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Change, what you think about this word? Is it just another of those English words, just to add to vocabulary?

Change, is a simple but powerful word. Everything that exists change. There is simply nothing that doesn’t- Love, life, human body and our very self changes.

It is this simple word that has created history. When a change prevails out of an existence history is created. It is change that has created heroes like Gandhi, Edison, Mother Teresa or even Che. It is what even created Hitler.

It is ‘change’ that created empires, which created kingdoms.
I would say “Our very existence as human species is based on change”.

When you look at change and the wiliness to change there is always a bit of selfishness that exists around.

Right when blog- a-ton decided change was the topic to write a marathon.

I asked a question to a few people I know; "what will you like to change?"
This married lady said,” I would love to change my sore boring life. I will love to make it more fun-filled and interesting.”

This colleague of me in under graduation said “I would like the change the profession I took.”
Another person in my travel said “I would like to change where I am born, maybe in Europe I would prefer.”

A school going kid said, “I would like the way I look and I want to be the first ranker just like that”

Another good school time buddy, “I will change everything around me. I will redefine people, redefine my surrounding and make it the way I want.”

Now then everybody wants to change something or other. I don’t think there is one that would say,

“I would prefer things the way they are”.

And yeah when you look at the answers there is always a self centering and selfish clinging to the things we ought to change.

This is true.

Here then what I will like to change?

“I will definitely like to change her mind!”
I will wish to change the ugly politics in my country. I will love to change the way my fellow citizens think and live. I will change INDIA into the most prosper and ever growing nation in this world.

Now how much selfishness it is here too! My love, my country, my life and this is how we are.

Here then I asked a little girl in one of our child homes. She said, “I will like to change my mom and dad’s mind and make them take me back from here.”

Now though that is self want there is some pure search of love in it.

Another kid said I will change the fight I had with my best friend.
Now that’s innocence and pure heart. These are kids heart and this we adults lack.

But what is with this change. To change is a dream, to change is our aim, to change is difficult and sometimes to change it needs revolution.

And as I said this selfishness always clings to it.

I want to free my nation. I want to build a new empire. I want to win this war. I want to study harder. I want to create world record. I want to buy a new house. I want a better pay-scale. I want to change the bad things that exist.

And this self want is what has led to change. There may be some exceptions like mother Teresa or Che or some others who just wanted to change others sufferings.

Frankly if you don’t agree with me, then answer this question yourself.

What is the one thing that you wish to change? Say……………………………………………………………..

Now how many of you would have thought something really not related to you?
Say like I want to change the life of people in Libya. I would want their suffering to end and would want them to be liberated.

Most of us wouldn’t have. Most of us would have thought to change the hiking petrol price, our careers, the way our life is going, the way the country is going may be, or something that has a relation to us.

We love to change. And we demand change. We even pray for change.
But we often fail to realize we haven’t taken one step to change ourselves and thereby bring the change we look for.

We almost always put ourselves into picture perfection and believe that things around us should change.

What is this country? Cheap politics, cheaper politicians, Stupid rules, the harmonious crimes, the dirty environment around me, the ugly society around, the child abuses, the ever rising hikes in basic commodities, the commercializing real estate industry, the IT world, the money minded doctors, the money minded schools, the ugliness and flaws in education system, the biohazards of carbon emission, the terrorist threats, the separatist activity through globe, the American imperialism, the poverty, the hunger deaths, the cramping rush in buses, the daily working hours, the amount of books to study, the amount of papers to look in, the difficulty in buying a house, bribery, the garbage on streets, the farmers death.

Each ones of wishes to change one thing or other and we blame the current situation over each other. Age may vary, society may vary and culture may vary but still the existence of will to change hasn’t changed.

Now take it up to the human emotions, I will love to change the way my wife looks, the way my husband behaves, the way my mom scolds me, to change the school I study, to change my name, to make her love me.

Every time when the need to change arrives we blame others and demand others to bring this change.

What is this with this government? What is this with rich people or ulta what is this with these poor people? Why she thinks about me like this? Why not this earth reformed into a greener environment?

We just dream and dream and often fail to realize that this change we look forward must be brought from within ourselves.

If it is ugly cheap politics then you step out and try the reformation. How many of us the educated upper class even goes out to cast our votes. We won’t do that but we will sit and wine, “3000 crores my god what a scam”.

Every form of change that has been created has been first from the individual within. If Gandhi would have been crying don’t use foreign clothes and was wearing a London stitched suit then could it have brought a change?

Why she never understands me. Why trying to make her understand you. You change the way she like to be or change your mind understanding she never can understanding you.

Ah bribery!! But we don’t stop ourselves from giving bribe at traffic signals and escaping maybe then bribery is good. Step up and say” I won”. Admit yeah I made a mistake and pay the fine in the court. Are we doing it.

“See the roads how dirty! Dubai won’t be like this” have you stopped using plastics by any means and have you stopped littering in streets first?

“Hey you know the global warming will cause a rise in 4degree Celsius by the end of this century”.

We know this but are we going to stop driving a car for a 100m walk?. How come our pride at the utmost in self is itself to own a BMW or MERC right?
Then what right we have to speak of traffic,pollution, carbon emission and global warming.

This is how it is we will demand change but we will never wish to change ourselves.

From the most complicated human emotions to the want to change the society, to change our very own life; we want that to happen on its own or should be brought by some other supreme power.

I still believe “change” is the most powerful thing in existence.

We have changed everything from heavenly the way it has given to us into a graveyard.
Now it is time for us to change it back. And that change has to be brought from within whether it is a change of self want or of a greater thought.

We can’t change the way we were born, the place we were born. We can’t change our past and predict the future. But simple reality is we can change the way we want our present to be and it is only in our hands. So To make our life more worthy to live it more worthy, and to have a more meaningful and happy days we need to look forward for change from within.

It’s plain and simple “change yourself the way you want others to be”.

What right do I have to say this?

Am I perfect? Definitely not.

OK now agin what would I like to change?

I will like to change myself in a way I am, “More lovable, more disciplined, more righteous,
more respectful to my parents. I would like to shed my laziness, to write more actively and to spend time studying more actively.

To stop using plastics in whatever way it is possible, to be strictly law abiding, to demand rightful questions when injustice is created against my fellow human being whether in LIBYA, SRILANKA or in JAMMU, to avoid cars or bike and to prefer my cycle or legs wherever possible, to shed hatred and Love every other person invariably, to involve myself more actively in helping the under privileged children, to help poor people in ways possible to me and to become more socio- conscious.

It is required now to take a whiplash on ourselves to bring this change.

If we need a better environment where LOVE, ART and HARMONY is spread we need to step out and seek it.

A change in soul changes another then another and then the whole community.
So then, I have not been granted any miraculous power but I believe I have the power and will to change myself from within and I am ready to change.

Now what would you like to change???????????????

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  1. That is a thought provoking post. nice read

  2. Excellent thoughts. But could have done with more stucture and clear cut overall direction if I may say.

  3. I second " The Fool's" opinion.

    Keep writing!


  4. Excellent post, Loved it.. Smiles, mine is what most people feel in their heart but no one acts to achieve it, Change

    Someone is Special

  5. nice read dude thought provoking gud luck for the change u wud like to make .....wat i wud like to change is ...... a change from WITHIN too...

  6. ..thanks everyone for the comments..
    @ subbu yeah man lets hope we reform ourselves and thereby the society......for a better living and a better life .......cheers

  7. very very thought provoking post... and covered a wide variety of topics... I, personally, would have preferred it to be a tad bit shorter and some sort of basic, underlying structure to the maze of thoughts portrayed here!

  8. Interesting... :)
    And as Karthik said... try avoiding the not-so-needed details :)

  9. Very thoughtful provoking post indeed and I think you have covered all the possible change, the change that we like and those we do not like.Good post! I can see the intention and efforts behind the post.

  10. Everything needs to be changed from one or the other perspective .. and once it is arrived at, that too would need the change. That is how it goes!

  11. hm thats true...but the but the demand of change has always to be dealt by the people who demand it.........

  12. Well expressed thoughts!!!!
    Unless I do something better, I cannot expect my friends or family or the environment to do things better!!
    Even if our actions makes atleast 1% of the persons to realize their mistakes and act accordingly, that itself is a very big achievement, considering the way the world operates in todays scenario...


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