THE BATTLE of 'Thirpurambiyam.' DAY 1 ( EPISODE 2)

Day 1

The battle has begun.
The mighty sun rose to acknowledge the beginning of this war.
The army from two sides ran outraged into each other.
The arrows showered from both sides.
The cry, the shrivel created fear among gods.
The holy land is wet with blood to satisfy the gods.

On a mount he waits,
He waits with his cavalry.
He waits watching his tigers battle.
He waits for the time to raid in.

 In the battlefield.
Their army might be big.
It might stand long!
Long as that sea herself!!!
But they don’t have mettle warriors;
Warrior kings like APARJITHAN and PRITHIVIPATHI.
They enter like battle men from hell.
They fight as if they were born to kill.
The pandyan army falls thought their way.
The chariots of enemy and their mounted cavalry routs in.
Their strike never missed.
Through the heads of the Pallavan ranks, they fire. And
Now it is time for the TIGER to march.


Mounted in his cavalry,
Followed by his willful raiders;
He strikes.
Like a flow of a cyclonic wind.
Their strike.
Flanking their enemy archers and cavalry,
They strike with immense strength.
Aidtakarikalan himself sways his long sword around.
The black horse and its master Aditan seems to be ever going.
He pulls back and sways around.
Now again he strikes his blow.
He struck fear.
He struck death.
He was like a raider form hell in his black beast.


The padai( regime) under which he fought
Is the first to launch.
They lost their Thalpathy(general in command)
Still they fight.
Kailsan holds his dagger still in hands.
He holds Kantharavi and her fragrance still in heart.
Surrounded by three enemies.
He fights for life.
He fights for her.
One blow to his man on left and he falls.
Another to the one straight ahead with his shield; he falls.
The third blow was right at Kailsan’s leg.
He cried and fell.
However, he held his dagger.
For it holds the piece of her attire, 
the attire that smells her fragrance.
He launches and instills the dagger straight into enemy’s heart and there he falls.
Now it is time to hold breath.
Now it is time to watch his king fight.
Take the Black Horse down shouts the enemy.
A bunch of arrows were launched.
It pierces the poor beast’s armor and Aditakarikalan falls.


Kailsan runs to his king.
They hold each other.
Back to back,
With no shield to protect they stand.
 "Watch my back for I will watch yours".
"Count your numbers; let me see what you have got.
It is here we fight or it is here we die.
We are tigers; never run; stand and fight." shouts Aditan
One, two, three Kailsan counts as the enemies fall.
Another blow this time on his shoulder.
Aditan watches kailsan fall
He watches him in his eyes.

Uraiyur ( some days before)

Kantharavi, a goddess on earth,
waits eagerly for the next day.
For  She will be a married woman then.
She wants him now,
as her lover,
The one that she loved ever.
He comes with his casual walk and blissful smile.
Kantharvi, "my dear, my dear love.
Is this a dream?
Are we going to be wedded for real?"
They sit laugh and giggle for hours;
For they are to begin a new life from tomorrow.
They need no discretion.
They no need long waits to see each other anymore.
For they are to be lawfully wedded soon.
In love they sank.
With tears and smile they sing.


The black beast RISES Kailasan mounts it.
The horse that is rode by his king;
He rides to his king, fighting a alone fight.
Four and five two more down.
Six and seven the enemies head flew.
The king mounts the horse's back.
'Four swords and a deadly beast' rides thorough the enemies heart.
Eight, nine ten and eleven,
And the enemy flees.

Dead were their counterparts;
Dead were their friends.
But day 1 is won.
They rejoice with laughter.
They know still worse is to come.
Many wont be left to see the end.
But those are left will speak of the brave for years.
Aditan asks” whats your count?”
“27, my king” Kailasan answers.
Aditan applauds " It seems you had your dinner there."
Kailasan knows that’s not one comparable with his king's.
But he walks in pride;
In pride alongside Aditan.

எதிரிகளும் பார்த்து வியந்தனர்;
அவர்கள் போரிட்ட திறனை.
கோராவையும் பார்த்து அதிர்ந்தாள்,
அவர்கள் வாள் சுழற்சியை கண்டு.

காலில் அம்புடன் குருதி பாயும் குதிரை,
கைகளிலும் கால்களிலும் வெட்டுண்ட இருவீரர்கள்  
அதன் மேல். இரு கைகளில் இரு நீண்ட வாள்கள் 
கொண்டு அவர்கள் முன்னேறி சென்றனர்.

எதிரியின் தலை இருபுறமும் பந்தன விழ்ந்தது.
கோரவையின் ஆசி பெற்ற ராட்சகர்கள் இவர்களோ?
என்ன அஞ்சி ஓடினரர் எதிரிகள். புலிக்கொடி ஏந்திய புலிகளின் 
திறன் வென்றது முதலாம் நாள் போரினை.

( kailsan was promoted as Thalapathy to head his regiment)

What will be the end of this battle?
What more worst is to come?
                                            ...............................................   to be continued..................................


  1. Very interesting! Would this be considered an "Epic"?

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks becca that was a epic battle indeed . . changed history here in south India . . really thanks for checking in . . :-):-)):-))

  3. that was an edge-of-the-seat thriller! Their bravery and the way they made sure they dint get back stabbed was very impressive. I only wish the battle ended on a winning note for the tigers, why should u make them fight again? :-)
    and battles like these are interesting only for those who have nothing at stake,imagine the plight of families of the 27 killed by kailasan, 27 kantharvis mourning for the rest of their lives.It's the effect it has on the family of the lost ones that is more gruesome than the battle itself.

  4. Ok prasanna that's a different thought:-)). . but what to do that's how simply life is . . if somebody is portrayed as hero someoneelse has to be portrayed enemy. . but it is based on true history so i can't change it . . the fact is the true hero who changed this battle is yet to step in battle field yet so the battle must go on:-((. . sorry it simply has to go on


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