Well after a lot of history and writing s on revolution. Here I am writing something pleasant.
What about a love story?
 Ok still better how about a classical 1980’s Hindu –Muslim love story?

Well that’s exactly what I am to give you here.

                      Imagine the 1983 backdrop, a brightly lit environment with guys being as funky as possible wearing out the bollywood and Hollywood styles. And the girls, cultured and traditional in attires they wore but still as fashioned as the westerners.

 Its 1983, Kavali, Andrapradesh. And the college is “Jawahar Bharathi College of higher education.”
                     Our hero Irfan, yeah the typical filmy type, the one with brilliance and intelligent but not to go easy with books, an outlaw of college. Say any class he won’t be there instead say any activity of protest he will be there to lead. He has his own style-riding a Yezdi 250cc classic with short shirts showing out his biceps and well trimmed hair. He is the most wanted and most loved guy I college. And add on he was Mr. College that year! Irfan our hero was doing second year b.com then. Irfan, a typical Muslim guy, but not the type you call a fanatic.

It was the first time he met her. Like an angel dropped into an alien land she was walking into the college.

                        Tall and elegant with a skin tone that would add bright hue even to the dullest environment. Holding an umbrella in her left hand, with her right hand holding books tightly and a small bag holding a lunch and water was hanging down her shoulder.

                         She is easily the prettiest thing on that whole of Kavali then. Wearing a bright colored half saree with her long hair tied perfectly up to her mid-riff she was walking with her own grace like a model walking a ramp. she is a perfect Hindu girl with love for her culture.
Pretty was her face that you will fall in love with immediately you see her! Then why not our hero?

                          He was driving his 250cc out when their eyes first met each. Yeah you can call its love at first sight. He saw her and it was like those moments hey hey ….????.....what the ??????? …..oh my god !!!!!!!!. he went literally bazooked on seeing her. He parked his bike and ran fast to find her. She was nowhere to be found.
                           Irfan then searched the college round and round to find she is a Bsc first year student joining class today.

                           It became a routine then for our hero to wait at the same spot where our heroine kayal devi will get down and watch her till she disappears into her class. Irfan then will wait outside the tree looking at her sitting inside the class. It became news soon that our hero is in love with this pretty girl kayal.
Be it the movies she goes, the bus she takes the local road side tea shop she pass by he will be there waiting to take a glimpse of her everywhere. Days will pass by admiring her for Irfan and nights will pass-by enlarging the beauty of her to his friends.

                           Love is crazy; for a guy who scolded people in love; scold people who get mad on love; is now fallen in love; that to love at first sight.

                            Soon its college function and Irfan had decided to propose to her. What more would do than a beautiful red rose and a letter expressing all that he wants to say? As any guy would go into a crazy poet for the girl he loves; Irfan was ready with his own piece of poetry which was corrected, edited and reedited the whole night.

“To you my love…….
To one that fills my heart.
To one that completes me.
I write this,
You came as a thunder and struck me as lightning.
Like that pleasant drizzle you caress me forever.
For, why I felt so crazy for you?
For what I felt you are the one for me?
I can’t find answer!
But I am sure I am born this life to be with you
If I am not to be with you I will not accomplish my life’s purpose.
The gaze you show, the smile that corners your lips,
The dancing earring, the long swaying hair,
The sweetest melancholy with which you speak,
The mere presence of you makes me fly.
I feel like flying high, high and high when I see you.
Is this is called love I am not sure!
But I am sure you will be the only one -
With whom I will feel this.
You may ignore me, neglect me or forget me.
But still you will be my love.
I need you my love.
Show me the love I need to embrace.
I love you my love.
I love you kayal………..”

He was dressed up all new and ready with his fresh red rose and his piece of poetry- oh ya the Telugu version of it.

But how come a pretty girl knowing that a guy is behind her is going to accept the love immediately? If that happens then it’s against nature right?

So Kayal simply gave one hard look before even Irfan approached and walked fast.

                     That evening Kayal was in  …………………………….the famous movie then in 1983; Irfan didn’t miss following her to the movie. Kayal was constantly complaining to her friends “Hey that stupid is looking at me its irritating” how come she knows that he is only looking at her if not she had been seeing him too.

                        Kayal knows that she is in love too but her girl gender, the family issues, her father’s pride will all make her not even to show Irfan the slightest hint that she is interested.
That’s our typical girls isn’t it? They liked to be admired by someone but will show false anger and thereby will never let their ego down too.

                        Irfan was closing in to finish his college then and he decided it’s time to say it to her.
While she was walking to bus with her friends; He called, “Kayal….. Kayal …stop”.

                        Everyone else responded but her. He went grabbed and turned her and said, “Kayal I love you” you know this but still I have to say this to you. It is now or never. I love you and I need you my entire life. I promise I will take care of you like a princess.” Here me and let your heart decide I love you kayal.”
She left with tears in her eyes and not a word spoken back.

                        Irfan was not sure and seeing tears in her eyes he decided to move away from her. He never met her and carefully avoided her.
Days passed by and college was over too but Irfan never met her.

                         Kayal was all this while had been searching for him. She would be talking with her friends but will be searching for him all around.
Soon our hero finished college and left without meeting kayal.

                          Irfan decided to start on his own business in Nellore and was deciding to move.

A Hindu-Muslim love story could end with anti Hindu- Muslim climax but could it end without love being pronounced and acclaimed? No right?

He was walking thinking about kayal in his mind and suddenly he felt that familiar presence, that magical aroma. He felt her and turned around to find kayal standing again with tears in her eyes.

“You promised to take care of me as a princess. Now how dare you leave me?”
He just looked at her

“My family is taking proposals for me. You better do something; better ask for me to my dad”
She just spoke this.

Irfan was awestruck, he was floating on air; he could barely understand what has happened just now.

                 He ran, took her by arm and kissed her in lips.

“I love you kayal; I would come and take you; will take you as how a princess is meant to be taken. I will come; my dear kayal”

He ran jumping and thumping with full ray of hope, for he found meaning for his birth.

For he found his love, for he found his lost heart. Now that he got kayal he will find all that he is desired to.

                     She stood their lost in that kiss, with eyes closed and her lips still wet with his kiss she stood there unaware that the whole Kavali is around watching her. Nevertheless she wouldn’t care for Irfan is there to take her and ride away; to take her and love her forever and forever…………….

                     Now then separated by religion, culture and even thoughts; how this Muslim hero of ours took hand with this princess kayal from Hindu background is another big story. Convincing and fighting against religion and custom to succeed is a story of it own.

                    But finally the wicked love which plays with hearts and creates twist and turns is finally prevailed victorious and the loved ones loved each other forever and ever………………………………………….

culture, religion customs never matter them! he went to temples for hi and she kept Ramzan fast for him; love prevailed

What more do you want?
Than to fall in love;
Than to get that love you fall in for?
What more do you want than love itself??
For all those who love being in love and love being loved…………………………………..


  1. What have u written is a happy-ending story and it feels really good to read it :)

    In a country like ours, even though generations have changed, the grass roots of caste and religion are still imbibed deep inside the hearts of the people and even today, inter-religion marriages r not encouraged...Not sure when this sad state of affairs is gonna change in our country...Even though, ppl boast off as well educated and well behaved, they are still the same wen it comes to caste and religion or rich and poor....hope the scenario changes atleast in the forthcoming generations...


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