naked - jumble; answer- "HOPE" -grin.

I was down that road like a mad man. I don’t know where I was walking. I don’t know where I am heading. With vivid thoughts and wavery mind I was walking. It was a time in my life when everything deserted me. Moving away from my rich father not willing to take his business I thought I am moving towards my goal but now everything seems collapsed!  I lost my job in the name of recession; my house is under mortgage, I lost the girl I had been in love for no reason; for she chooses not to give me even a reason.
           I am suddenly lonely with no friends and in desertion. I was walking fast, as fast I could that my heart started palpitating and sweat started pouring down. But I wasn’t sure where I was heading. There is this feeling then like why I was born and suddenly everybody down that busy road was staring at me! From the roadside vendors to the lady busy negotiating vegetables, the little kid riding his bicycle and even that fast moving cars the other side.

                     But why are they staring at me? Am I looking like an ugly alien? Or maybe I am walking stark naked yeah……. I am walking naked before these men. Every one of those even the one mending old shoes; seemed successful and an achiever to me. I felt ashamed and felt nothing before them and I felt I am walking naked before them.

                      I ran as fast as I could, reached my apartment and my top-floor suite as soon as possible. Everyone from the lift man to next door old lady seemed to be laughing at me. I felt disgraced and shut the door. I went in the shower and in that cold weather my heater is not working, to add on to the bath in cold water there is nowhere a towel to dry. It is like a kind of moment where only negativity predominates.

                       I switched on the television; some vague hazy characters were making a scenic mockery there. My head was now spinning. I searched for that left-over vodka from last party which I kept to be disposed off. And yeah cigarettes….. “Do I have some????”

                         Where is it?? It should be here somewhere…… somewhere a packet should be there. I found it!!.... The half empty pack thrown lousily in that corner. One …two…..three the vodka goes in and the room was painted with railing smoke from the Mexican cigars. Four –five – six and the house started to spin with me. The cigars are adding mystic scenario there.

Ha what these stupid are mocking at me for? Even they think they can make fun of me? There goes the empty bottle to break their head and the TV.

                             I turned on now the music system and kept it as loud as possible. I looked at the paper and it read “ Jonathan Cris, CEO of another MNC bites dust” and these stupid employees blame me – Jonathan Cris for the fall of this stupid company….ha ha fools …they never knew “I will never fall.”

                              And there in that paper was the jumble for the day “Jumble By Max”. “Hey fu…… max are u the one who jumbled my life too?…..or should I wait for the next day for your stupid answer?
Max I am clever, cleverer than you I unlocked your jumble ….. Yeah it read “ idsiecu-suicide…….yeah athde – death” it is the solution to this jumbled disgraced life of mine.

                              I took out the purse it had two thousand rupees on it.  I searched in the safe it had another thousand odd that’s what’s called cash I have now. I took the cash locked the room and took the car. This night it is going to be my night I will enjoy like king and finally put an end to this suffering.

                               I raced past the busy streets as if I cared for nothing. There was this skinny short skirted call girl. I picked her up told her I will pay 10,000 for the whole night.
“Who gives a shit about giving this worthless creature who sells herself for money, why should I even pay her?”

 I double checked then that my pistol is loaded and ready.

This bitch next to me started blabbering……God why did I add her to my headache, maybe I should put the gun into his mouth first and fire.

                          I parked before a commodity to get some more cigars….. There was this couple sitting by road side and singing songs. “These beggars and this nation are bonded forever together” …….. I tossed them a five rupee; bought some cigars and came out. The couple where collecting their money and counting them.; the man seemed to be blind ….yeah …wait the woman seems to be crippled. He carried her and kept her in her chair and they moved towards a young boy standing with some papers there. The couple counted the money and gave that boy everything.
                          “Now what the heck is this?” I caught that boy and saw those papers it read that he is collecting money for some flood affected people somewhere”
I asked this couple then “what were you doing? Why you gave all the money you earned to that boy?”
They both laughed “Do you think we earn living by begging?, we run our own music-store around the corner. We sang here and collected money for the boy’s effort. If that little boy has that much hope in serving for the need of others then we should do our part too right?”

                            I felt I was standing naked again before them
. I took out the purse took a two thousand rupees and gave that to that boy and wished. The old couple blessed me and said “you are a good man”.

                            I went to the car, took whatever money is left in my pocket, took out my Rolex, the diamond ring I am wearing and gave the girl. The girl whose name even I bothered not to ask!!! I told what I had planned before asked for her forgiveness and left.

                           I was then full of grin, laughing out loud and I knew then I had unlocked the true answer to the jumble of my life “It’s called OHPE –HOPE; It’s called HTIFA –FAITH; It’s called UAREGCO – COURAGE”

written for threewordwednesday ; story brought out form three words - "Naked, jumble, Grin"


  1. so sad that he wished to kill himself. sometimes we need a little faith that all will get better. that the window that is closing is opening a door for new chapter that will be better

  2. I love the way you created a jumble of the hopeful words at the end.

  3. Very nice turn around at the end there. Great use of the three words.

    my three words are here.


  5. Just that people don't realize wat exactly they need in life or feeling that they had not achieved anything in life, that leads to all these suicides....

    Just because the profession v take has let us down or the love that let us down or there could be "n" number of reasons that could have let the person down, doesn't mean that they should end their life..

    life is for a purpose and hope everyone realizes it...

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