Its curfew; the protest and fight for justice continues

Its curfew; the protest and fight for justice continues – "on fools day students were made fools"

Day 2, Friday 1st march 2011

       Day 2 of our protest for justice was more dramatic and cinematic.
The police protection was withdrawn!!!

       It was announced illegal to stay in hostel. Media was suppressed and no real news about the protest went on air.
With nothing much to do, we send our lady doctors and undergraduates home.
Around 8.30 the gatherers had gathered around; but the crowd had diminished in numbers. Around 150 postgraduates from medicine and dental and CRRIS gathered.

     No real action was still taken.
The 3 main accused were not arrested for they have secured an anticipatory bail.
First of all no charge-sheet even was made against them.

This strike saw some cinematic scenes.

    It saw rise of new speakers, who led the strike, like Mr.Hemachandran, a third year surgery PG.It also showed the under-table politics played by the university.
The family of Hemachandran was threatened by the VICE-CHANCELLOR himself that he will be debarred and he will not receive any degree. They were also warned that he is staying against rules now in hostel and if anything happens to his life by the Gundas the college or university wont be responsible.
It saw the break of his soul and he was forced to withdraw himself due to these threats to his wife and parents. 

Calls and threatening were also made to every other student.

     The students were agitated they stormed the DEANS OFFICE.
They boycotted their duties and the hospital which is over 1000 bedded is empty without doctors.

    The best part is still our professors held ground.
They supported our demands and processed to vice-chancellor that they will also not join their duties until the students demand are met.

Supports were flying around from various other unions also. Joint action committee was one to mention.Now the students vacated hostel and returned home promising return only when demands are met.

   Now with the hospital stunned for 4days without doctors the only sufferer here are the patients.The next near-by specialty hospital is cuddalore, which is 45kms from here.

  Now will the University administration take some proper decision least now?
Will the police try to act least now?

  Will the public lend in the voice and support for justice?
Or will it be considered as a student MOB activity and will be suppressed?

  Will our professors stand ground with us further and fight for justice?
  The big question is with exam dates announced as April 18th will the students stay together without breaking?
WILL JUSTICE BE PROCLAIMED? 2nd video on our fight for justice)


  1. what was all this about? can u add those details too? looks like i have missedd it in the news...


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