I was rushed into the emergency room, held in a plastic case protected with all those nauseating medicines I was rushed. Surrounded by mysteries and questions; I THINK of you. I do remember you THE MOST than him. What is happening? I couldn’t understand. Can life alter so fast? Can people alter so fast?

                                  You would be there ready by now in your bridal dress; happy and unaware of what is happening to me here! I remember today is your marriage day, for he has fixed me on this date in calendar. He is a fool people said. He is a fool that’s what you said too many a times.

                                  But I knew him more than anyone ever did, for I spoke for him more than his mouth. Now I do believe he is a fool. I always liked to be with him, the things we saw, the things we perceived together was always amazing and like that we saw you too. An angel is what you are for us; we loved you and adored you. For me I was always fond of your pretty blue eyes. She signaled and spoke a thousand things to me even while you were talking with him.

                                 How good were those days when you both were in love? Where are those days now? How good it was when you both held hands together and walked caring for nothing for hours and hours. You remember the little fights you used to have?
You remember saying “I am not going to talk with you” You remember then both laughing at each other and him saying “ You can’t anyway be without talking to me na then why you have to say this?”

I do understand now you can be without talking to him; even be without him forever.

                       What happened to you? How could you ignore the love? How could you ignore him?

                          You choose to walk away; you choose to trust in another man’s hand.

                          But he sulked; he cried; carried on to torture himself. He said he will be happy. He said he will be happy with your thoughts. Fool he is; he even tried to lie me that!
But I know the truth he can never be without you, never be without you……………………

Today he decided to end this and rest in Tranquil!

                         And clever he is to make it look like an accident but he forgot that he can’t cheat me. I know he killed himself deciding to live with you in memories forever.

But all I can’t understand is why he left me here in this unworthy world?

He could have taken me with him, instead he choose to donate me and so of his other rightfully possessed properties!  Yeah the ones he owned from birth and the ones he can choose to carry on to ground.

He is a fool, a deserter. He gave to me what you choose to give him – loneliness. 

Now I Am Rushed Into This Hospital To Be Possessed And Owned By Someone Else.

I Don’t Know Why Still Here Instead Of Thinking about Him, I Am Thinking About You!
May Be I Am A Fool Too! >>>>>>>>>> ………………………………………………………….

Hey Is It You There?

Hey See Me I Am Right Here

Do You Hear What I Speak?

It Is You There Right? In That White Woven Dress, Looking Like An Angel Dropped From Heaven. 
Hey and Those Beautiful Blue Eyes.

Oh My God It Spoke The Truth. You Still Love Him Right?

They Tell Me You Love Him. They Speak That Love That They Spoke Before.

My Goodness Why You Did This All Then?

Aren’t You The Greatest Fool Here?

I Know Those Beautiful Blues Eyes Won’t Lie. I Know It For I Am An Eye Too.  The One That He Used To See You and Those Beautiful blue Ones; The one that he choose to express love with.

I Am The One That Is Going To Watch You And Your Well-being Forever now. I Hold His Love And Will Carry It With Me To Grave Like He Had Chosen To.

And then His Lonely Eye Met Her Blue Eyes For The Last Time Before He Is To Be Possessed By Someone Else And They Spoke A Thousand Things. He Shed His First Tear Then and that is his Altar of love………………………………………………..

This story is brought out from the 2 pictures and three highlighted words – alter , fond and tranquil.

Written for Thursday tales talesthursday - 63

Written for magpie tales  magpietales

Written for three words Wednesday threewordwednesday


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