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Sitting there, in the driver’s seat I was watching out the window pane.
What have I done?
He has been everything for me; my hope; my reason to live but now?
What shall I do without him now?
Where shall I go?
What will I answer when people ask about him?
Years before when he expressed his love I wasn’t sure whether to believe him and trust him;
For I, had gone through tougher situations in past. But then he held me and confronted me. He did everything possible to bring me back.
And finally when we married I was the happiest girl on earth.
Thinking of the life I am to have with him,
Thinking of our future I was in third heaven then.

My life was all perfect and when Lakshya was born, like a pretty angel she added happiness into our life.He, lakshya and I were perfect together. We were there for each other we were the happiest creatures on earth.
I never thought something could even go wrong in our life.
Now I am sitting in this car alone with my daughter in back seat. Everything had gone wrong now.


SOME MONTHS BACK.............

Iqbal has changed a lot; he has become a fanatic believing in wrong people words, accepting with will to follow those wrong people. I never thought he could even spell violence. But now he started talking about revenge; started talking about killing. He says this is Jihad. He was never like this before. He loved this country but now he chooses it as an enemy state.I don’t know what I should do! How to change him back?
Whom should I ask help for? I want him back as that kind loving person. the man whose words confronted me, brought me back is one that i cant understand anymore.
I want my Iqbal back.


Today Iqbal came back. He was shattered. He didn’t speak with me even a word.
He didn’t eat anything. They must have done something to him, something bad. But he chooses not to speak about it even to me. he was looking at the cemented wall all night long. like a dead man he was keeping him upto himself.

Few days back Iqbal was arrested for he was suspected in a serial bombing that took place in this silent city. The place where we lived where we had love is no more the same. There is hatred and fanaticism around. There is curfew. Iqbal was taken by police in acquisition that he helped in engineering the bomb. I know he is not a man of that kind. If at all he would engineer a hospital and save lives.
He had never been a racist or a fanatic. I fought for months and bought him back. They found he is not guilty. But now my Iqbal is not the same.

But I believe in him. I know he will be back. Back as that loving and charming person. Back as my own.


FEW HOURS BEFORE - PRESENT DAY........................

“Iqbal, where are you going?”

“Sunnena, I am doing something for us,
For the sake of  us; for our respect, I am to do something. It is time to revenge. It is to make them realize we are humans and we need respect too.”

“What are you doing Iqbal?
Don’t do anything bad Iqbal.”

He was in no mood of listening.

“Sunnena, my dear you should be proud of me.
Proud of the deed I am to do. Two days from now there will be a blast in the mall and I am going to design that bomb. We will fly to ABU- DHABI that day and then we will live happily among our people.”

“Iqbal what are you speaking?
This is our country; these are our people.
The people you will kill are innocent.”

“No Sunnena, they are not.
This is not our country, these are not our people.
They are the reason for what we went through now it is time for us to revenge.”

"Iqbal, what has happened to you?
where is that charming, helping guy that i fell in love with?"

"This is not you Iqbal"

"Sunnena, that foolish guy is dead lon before. now these people are going to pay for what they did to me.
you will soon understand me."

He packed his bag and started moving.
I stopped him but he pushed me away.

There was this blade sharp and new just waiting;’ I grabbed it and stabbed him!!

He cried in pain. And the last he said “Sunnena I love you”
I watched him. He was laying there the way he sleeps. I hoped this was all a dream and we will both wake up from bed soon.
But that dream never ended. I had killed and murdered my own love.

Yes, I SUNNENA had killed my own love, my dear husband IQBAL.

I had left his body, bleeding from my knife stab. I had left him in the very house which we built as token for our love.
 I picked the car, picked lakshya from school and went away.



"What shall I do now?
I killed him.
Yes I will kill myself too."

I drove fast straight on to the vehicle coming in front

“Mommy what are you doing?
I am scared”
Oh my god, my dear girl lakshya is there.
What will she do if I too left her?

“Iqbal, you cheated me.
You said you will never part with me. You said you will love me forever.
Now how dare you left me?”
And there all those tears hidden inside started to come out.

"I looked at Lakshya, in the rear and said those tears to come out sometime later"

And the blue sky turned black; it started crying instead of me!!
Or is it Iqbal crying from heavens?

His tears wet the pane in drops.
I started the car and drove away to the safe far-away land.

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Image - Window Rain Drops by Eric Alder
Courtesy - www.deviantart.com via www.blogaton.in


  1. very interesting and nice! from the pic did u you think of this story? i liked it a lot.

  2. yeah from a beautiful picture a sad story :( :)

  3. Wow... that was a beautiful story. Sadness seems to be a resident mood of this times blogaton, someone should change that. hmmm

  4. Reminded me of New York movie. Nice narration.

  5. a beautiful story.. I love this to the core.. "Awesome" the one word to describe your work..

    Thanks for participating in BAT..

    Good luck for BAT....and ~ the pic became our.. the home became our... ~

    and vote for the favorite entries worth winning here

    Someone is Special

  6. Here is my response to your comment dude.. Thank you so much for your patience in reading such a long post, analysing it and providing me a feedback.. Thank you thank you thank you...

    @ the critics

    Aww, what a way to read a post dude.. I am happy to read all the things you mentioned..

    firstly I am not a doctor, so I am not aware of medicines completely..


    1. Ketamine can be easily available as a smuggled drug…

    2. I am not sure of a huge syringe but when I read and even checked the images with Google, it looked like a syringe used for normal injection so I used the same idea

    3. Yeah coming to autopsy, I know how detail it will be. I don’t want to get into detailed autopsy report so just posted a gist of it. Hmmm one of the autopsy report they had even mentioned about the same as I did here. PS: I am not a doctor, a software engineer who tried my hand to write a thriller like this.

    4. Well, great point about ketamine missed by Police, I penned an extra para for it but later removed as it lengthened the post a lot. (You are really a great critic man)

    5. Yeah it is with their will but they are not completely aware of things that happened due to over dosage of drugs..

    6. Neha is not a serial killer or a master killer, she is just a ordinary girl who wants to live with her love (There is a saying in Police department: Criminals will surely leave certain clues without their knowledge because they are not masters. The words are not exactly same but the meaning is same)

    I agree to all your six points and these are my responses to it but this hurts a bit, “...i wud suggest not to get into medical details too much next time”, only if we try our hand at something, we can master in it right. “Unless you do a mistake you can’t learn things..”
    Am I right? Hmm

    Thanks for your patience in reading the complete post and providing me such a great feedback and I am sure from next time I will research completely before trying hands at it..

    Good luck to you and Have a great day.. Good Night..

    Somoene is Special

  7. Sure dude . . thanks to you for not mistaking my comment

  8. @the critics.. How can I mistake dude.. Hmmm here is my response to it..

    Don't say sorry dude... I am happy to find a person who express from his heart.. Very Happy Man.. Seriously, I am very much to read your pinpoints, it will definitely help me to grow and really thanks for helping me.

    Glad to know you are doc, I must say you are considered as God, because you are the people who save us when we are in ill.. Hats off to you..

    Happy you wanted it to be 100% percent even I wanted it to be so.... Hmm, thank you so much and PS from next time I will research 100% percent before writing such posts

    Hmm, the only think hurt me was, 'Don't try your hands', it's ok.. I need a person like you to grow.. Thank you thank you thank you so much dude..

    Someone is Special

  9. Riviting and heart-wrenching. Nice work for Blog-a-Ton.

    Thanks for a very fine read.


  10. Well penned.
    A perfect example of how a smooth life can be changed to a disaster. We have seen in so many situations, that people are being taken into custody under suspicion and treated badly and then found that they are not culprits and then released. The mental trauma that has been undergone by them is very difficult to be overcome, due to which ppl's life turn like this....
    hope things like this could be reduced/avoided in the future...


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