Here I am sitting in my duty day, after a quite a heady day; with still some X rays to be reported thinking of something interesting to write. And yes after lot of serious topics here I go with LOVE.

                  Who is more Romantic MEN or WOMEN?

                   This is a debate to start on I guess. But lucky for me there is no one to debate here.

                When it comes to the want of ROMANCE or LOVE, the words define themselves in individual’s hands. IN CERTAIN RELATIONSHIPS woman may overwhelm men and in certain other men may overwhelm women.

                But in general??????

                I believe MEN or more romantic than Woman.
You can’t agree with me right?

               Men and women are different species. Their want and needs are different. Women always love to be tender and seek a supporting shoulder. Though a woman portray herself the strongest of all she is tender within and that’s her beauty.

              Men consider themselves powerful; though all may not look like in outside they try and have a tendency to take care of their lady. And men feel it’s their duty to do so. And their pride always lies in that too, especially when the girl he loves comes to him when she is in need. But unlikely the girl does this not only to the man he loves but to a lot of other people like her father, brother and so.

             The need in love to men and women are different. For men there is always a sexual attraction; for woman there is more of an emotional attraction.

              Woman, nevertheless she is the president of country too will have complaints. She has lots to complain and have a lot more to talk about. And the best she seeks in her man, is lending a good ear.

              Men are not used to it; they give big issues on sports and politics but not on issues like “He spoke about me like this, like that”. But for the woman he loves, he starts hearing. He loves even a meekest of complaint that her mom scolded her for cooking the way she wants or ” My friend back bitched about me to her boy friend” or something equally stupid because he just loves the feel of it!

            Half the men least fall in love for a girl they hardly know. Women are careful and choosy before committing and they do so with who she really knows. love at first site is many times a guy thing.

            Men have a habit of hyperbolizing about the girl he loves to everyone and this happens before the actual relation starts or even after that ends. Now tell me you guys how many of you would have done it “sitting with bottle of rum and here goes the story of love to be shared among my friends.” Women are discreet in this issue, even if she falls in love with some guy she won’t be expressing it to anyone until she knows that it is going to happen.

          Men are more incidental with regards to Love; they are the ones who propose first most of the times. And they often prepare like they are preparing for the battle field before doing so.And as I said men are incidental, (least in LOVE) they won’t worry about the woman’s financial situation, family or even his financial situation in most of the times. They just believe in carrying on their love forever. Woman seems to be more practical in these situations by the time she finds her true love if she had recognized that it won’t happen, may be due to family situations she will let it go.

           Most men fall for a woman in the first few days of his relationship itself. Woman realizes that she is in love with this guy after a very long time.Men tend to be more romantic especially in the initial part of this relationship.
Women may seem romantic hearing love songs all day and dreaming of romantic dinners and waiting for surprises. But woman answer now, you expect surprises but who gives you those??

         A tender bunch of roses, a candle light dinner, a surprise drive, romantic poems just for her and so. How many women have actually become poets being in love? But Men ……ah either in love or broke up in love he becomes a poet, true isn’t it? A man always tries to attract the woman he loves in ways he knows, a ring, a card, surprises for her birthday. True, men tend to forget important dates but that doesn’t mean he is not romantic. It is his, nature that’s it.

        A man spends fortune for his love when in love but a woman nothing more than that she spends buying cosmetics for. And this is true whether it’s accepted or not. But this starts to wane off slowly for man for the intent to surprise his girl becomes a one he is used with. But only by this time the girl really gets romantic.

       Men tend to change and bend for the girl she loves. Woman has their own peculiar touch in it. How many of you would have watched movies out of your genre just for her. How many of you would have turned out habits she won’t like? But the flaw with man is he will say it out one day that he did all this just for her especially on a fight. But that’s how men are they are little stupid.

     And if you ask a question who starts the break-up in love? It’s often women. Their situation might demand or she might feel that she have fallen for wrong guy or she might consider his financial status but she initiates the breakup in majority of cases.

   And though many will not believe men are more madly attached to their first Love (if it was a true one). Even years after, years after even talking to her, he will say, “I can’t get over her still”.

  And this is true though we believe otherwise. Women on other hand tend to wane of their love when the guy she marry or falls in love with again; seems to be taking care of her well.
And man suffers from these break-ups more. They tend to feel lonelier, and feel they are not being loved. And he will start complaining and doubting himself that the mistake was his own.

  This is true and not only of my own thoughts. One of the surveys recently conducted said so

“A Survey of 3000 men and women worldwide who tried reunions with lost loves asked, "How long did it take for you to get over your lost love?" Responses from the men (gay or straight) indicated that they took significantly longer to get over their lost loves than the women. Some of the men were not satisfied with the survey choices: the last choice listed was, "Over 10 years." Only men crossed out all the choices and wrote, "I never got over her!" While no doubt some women never got over their lost loves, either, only men wrote this comment on the survey. Adolescent boys are "not supposed" to cry over lost loves. But many of  male participants in the survey reported that, after their high school sweethearts broke up with them, they cried in private, every night, for months”.

There are more substantial evidence and even more on real life around you.

Now who is more romantic?
Still not convinced?

       As this popular dialogue “Men have built TAJ MAHAL in name of their love. Can you remember any monuments or something built in the name of a love for a man? Even Cleopatra is famous because of the way she was loved. Think of our own DEVADASS, how many remember the girl he loved. DEVADASS is famous for his love. Men recites, builds monuments and even wages battles for their love, remember the story of “TROY”.

     Every woman seeks some basic qualities in her guy; to be bold enough to face situations, to be able to support her, to understand her and her good and bad and to just hold their hand and say I am there for you,to be there for her ups and downs. But still at some point when he fails woman ends up saying, “You are just like any other guy”. Have you not heard or spoken this sentence before? But a man values her lady something special always, something above others.

    Men don’t look for these qualities in woman. They just madly love. And by this mad love he himself puts him in trouble. If it is expectations that bring haste for woman it is this madness for men.Women are blessed with tears and men are cursed with anger, it is just their way none can change it.

   Men love their women more than anyone. If you ask men in love who is the one important person in his life, many will choose the girl he loves. But if you ask the same to a girl there will be conflicts to choose between, between her father or even her best friend.
So a man generally loves her woman more than a woman do.

  Every woman dreams of her own prince charming, she dreams of him in her own ways with her own specificities of him. But most of these women does not go out seeking for them or rather does not hold on to them when found rather they end up marrying someone who is in a good position and who promises a better life than her prince charming.

But men instead go out seeking their own special one and they try to keep them closer once found.

It is Cupid who releases the arrow of love not Aphrodite. Aphrodite was more at the receiving end. Even in Hindu mythology its KAMA DEVA who speaks of Love.

Men are created to Love and Women are created to be loved.

So men are naturally made to be more romantic.

There are lot of surveys out there proving out what I say.

So then who is more romantic MEN or WOMAN?


  1. It was nice reading, but it was too much biased:-) Girls are often subtle in the way they express themselves, but that does'nt mean their love is less.And all those literature hav the guys name highlighted coz they must hav been written by men.And women prefer to be discreet, even if i were to write a love story i would do it under a pseudonym only. Of course,girls give a lot of thought before getting into a relationship because they want it to be a long lasting one.By romance,if u mean the expressive component of love i agree men are more romantic...but if u mean the depth,the intensity and the importance attached to it,i feel women are definitely more romantic.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. exactly what you say make men more romantic.....Love exist equally in both...but as you said woman are more discreet with it and they think about it.....men are on the other case are more expressive and crazy about love which makes them more romantic......literature as you said is written by men..because men are romantic and they sit on with love too much.....in woman, love as you say on depth even has a expectations attached to it.....men don't have expectations, they blindly love.....just some at sometimes might show lack of understanding and might act like he doesn't care abt existing love.....truly see woman expect men to show love if not they get fed up ...that itself shows men are to show love and woman are to receive it/.........so obliviously men are more romantic

  3. @raja: hospitalukku poi intha vela than nee pannuniya:-)
    supera eluthirukka pa...I would say, men and women are better in their own ways and cannot be compared to each other...
    A diff. qn to answer, as who is most romantic :-)


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