The morning saw a huge gathering before our hospital. The gatherers are postgraduate students here. With no real backup, no real protection, we gathered. We gathered for a cause; “Justice”.
                The day before morning by 10am an old lady dies in the ICU.
The cause of death is sudden cardiac arrest. Now the lady was admitted in the hospital some 15 days back with diarrhea and severe electrolyte imbalance. She also had super added complications. She was revived and was recovering fast. And that day morning as usual a physiotherapist was giving her treatment; she collapsed suddenly. The emergency medicine doctors posted there tried their best giving resuscitation and CPR, only to fail. The relatives outside misinterpreted this and they themselves identified the reason of the death as the “physiotherapy treatment”.
Now the sons of the expired lady are so called influential in the TOWN OF Chidambaram; and they carried a mob of 30 people least into the ICU and hit the doctors posted there. The physiotherapy doctor was alleged to be a hit by a chair on his back and he sustained L2, L3 AND L4 spinnous process fracture. The CT for which I myself saw and it is grievous.
They also stormed and took the deceased away.The students demanded justice and boycotted the hospital proceedings.
Our beloved dean who is supposed to protect us then organized a meeting where we were slammed as if we have committed a crime!!
Our only crime is to demand Justice - Arrest the accused, give us proper protection in the hospital premises.
Is it something beyond demandable?
The administration which is to support and protect us is against us; for they want to protect a guy who is influential with the university administration and is holding a post as lecturer in engineering department.
But are influential people not bound by law too?

                Nearly 300 students – post graduates and the CRRIS raised their voice for justice in hot sun.
The dramatic part came when our beloved DEAN again intervened and demanded immediate dispersal; for he was concerned with our safety then; he was worried that Anti-social elements would come and hit us!!!!!
Where was our safety yesterday?
There then came all our professor and joined hands with us saying “we are with you and will join you”. They simply stood robust and raised voices against the administration.
Supports and gatherers just flowed in, the under-gradates, the nursing staff, ward attendees, radiographers, office staff and everybody flowed in and by mid day it was a crowd over 500.
The hospital was stunned; apart from real emergencies no admission was made.
Even after all this the mighty university administration and the POLICE department stood its ground.
Police arrested some 5 people who were like trump card jokers. The real 3 identified accused were not arrested. No FIR was failed against them. The original complaint which we gave was manipulated by the university itself and the mention of the accused were never made in it.
The college MEDICAL, NURSING AND DENTAL were closed until further notice.The hostel and mess were threatened to be closed too.
But the spirits of the students have just gone higher.The demand for justice never went down.
After hours and hours of negotiations nothing was settled for only the police and administration are trying Puppet show on the students.
The administration announced closure of college and hostel.
The students announced indefinite boycott and protest till justice is revived.

Why the voice of more than 500 not echoing and why there is denial in taking action against accused.
Because he is alleged to be an intermediate in booking engineering seats and seems to be quite influential with the university heads and the police are thereby silenced by the university itself.No FIR was made against the prime suspects, no real interrogation least took place.
Can a university isolate its own students?
Can the administration isolate its own staff?
And all that we demanded is Justice. Is it wrong?

                The best part was the unity of students. Even in hot sun we were unified with high spirits we were sweating and dehydrated but we still stood ground.
Even the lady doctors and under graduate girls just sat in hot sun raising their voice without moving an inch.
And the other best part is our good professors standing right with us for the cause of justice.

The BIG Question:
              Do we have courage and spirit till the very end to fight; to fight till justice is revived?
Or is this just a one day show, a passing cloud?
Do we have real back bone to stand ground and fight?
And will justice be ever revived??
Its left now for the time to answer.


  1. Now i get the full picture. Instead of suppressing your cries for justice the administration could have explained to the patient's relatives about the circumstances of her death and averted the whole issue itself. Now that it did'nt happen, it's their responsibility to protect the medicos and heed to your calls for justice.
    And i have always wondered if there was a bettter way to show our protest instead of disrupting patient care...
    It's heartening to see everyone stand together for the cause of those injured, hope your fight keeps momentum and wins justice.

  2. i think it will fall well suppressed soon....exam dated announced for us, nearly a week now, until past Wednesday hospital is not functioning. we have to resume works so everything will go like a burst of cracker i guess

  3. does the media know about it? Maybe a bit of publicity can help your cause. People should know the real circumstances of the patient's death otherwise such incidents are bound to follow. The credibility of doctors has taken a beating these days because we don't provide the patient and relatives with the right facts.

  4. True what you say . . media came jaya tv to sun tv . they showed clippings also in tv . . but it was well suppressed just initially they were interested after that they were not even allowed inside


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