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BEAUTY IS WHAT YOU PERCEIVE.......................

Real beauty

written for yahoo real beauty contest

Its 7pm in the evening in some part of this globe, a man clad in black shirts and pant elegantly walks over the stage. He sits near the piano set there.
At the same time somewhere else on globe, its early morning 3am, and a doctor was waked from his deep short sleep to attend a emergency delivery.
Its 10 pm in the evening, a couple embraced in love walks hand in hand in a deserted lonely road.
Early morning 6am- a bird safeguarding its young ones looks up and welcomes the sun.
12 pm mid-day sun, a police man was standing sulked in sweat and dehydrated trying to clear the traffic.
7 am, a fisherman in his long ferry throws his net for his days catch.
4pm, evening Esha and Elina, twin sisters runs home after the school all smiling.

                                     The pianist plays a beautiful song, he simply has the audience attracted and glued to his music. Like a mesmerizing magician he takes the audience to a state of trance. Beauty is …

Yet Another love story but thiS time it is ANNIE'S

ANNIE ISABEL, yeah that’s me. It was a cold Sunday morning, up from his thoughts which seemed be uncontrolled; I took a lonely walk through the meadows. The sun was lazy too as he still hid himself and refused to come out.                        I was walking but I couldn’t keep my mind away from him, I know he doesn’t have this feel for me. But how did me - ANNIE ISABEL could fall for a guy? I had always been too prided and had a thought that I was the pretty princess of earth. How many of those guys came behind me and now I sit and day dream about this guy!!                        What’s so special about him anyway? He had definitely made me swing around him. We met at a causal party in one of the friends and away from the bunch we had a good talk. We became friends instantly for our thoughts echoed each other. Then he came with me for the volunteer workshops with kids and we became almost close then.                         Every day we would wait hours for each other to have that di…

naked - jumble; answer- "HOPE" -grin.


solitude.........waiting in love

Looking at kuckoo
singing solitude; She waits
here, in love for him. 

Well after a lot of history and writing s on revolution. Here I am writing something pleasant. What about a love story?  Ok still better how about a classical 1980’s Hindu –Muslim love story?
Well that’s exactly what I am to give you here.
                      Imagine the 1983 backdrop, a brightly lit environment with guys being as funky as possible wearing out the bollywood and Hollywood styles. And the girls, cultured and traditional in attires they wore but still as fashioned as the westerners.
 Its 1983, Kavali, Andrapradesh. And the college is “Jawahar Bharathi College of higher education.”                      Our hero Irfan, yeah the typical filmy type, the one with brilliance and intelligent but not to go easy with books, an outlaw of college. Say any class he won’t be there instead say any activity of protest he will be there to lead. He has his own style-riding a Yezdi 250cc classic with short shirts showing out his biceps and well trimmed hair. He is the most wanted and most lo…


They set sail and went around in search; in orient pearl they sailed.
They searched searched and searched in that long sail; for some they were seen as fools. For some as amusement.
But they never lost hope. they searched and searched. everyday they pioneered the orient thought the morning and let it rest in the night.
Through the dark meadows, the deep waters, the tidy waves, the black water, high currents and the new sea they traveled; but they haven't found what they searched for.

It was just another day, as usual the men woke with the twist and turn as the mighty sun still refusing to vane showered it rays one more time. The women were up and busy with their daily chores.
Gilda shouted," hey lazy bones wake up and go out to catch some fish we have to set sail soon."

Lorenzo, caught her by hand kissed her.
"Get up you useless", she grinned with a blush that flew in the beautiful face.
"Lorenzo, remember the promise you made".

LORENZO went out with other m…