They set sail and went around in search; in orient pearl they sailed.
They searched searched and searched in that long sail; for some they were seen as fools. For some as amusement.
But they never lost hope. they searched and searched. everyday they pioneered the orient thought the morning and let it rest in the night.
Through the dark meadows, the deep waters, the tidy waves, the black water, high currents and the new sea they traveled; but they haven't found what they searched for.

It was just another day, as usual the men woke with the twist and turn as the mighty sun still refusing to vane showered it rays one more time. The women were up and busy with their daily chores.
Gilda shouted," hey lazy bones wake up and go out to catch some fish we have to set sail soon."

Lorenzo, caught her by hand kissed her.
"Get up you useless", she grinned with a blush that flew in the beautiful face.
"Lorenzo, remember the promise you made".

LORENZO went out with other men lowering the row boats. "Hey Lorenzo come here help me out", shouted Pablo.

In four boats, eight men rowed. To gather their hunt for the next sail.

The water was calm. It stayed still and silent . The golden shine added an orange tone to the silent waters.
They rowed for a distance away from orient pearl and threw their nets to onto the waters.

Unusual it was the huge nets hit the bottom in no time. Have they found what they are looking for?

WITHOUT WAITING Lorenzo jumped into the waters.
He cried with joy for he hit land and the waters are as shallow as it could be. "We found it. We found it", he cried.

In happiness they CRIED.

And in the distance as the sun started to rise back from his hidden cave, the green came in site. Tiny grasses grown in a mount glistened the orange rays and shinned in pride. yes they found it!!

Lorenzo danced and rushed towards the land. the one they had been searching forever. 
The land that they dream t to see. 
The land where green grasses and trees grew. 
The land where colored flowers grew.
 The land where birds sing lullaby all day.  

The land that they  heard in stories before.
The land that their great and great fathers searched for.
Yes they found the land, their only hope in that water bound world.

Lorenzo fulfilled the promise he made to Gilda. He would now build a wooden house deep in the meadows where only she and her beauty will be there to fill the colors, where both will live and love as newly born kids forever.

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  1. guess you had tried to bring out the power of Hope n perseverance in tis writeup.... u cud hv thrown som more light on their toils-with-hope highlightin a bit more... nevertheless a nice cameo!!

  2. yeah dude i get what you are trying to say....but da that story was brought out from that picture above and i was thinking abt to make it a little shorter that's why couldn't help on detailing more.....thanks anyway dude after long long time i am reading ur comment happy to read it

  3. Can feel the happiness of Lorenzo!!!!!
    well written :)


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