Yet Another love story but thiS time it is ANNIE'S

                       ANNIE ISABEL, yeah that’s me. It was a cold Sunday morning, up from his thoughts which seemed be uncontrolled; I took a lonely walk through the meadows. The sun was lazy too as he still hid himself and refused to come out.
                       I was walking but I couldn’t keep my mind away from him, I know he doesn’t have this feel for me. But how did me - ANNIE ISABEL could fall for a guy? I had always been too prided and had a thought that I was the pretty princess of earth. How many of those guys came behind me and now I sit and day dream about this guy!!
                       What’s so special about him anyway? He had definitely made me swing around him. We met at a causal party in one of the friends and away from the bunch we had a good talk. We became friends instantly for our thoughts echoed each other. Then he came with me for the volunteer workshops with kids and we became almost close then.
                        Every day we would wait hours for each other to have that dinner together. How could I not enjoy those dinners at “Madam’s get away”? We would sit argue and fight every night there and the dinner would end with “You are the worst guy I ever met; I am never ever going to talk with you.”
                       But then the next day his early morning text and a thousand sorry would make me blush and again we would end up that day dinning together. Everyone around saw us as a couple and said we were the best together. We would laugh at them and would keep ourselves as best friends.
                        I was then in a relationship with Christopher and Christopher recognized our friendship too. Oh I didn’t tell you his name did I? He is Nick Anderson. What’s with this guy? Maybe his eyes or his stupid grin, or may be his care free character, or is it the way he holds me when in need? I don’t know!!
                        But there is something about him, you meet him once and then you will know. Hey but do remember he is my guy>>> I am waking now here in the meadows that is stark silent thinking only about him.

                       It was when Christopher left me I realized that I loveD nick, I never missed Christopher for more than an hour or so; the next thing I was sitting with nick and laughing out loud making fun of the fat lady and her farting. I realized then Christopher is meant nothing to me and even I meant nothing to him. I was just holding on to him for stupidity.
                         But when nick went on a company tour for a month away I missed the whole world. I would wait, wait and wait for his call and that few minutes I spoke with him saved me from desertion. And finally when he came back I had tears rolling down I hugged him and slapped him asking him to never leave me. I knew then I am in love with him.
                         But how will I express? For I am Annie Isabella!! And I have my own pride. And even nick is committed to some secret girl then in his hometown whom he never cared to introduce.
                          Nick had been everything to me for the past 6 years now to me. He needs to be everything for me for the next 60 years. I am going to say. I don’t have any pride now; I don’t care if he is going to get married tomorrow. I don’t care whether he will accept me or not! I just don’t care. “I love you nick and I need you forever.”
                         I picked up my phone and dialed his number and it was busy. “He must be busy speaking with his fiancée” oh wait am I doing the right thing what if nick gets angry and breaks my friendship too.
No, I will cut the line now…..damn he picked up.
“Annie how are you what are you doing?; when are you coming here? “          
I just replied silence.
“Annie Are you there?”
                      “Annie I have to tell you something. I don’t care if you take me wrong or if you think I am insane.” “I broke of my marriage Annie; I explained the girl and my parents. She is not the one for me Annie. Annie I am in love with you Annie”
In love… love with me!!!!!!!!!!!!......what is he saying? you people hear what he speaks too??
                       “I had always been in love with you my stupid girl for long; I realized it only now. I look at this girl, I hear her speak but I think only about you there. I sit and smile here thinking only about you. Suddenly these few days of being away from you are like I have been missing everything.”
                        “I miss you Annie; I don’t want to miss you all my life. I need you Annie, I need your cute little dimpling smile, the singing eyes of yours, I need to see your face everyday my dear. I need those heated discussions, I need those lovely fights. I need everything from you. Every single minute of my life I should spend with you Annie. I am coming there Annie I can’t take it anymore. I can’t be away from you anymore. I love you Annie”

“Annie are you there…speak something”

Tears started rolling down; this stupid understood my heart one more time without even wanting me to express.

“Come back here stupid and promise never to leave me again”

“Stupid Annie I am coming now, right now. Stay there for me my pretty girl”
                     I reached that silent water, where he first took me and there those beautiful air filled balloons, like the ones he first gave me were swaying on the banks. Maybe he sent me these too as a message of his love – no our love. I took it and sat in the banks with smile filling colors on my face.
I sat there waiting for him, LIKE a lonely bird waiting to be embraced in love soon.




  1. well expressed LOVE between the two....Liked the line, where the sun acknowledges the love :)


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