Battle of thirupurambiyam - day 2 (episode 3)

Varaguna Pandyan enters field:

Like a giant, atop his giant;
OnVadhora, his white elephant.
He comes in!!!
He comes with a huge party of giants behind.
Will a thousand elephants be enough?
Will a thousand elephants be enough to win a battle?
Well the Pandyans launches with tens of thousands of them.
Their white tuskers, their coated armor, their beastly cry,
Their immense anger, their fury just trembled everyone.
They ran mad stomping men all the way.
Is it not enough??
Then take the beat of the big arrows striking hard from their archers atop.
Its death, death and death all through the way they marched.
The battlefield is turning its tide now.
Our brave warriors Aparjithan, Prithivipathi and Aditan watches in despair.

Battle of beasts:

The Pallavan, Cholan and Kongu army cut looses their beasts too.
Now the battle field is an arena filled with battling beasts.
It is a sight to watch.
It is a sight to fear about.
It is a sight that will haunt you forever.
Big wide trumps and shiny tuskers kicking each other.
Arrows as hard as bark of banyan launched at each other’sarmor.
Many poor beasts collapsed.
They fill cry of pain to blend a horror tune.
The Pandyan Elephant CAVALRY is impeccable.
They kept coming like a tide of way.
They kept coming like flow of wind.


He is an emperor, a war lord.
On a battle field that he heads.
He fires his arrows straight at his enemies head.
Four at a time from his bow and nothing missed its target.
The big GIANT, his VADHORA  walks tall,
Throwing away other puny beast on his way.
VARAGUNAN fights two other men mounted atop,
On either side and his sword swirls right into their heart.
His arrows then hit the elephant rider.
Then the poor beast was left for vadhora to throw and crush.
The giant Varagunan and his giant vadhora walks tall.


Kingdoms knew that elephant cavalry holds the key.
The way they are going to maneuver it.
The way they are going to use them,
Will win them the war.
And right now it is doing it for the Pandyans.
Riding an Elephantry is a task no ordinary.
A Rider and 3- 4 archers on back.
It needs least 5 per beast.
Then for the tens of thousands the Pandyans have?
Vadhora has two riders.
He mounts his king in the back.
The king is protected by fivePandyan Velaikaras-
-          Varguna’s personal body guards.


Aparjithan, the king of Pallavas,
He decides it’s time to go for his foe- Varagunan.
He on his own 10 foot beast rides.
Now, it’s a battle of kings
One falls and the battle will end.
And it will rewrite history.
Aparjithan marches; flanked on either side by his best 10 elephant riders,
He marches towards Varagunan.
They will have to take a hundred down before they reach him.
But they are determined to do so.
For hours the battle rages.
And when the kings meet
It makes the Gods scared; they tremble with thunder and rain.
Their long swords meet.
VARGUNAN surrounded by his guards,
The guards that has sworn to protect him to death is not easy to strike.


The Pandyan cavalry comes in,
They Come in like a swarm of bees.
The allied army was suffering blows all the way.
Not one of the allied beasts was left standing.
The men know it is not wise to fight anymore.
They retreat.
They retreat carrying their wounded friends.
They retreat with their wounded horses.
Their retreat with arrows struck in their chest.
Their retreat for they have to live.
They retreat for they have to live to fight another day.
Pandyan cavalry cut looses in aim of intercepting the retreating men.
For they knew they will strike back hard if let to live.
Varagunan senses victory.
He loses Aparjithan and leads Vadhora
To lead his army.
For he sensed today is just not a day to decide fate with Aparjithan.
Today is a day to finish the battle and return victorious.
Pandyan horsemen on other side routs as many as they can.

Aditan and kailasan steps in

It’s time for the black beast with a tiger atop,
Followed by his hunting party to intercept again.
They intercept,
Intercept the Pandyan cavalry.
They intercept to buy time for their men to escape.
THE Black beast begins its deadly raid.
Aditan and kailasan pushes the enemy back.
That small group of cavaliers raids the Pandyan horsemen coming in like bees.
They are outnumbered five to one.
Or is it the other way around?
For it looked the Pandyans are outnumbered five to one to that hunting party.
Varagunan knows he should not lose too many men.
He signals his men to stop.
And so the wounded men retreat back.

Varagunan stands tall in Vadhora among the thousand corpses,
The tens of thousand corpses of poor beasts, of brave warriors and
Of brave soldiers.
He stands tall sensing victory.
He stands tall waiting for his enemies to surrender.
Waiting for his enemies to accept him the overlord.

பல ஆயிரம் களிர்கள் கொண்டு 
போர்  செய்தான் வரகுணன்.
அக்கரு குன்றென இருந்த களிர்களின் பாய்ச்சலில் 
நிலை குலைந்தது பல்லவ படை.

வெட்டுடாத வீரன் ஒருவனும் இல்லை.
அவர்கள் கலைத்தே  இருந்தனர்.
வெற்றி எனும் நம்பிக்கை இளந்தே இருந்தனர்.
மறுநாள் பாண்டியனை எதிர்க்க; உயிருடன் இருக்க 
பின்வாங்கினார் இன்று.

இந்திரனின் ஐராவதி போல் 
நின்றது வதோரா,
அதன் மேல் இந்திரனை போலவே 
நின்றான் வரகுணன்.

மறவன் வரகுணனின் திறனும் 
பாண்டியர் யானை படையும் 
வென்றது இரண்டாம் நாள் போரினை
போர்களம்மோ நிரம்பியது பிணங்களால்!!

Wounded are they, demoralized are they!!
But will they surrender?
Or will they retreat?

What will Varagunan do now?
Will he go for the kill?
Or will he wait and push the enemy to surrender?


  1. looks like we still have to keep guessing who will win...but more than the victory, the spirit which either side show is commendable. And you have portrayed it as if you were a live witness to the battle!:)

  2. Wait for the last episode prasanna:-)) :-))


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