gift, it hurts him still, not that it is not healed but it still hurts; hurts within. It is not a life that he choose but that is what he has been granted.
          Rich were there family with lands cattles and happiness around. Then came the war – the so called civil war. He still remembers the day running with his child in his hand, a five year old kid. Those were days of horrors. The day before a shell hit his house and his wife was bleed to death in the bed right before his eyes. Now he is running with his only hope of his life, his child. 
          Something hit him hard then and he was thrown few feets away. He was bleeding. He then realized that he has been shot, shot by the milit…

Tantrum of freebies

Elections are on due, every day, the comedy just gets better. No better entertainment is there on TV than watching the news channels with our so called leaders moving the coins as if in a chess game to gain power.             Today morning was no different. I woke up with a lazy twist and a unwilling desire to get up from bed. With half closed eyes I took that morning paper stashed through my window. Smiles and laughter is what I get seeing the first page.
It’s the DMK's and ADMK's election manifestos JJ What more worse you can expect? Cheap politics and cheaper politicians.
DMK On a continuity, announced grinder or mixie for every home. ADMK announced grinder, mixie and a fan …….ha ha
DMK – free laptops to all engineering students. ADMK – all college students including private institutions. DMK- 35 kg free rice ADMK -25 KG free rice. DMK-Free monthly visits by doctors for senior citizens. ADMK-FREE mobile units check up for senior citizens. FREE hostel accommodation and pension also for t…








Here I am sitting in my duty day, after a quite a heady day; with still some X rays to be reported thinking of something interesting to write. And yes after lot of serious topics here I go with LOVE.

Who is more Romantic MEN or WOMEN?

                   This is a debate to start on I guess. But lucky for me there is no one to debate here.

                When it comes to the want of ROMANCE or LOVE, the words define themselves in individual’s hands. IN CERTAIN RELATIONSHIPS woman may overwhelm men and in certain other men may overwhelm women.

                But in general??????

                I believe MEN or more romantic than Woman.
You can’t agree with me right?

               Men and women are different species. Their want and needs are different. Women always love to be tender and seek a supporting shoulder. Though a woman portray herself the strongest of all she is tender within and that’s her beauty.

              Men consider themselves powerful; though all may not look like i…


Last week our newspapers and TV channels seem to have suddenly woken up to the fact that there are woman achievers in various fields and were vying with each other to recognize and reward them. And I realized Women’s day is around the corner- the only day when men recognize the fairer sex for their achievements or better put, pretend to recognize!

Like many other women who know that this frenzy wont last long, I begin to wonder what meaning does this day have in the lives of ordinary woman. Whenever I am faced with such questions, life always gives me the answer-somewhere, somehow, the answer lies in wait for me; this time it was no different.

Yesterday, having spent the whole day reading a book, I decide to go out for some shopping, though I dint really know what I wanted to buy! And the public buses were my favorite mode of transport here in pondicherry. Even if my dad offered to drop me in his bike, I would politely refuse, telling that it was my contribution towards reducing …


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Change, what you think about this word? Is it just another of those English words, just to add to vocabulary?

Change, is a simple but powerful word. Everything that exists change. There is simply nothing that doesn’t- Love, life, human body and our very self changes.

It is this simple word that has created history. When a change prevails out of an existence history is created. It is change that has created heroes like Gandhi, Edison, Mother Teresa or even Che. It is what even created Hitler.

It is ‘change’ that created empires, which created kingdoms.
I would say “Our very existence as human species is based on change”.

When you look at change and the wiliness to change there is always a bit of selfishness that exists around.

Right when blog- a-to…