" Clad through"

             He was sitting there shirtless and looking himself at the mirror. The tanned, toned body which portrayed every single muscle out was gleaning on the mirror. And hidden there was that Scar that passed just about an inch from sternum through his third intercostals.

           It is his past, a gift, it hurts him still, not that it is not healed but it still hurts; hurts within.
It is not a life that he choose but that is what he has been granted.

          Rich were there family with lands cattles and happiness around. Then came the war – the so called civil war.
He still remembers the day running with his child in his hand, a five year old kid. Those were days of horrors. The day before a shell hit his house and his wife was bleed to death in the bed right before his eyes. Now he is running with his only hope of his life, his child. 

          Something hit him hard then and he was thrown few feets away. He was bleeding. He then realized that he has been shot, shot by the military that is supposed to protect him.
He stood, tied a cloth around his chest and took back his crying child and ran.Now days after those horrible days he is alive with his daughter.He is alive in a camp, a refugee camp in INDIA

          But the scar left by the bullet that clad through his chest, one that narrowly missed his atrium still haunts him. It still brings him the past. A past that can never be forgotten.

And that’s how is the life of a Srilankan – tamil, a life of survival, a life with no hope.
But he is better. He has his hope, his only hope, his daughter.

"What wrong had we done?
Why is our life taken for granted.
Shells, bunkers, bullets and false hopes is all that we got.
Betrayal, lack of humanity and death is all that we saw.
The place I lived and played is there nomore.

What wrong did we do?
Was asking for respect  a crime?
Was seeking dignity a crime?
We were deserted!
Deserted by our own government, deserted by the world and
Deserted by the mighty INDIA.

What wrong did we do?
We were allowed to run.
We were allowed to hide.
We were allowed to be slaves.
We were allowed to be refugees.
But we were refused of life, to live in a place that’s belongs to us.

When will we rise?
When will we rise from our miseries?

What wrong did we do?
Expect for being born as a Tamil speaking HUMAN in a land of racists.

with tears he sits hugging his daughter hoping of hope.


  1. Succint account of the travails of a refugee... Going into the roots of I dont think there is a valid reason for this war in lanka.The land belongs to all citizens and why are the tamils being denied it? It's been a chronic problem and maybe that is why we dont seem to give it any serious consideration. How can we expect a solution when we dont even know what the cause of it is?

  2. the solution is already made with burial of over lakh of civilians, with demolishing the lives some more lakhs of people, with the achievement of making some more lakh of people refugees.............its over. the only question is will the truth ever come out?

    and haven't you got the reason behind it yet?
    it is negligence of humanity.....by you, me and this world.

  3. pathetic...is there anything that can be done at all now?

  4. i really dont know.....if u have some idea tell...lets do it

  5. Was it their mistake for being a Tamil in a Srilankan?? Why didn't the government understand that they were humans, seeking their basic necessities to live in a country????

    Not only Srilanka, the same case is happening everywhere across the World and still they fell on deaf ears....
    Unless this situation changes, human race will be a victim of its own decisions!!!!


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