BEAUTY IS WHAT YOU PERCEIVE.......................

Real beauty

written for yahoo real beauty contest

Its 7pm in the evening in some part of this globe, a man clad in black shirts and pant elegantly walks over the stage. He sits near the piano set there.

At the same time somewhere else on globe, its early morning 3am, and a doctor was waked from his deep short sleep to attend a emergency delivery.

Its 10 pm in the evening, a couple embraced in love walks hand in hand in a deserted lonely road.

Early morning 6am- a bird safeguarding its young ones looks up and welcomes the sun.

12 pm mid-day sun, a police man was standing sulked in sweat and dehydrated trying to clear the traffic.

7 am, a fisherman in his long ferry throws his net for his days catch.

4pm, evening Esha and Elina, twin sisters runs home after the school all smiling.


                                     The pianist plays a beautiful song, he simply has the audience attracted and glued to his music. Like a mesmerizing magician he takes the audience to a state of trance. Beauty is the theme of his song. The whole crowd was stunned at his musical talent and roars to applaud.


                              The doctor fights hard to get the baby out as now the baby is sitting in breech. He fights his best to save the mother and child. The mother due to exhaustion goes unconscious; now he uses his all hard learned skill which is best used in days like this. He puts in a forceps and extracts the child.
Nurses’ rushes in and out the labor room and relatives outside were panicking. Fluids were started and pulse of the mother seemed OK. Now the baby……. She is not crying!!!! yeah the pretty little one is not crying; emergency intubation?.... wait he tries the resuscitation, warms the baby, tries suction and there the little one, pretty little one winks and cries. The doctor looks at her and smiles; the whole crowd – the nurses and the relatives look at the baby and applauds the doctor; the mother back with consciousness thank the doctor with her tears.

                     Now that’s real beauty the cry of little pretty one whose life he saved is a beauty for the doctor.
The doctor waking up from midnight sleep not showing a sign of disgust saving that little one is a beauty for the grateful mother.


                        Esha and Elina rushes home dancing to find her mother crumpled in a corner.
 “Hey mom is sick Elina”
“Esha, look she is crying”
“I told you to do keep your pinafore clean see how dirty it is that’s why mom is crying”
Elina- “Mom I will keep my dress clean hereafter, I will do all my homework properly. Don’t cry mom”
She wakes up wipes her tears her out and with huge laugh hugs them both.  “I love you both dear”
Only she knows that her husband has left her for some other girl.

“Those innocence little girls who are now her hope in life is the real beauty for that mother”

                              They were walking embraced in each other’s hand, today he has proposed to her. She never expected this, with a bunch of roses suddenly he popped in and said “I love you Swati.” She hasn’t spoken a word since then. In few minutes they will reach her home and she has to depart. But still silence prevailed. They parked the car and took her in that lonely road for her walk. Few yards away from her house, she said, “You go now”. He waited there with heart full of palpitations and waiting for her to say something.
                              She with a grin and shy around her lips said, “what?”…..”You expect me to say I love you too?”

“Are you stupid? Don’t do you know I love you? My dear stupid guy I had been in love with you forever; all this while I was waiting for you to say it to me.”

“He came closer took her in hands and gave a tender kiss to pronounce his love in her lips.”

She ran smiling and said, “Come marry me soon”.

Now that beautiful LOVE is real beauty for them both.

                                            Breaching a strong wind he reached the mid sea, he threw his net and waited for his early day catch. And for all that tiresome hardship he was blessed with a handy catch. He looked at them and smiled, he looked at them and thought about getting her little daughter a pretty dress.
He looked at them and smiled thinking about having a goodnight meal with his lovely wife and family.
                                        That hard earned labor is real beauty for him


                                         Started the day in anger and a fight with his wife; now after hours of work in sultry sun he sat down totally exhausted and dehydrated. That day was particularly busy with traffic sulking in all day. He was pumped out of gas; there came a unknown stranger with a bottle of water.
“Here officer you look so tired”
He looked at him and all his energy was back at full level.
That is real beauty for him- the unknown stranger and his kindness.

                                      It was a SCARY NIGHT, storm and wind with heavy out-pour of rain bombarded their nest. She was holding on to her little ones all night hoping it will end soon. And that early sun came out signaling the end of it, painting the skies with his vivid colors.

For that five sensed creature the mighty sun saving her little ones were real beauty.


                           Beauty is in the perceive-rs hand; for some the beauty is external, for some it’s on a kind heart. For some it is in the blowing wind, for some it is in the very soul

Beauty is an elixir that warms and adds color to life.

                        Now our pianist stays there after winning hearts of many. Neither he moves nor his senses. The whole crowd applauds and roars but he shows no sign of comprehension, maybe it is his modesty.
Then there welcoming his music the skies open up and the first drop falls from the heavenly sky touching his fingers. He perceives it and smile.  He believes that is the acknowledgment for his music from skies.

“Not many knew that our pianist blessed with a beautiful musical mind is also cursed with ‘Usher’s syndrome’ he is deaf and blind."

                        He is deaf and blind, he can’t see what others call a beautiful girl, a beautiful day or even a beautiful painting. He can’t hear even his own music – the one - others call beautiful. Yet he perceives and senses joy, he senses nature, he senses love, he senses music. And he perceives beauty.

And he senses the whole beauty around. For him his life is a beauty. From everyday life to a walk in the road everything is a beauty to him.

                          Beauty is at the way you perceive, the way you see beauty prevails. Those may be my fictions but those are everyday events happening around everywhere. Even now someone might be perceiving beauty  in a way he knows and it would have brought a tender smile too.

For some love is beautiful, for some the beauty is in eyes of a girl, for some beauty is in her smile.
For some beauty is the skyscrapers they see, for some it is in nature. For some it is in poets words, for some it is music heard. For some it is in history they hold. For some it is the knowledge they earn. For some it is in the moments they capture. For some it is in the lives they save……  

Nevertheless beauty is everywhere around; it differs from the eyes it see, it differs for the way you perceive but beauty makes life beautiful.

My little perception of beauty ................................

பிறந்த குழந்தையின் அழுகையும்  அழகு.
நித்தம் பேசிடும் தாய் மொழி அழகு.
சத்தம்  இல்லா தனிமை அழகு 
உண்மை பேசும் தைரியம் அழகு.
கவிதை பாடும் கண்கள் அழகு.
காதல் சொல்லும் அவளும் அழகு.

வர்ணம் பூசும் சூரியன் அழகு,
கவியின் காதல் நிலவும் அழகு.
சொட்டும் தூறல் மிகவும் அழகு.
அதில் குடையோடு நடக்கும் தாவணி பெண்கள் அழகு.
காலை பறவையின்  கீதமும்  அழகு.
என் தாயின் முத்தம் மிக  அழகு.

 ரசிக்க பேசிடும் அறிவும் அழகு 
சிந்திக்க சொல்லும் எழுத்தும் அழகு. 
பரக்க செய்யும்  இசையும் அழகு 
சுவைக்க செய்யும் உணவும்  அழகு .
காதல் செய்யும் பருவம் அழகு. 
பள்ளிக் காலம் மிகவும் அழகு.

உண்மை கோவம் மிகவும் அழகு.
மழலை மொழியும், சிரிப்பும் அழகு. 
சின்ன தவறுகள், பின் அசட்டு புருவல் இரண்டும் அழகு. 
கூந்தல் வருடும் பெண்ணும் அவள் ஓர பார்வையும் அழகு
வெற்றி களிப்பும் அழகு; அதை வருடா மனமும் அழகு
ஈகை கொண்ட மனமும் அழகு.

அநாதை சிறுவர்களின் அன்னையும் அழகு
மனிதனின்  படைப்புகள் சில சில அழகு
இயற்கையின் படைபோ அனைத்தும் அழகு
நீலவானம், அலை பாடும் கடல் இரெண்டும் அழகு
மழையோடு வீசும் மண்ணின் மனனமும் அழகு.
என்தாய்நாடு என்றுமே  அழகு.

ஒப்பண்ணை செய்யா பெண் அழகு.
 அவள் நீண்ட கூந்தல் - தலை துவட்டா ஈரகூந்தல் அழகு.
புன்னகை செய்யும் அவள் இதழ்களும் அழகு.
உரிமை கோபம் கொள்ளும் அவளும் அழகு.
காலை சோம்பல், பின் அவளின் படுக்கை தேனிர்  அழகு.
மொழிகள் பேசும் அவள் கண்களும் அழகு.

" அவளின் பார்வையில் நானும் அழகு 
என்னைக்கோ  அவள் மட்டுமே அழகு"  



The newborn child's first cry is a beauty
The slime shy smile of a lovely girl,
My mother’s kiss and
Sometimes even silence and solitude is beauty.
The tender leaves dropping early morning dew,
The early sun who paints the sky is a beauty.

The singing bird, the silent drizzle and in that drizzle
The traditionally clad girls holding umbrella and giggling together is a beauty.
The blue sky and the wavy sea,
The long golden sandy beaches and the romantic couples there are beauty
Even that little boy selling peanuts for living is a beauty.
The poets love – the moon is a beauty.

True anger,
The naughty smile and lazy grin,
The courage to speak truth and
The innocence is a beauty.
Tender loving baby and his first word is a beauty.
The mother-tongue and its poetic stance is ever a beauty.

Writings that kindle knowledge,
Music that makes me fly.
Speeches that make me think, the food that melts tongue and
That art that makes me mesmerize are all a beauty.
The teenage love is a beauty.
The care-free school days are the beauty.

The feel of victory, but the inner modesty is a beauty.
Anything hard earned and
The will to help is a beauty.
The mother of the orphan kids- she is a beauty.
Selflessness and the heart that cares is beauty.
True love is always a beauty.

Man’s creations are a beauty.
But nature and its creation are the ever-green beauties.
The outpouring rain; the warmth and smell of sand with the rain are a beauty.
The early birds song, the chirping insects tune, the barking dogs drums,
The croaking frog’s loves are all a beauty.
My country is a beautiful beauty.

The olden lady's tobacco crunching and stories,
The bargaining woman with a vendor
The long lines in the theaters,
The little kid’s cricket,
Is all a beauty
 A stranger’s smile is the heart-felt beauty

The wet long hair of her is a beauty.
Her corner smile and corner look is a beauty.
Lazy in bed with coffee from her hands is a beauty.
Her smiling lips and speaking eyes are a beauty.
Her pseudo- anger and the way she scolds me is a beauty.
Her old age wrinkles are a beauty.

"In her beautiful eyes even i am a beauty.
And for me only she is the beauty."



Life – the best creation, above anything; it is a beauty by itself. There are so many things around to look at, admire at and to love at.
 Beauty is the way you perceive.
Beauty is everywhere around; just go and perceive it and make your life more beautiful.

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Beauty is the way you perceive
Beauty is everywhere around; just go and perceive it and make your life more beautiful.


  1. Nice words flow. Nice poem.
    Thanks for visited my site.
    Best wishes

  2. meiro ur words are amazing i am following u

  3. beauty is what in your post.. tamil arumai... here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

    Someone is Special

  4. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!!!
    A very good example around the world, as how beauty is perceived by different persons!!
    Very well translated to english of the tamil version of the poem!!!


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