Tantrum of freebies

            Elections are on due, every day, the comedy just gets better. No better entertainment is there on TV than watching the news channels with our so called leaders moving the coins as if in a chess game to gain power.
            Today morning was no different. I woke up with a lazy twist and a unwilling desire to get up from bed. With half closed eyes I took that morning paper stashed through my window. Smiles and laughter is what I get seeing the first page.

It’s the DMK's and ADMK's election manifestos J J
What more worse you can expect?
Cheap politics and cheaper politicians.

DMK On a continuity, announced grinder or mixie for every home.
ADMK announced grinder, mixie and a fan …….ha ha

DMK – free laptops to all engineering students.
ADMK – all college students including private institutions.
DMK- 35 kg free rice
ADMK -25 KG free rice.
DMK-Free monthly visits by doctors for senior citizens.
ADMK-FREE mobile units check up for senior citizens.
FREE hostel accommodation and pension also for them.
Other ADMK freebies - Free houses for BPL community people(at 1.8lakh)
Free land for landless people to construct houses.
20 litre purified water for drinking.
4gms gold and 25,000 rupees for girl child marriage( 50,000 for those with a degree or diploma).

The ADMK also promised to generate more power and announced schemes like green house schemes where they are planning to generate solar power in houses.

Also they have announced free goats and cows for poor families.
And also a school scholarship of 1000- 5000 to all children invariably.

Though some ADMK manifesto seemed good they have gone one step further in 
announcing the freebies this year. I guess they have learnt their lesson from last time.  If it is cheaper politics that has to be played the parties are ready. If this is what the people want they are ready to give it.

And by any means do either of these parties have a faintest idea on how they are planning to generate money for this project? It's a myth.

Who will generate money?

"If I am born my mother receives 10,000rs for maternity. For my schooling and education and lunch government takes care. Once I am grown government gives me cycles, bus pass to go to school.
Out of school for college they give scholarship and are now laptops.
For my marriage government gives 50,000 rupees. They even build me houses; take care or my medical expenses by insurance means. They give me free power they give me cattle to rear and on work less days they have 100 days working scheme. They give me TV, mixie, grinder, fan. Soon they will give me sun dish connection and mobile phone too. 

Now why I have too work?

Say me one reason?

I guess we are been ruled by the most promising and intelligent rulers of all time.
This era is the golden era for the people of Tamilnadu; whoever is on power they hugs us and takes care us so nice.

But is it so??

My dear powerful young souls take a look around the place you live.

I see uneducated people still living under the mist of caste and religion. There are female infanticides still prevailing. There is unwanted preganancies still. There is still HIV Spreading thick and fast.  There are people still dying simply because of lack of facilities in hospitals.

Why our leaders failed to release a manifesto saying they will pledge upon to improve the standard of health care systems. To improve the standard of every PHC, to improve the standard of every district government hospitals. why are they not thinking to take any step on sex education and awareness?

Why they haven’t promised to increase the salary of doctors and thereby post more of them in government setup.

How many of our PHCS end up functioning without a doctor. I personally had a experience of going and tying a bandage myself after a minor accident last year and yeah for that bandage too I had to persuade the staff nurse there.

Free education and scholarships.
Then, why do I see kids end up working in tea shops, mechanic shops, hostel messes and wherever possible still?. Why there are young destitute and homeless kids still?
I have seen kids not able to continue education just because of poverty why are these?
There are students unable to continue college education because of economical issues!

Why didn’t our leaders manifest to start more government universities, to open libraries in every village? Why they didn’t think about making the law more strict on compulsory child education?

They pledge to grinder, mixie and fan.
Will they think about the power supply first. There is still mandatory power cut for 2 hrs everywhere. And there are villages with power cuts for days. Why they didn’t think about alternate power sources?

Why didn’t our leaders think about improving the resource of Tamilnadu, why they didn't think of increasing crop production? Why they didn’t think to produce more variety of crops and hybrid crops.

Why they didn’t think about opening more industries?
Why they didn’t think about putting a solution to the Cauvery issue or mullai periayar dam issue?
Why they didn’t think about building more ponds around Tamilnadu?

Why they didn’t say anything regarding sethu samuthiram project?
Regarding the srilankan tamil issues?

Why they are just satisfied in announcing free- bies rather than announcing something constructive?

Is giving mixie or grinder in a span of five years a achievement?

Saying this I recall some events. I was discussing this election with few workers in my hospital few days back.

They were happy in seeing the announcements DMK made ( the ADMK manifesto is yet to be released then). One lady was telling “ oh they announced grinder or mixie, if they give something before election it will be good. And how much money they are going to give per vote this time I don’t know?”
I asked them, “so are you are going to vote for DMK just for MIXIE and GRINDER?”
Another guy answered.” yes sir. Least they have the hearts to give sir”.

God as if they are our rulers, the kings and queens, our people stand in queue to get their grace.

These are just people we elect to govern the system when are our people going to get this?
One of my friend, a CO–PG, he is going to vote for PMK just because it represents his caste!!!!
Another one told he has six of government TV Issued at his home!!! ( because his family being a big one had six ration cards!!)

When are we going to change?
When are we going to learn self-respect? Don’t we have something called respect least?
I doubt it !!!

OK then, whatever this is the best we have.

Three big parties in center stage now. The DMK with mammoth empire, money and media in hands. And the DMK leader is too clever, a master of game. He has to be appreciated, he has slowly grown the vote bank of DMK over the past five years. Almost every district has one big shot from DMK ruling every aspect of that district.They really have the upper hand this election even after the 2G scandals and various corruption allegations.

There are few developments too in last 5 years, economically Tamilnadu has grown with industries but in depth only a sector of people has economically grown.The remaining are content sitting with free Television sets I guess.

The ADMK with a surge of alliance are looking strong too.

The DMDK are content in negotiating an alliance for they want to overthrow DMK they say ( but the background may be crores of money)

So this election will promise a lot more of drama and money and there is a lot of freebies to come for people.

Now whom to vote?

No one seems to be different from the other to me and I was happy initially seeing the third front forming but it blewed just in a day, with people like Vaiko who served for 48yrs in public life are protesting the elections, I really have no choice but to vote for ADMK alliance not for their freebies off course but simply because of the intolerance over DMK, its leader and his family.

Its like loosing a hand is better than loosing my life.

So whom you are gonna choose?
First my kind advice is dear young souls “go and caste your vote”
Let it be some improper Vote least or to a private candidate but please DO VOTE.
And the election date is APRIL 13th do remember that.

சுயமரியாதையை மறந்துவிட்டோம் 
மானம் தனை இழந்துவிட்டோம்

கொள்கை என்பது கொள்வதும்  இல்லை 
உயர்வு தனை எண்ணுவதும் இல்லை 

எலும்பற்ற மனிதர்களாக,
மண்புழுக்களாக வாழ துணிந்து விட்டோம்.

மாண்பற்ற மனிதர்களாக வாழும் நாம் 
என்று தான் தழைத்து எழுவோம்?????????? 


  1. The way things go , the next election manifesto would promise free impregnation of your wives.... after all you already have avoided all other kinds of work as you get things and money free

  2. ha ha cant stop laughing ...so true

  3. Nice article echoing many of our own thoughts...I would say the people are to blame for falling prey to these freebies. They should think for themselves that grinder and fans are no substitute to health care and education. What i am surprised is DMK has indeed done some worthy work like kalaignar health insurance, many four lane roads and the new metro line coming up in chennai, but they are not highlighting these and focussing on freebies. Thanks to free colour tv now every family will sit in front of that 'idiot box' and lose their ability to think objectively. We should also realise that instead of giving solatium to accident victims govt. will do well to prevent such things repeating. And the thing which makes me happy about this election is our election commision is doing a wonderful job busting every attempt to bribe people. I cant guess who is winning this time (does'nt make much of a difference either, if it's 2G now something else will come up in next govt.) but i can surely tell that it's the common man who is going to lose at the hands of cheap politics and cheaper politicians!

  4. true and yeah.....cheers to election commision

  5. Our population lives in freebies...And it looks as if this mindset will never be changed, as whatever the government comes to rule, they throw away freebies, as if they are spending money from their own pocket and still ppl fall victims to it...
    One thing, what ppl dont realize is those freebies are given from the tax being paid by the citizens, which means, those are not actually freebies...
    Now that the government has changed in TN, lets wait for some reforms to happen (hopefully)....


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