The Other Day……

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The Other Day……
(Based on a true story………..)

It was no particularly special day.

                   The early morning sun rose just as it would in any-other part of this globe. But for me- us, it signaled that we have survived the night. Worse it sensed we have to live and survive a another day

                   But it’s alright for it is just a routine for us; to sleep under bunkers, to hear the sound of bombarding shells.  To fear of being caught and killed, to fear of being raped, to fear of being hit by a shell and torn into pieces and the worst is the fear of living while you lose your loved ones before your eyes.
But this fear has kept us living; this fear has kept us surviving!!!!!!!!!!!

HOPE -They say never lose hope!!

                  Hope, can you have it in a land where everyday you see your neighbors, your mom, dad, children, your loved ones being shot dead. Can you have it in a land where you can go missing forever?
Can you have hope in land were a 15 year old girls uterus contains 500ml of semen!!

Can you have hope when your twelve year old boy is given a AK47 instead of science book and asked to kill.

Can you have hope in a land where you are forced to be orphans in your land?

Can you have hope where we see more blood than plain water?

I had forgotten the word called Hope!

I had forgotten the word called GOD; if god chose to exist he deserves a place in hell.

                      I woke my son, still shivering with fever, my daughter is awake and up. He, my HUSBAND had already left trying to help the injured soldiers.
These few days things were changing rapidly, we were moved from place to place. Food - we hardly had seen it now for 2 days. From crawling earthworms to starved rats we ate whatever that kept us alive. But why?

In groups we moved; we will win that’s what they said. 


Don’t worry our soldiers will fight till death and win

Win over what?????????? 
               I can’t find an answer why I was given this life to live with. They say souls chose the life they want, if so why did I choose this? Why I could have not been a long frocked, high heeled woman living in some villa?

Life is the strangest mystery; it is one riddle I have ever been trying to find an answer for.

                  I was born here 30 years ago, me and my two sisters were the pretty ones in that entire village. We had a beautiful house and lovely parents to care for us. Now, where are my sisters? Where is that beautiful house that stood tall in that entire village? There exists no house in that village. For years I was left an orphan and was grown an orphan in the civilian camps and tents.
Until I met him, he gave me reason to live. He made be believe I am a human-being too.He gave me a new word –hope. He always used to say this will end; we will live.Till now he hasn’t lost that.

                Even now, he was busy working in tying a cloth to that blown up leg of a soldier.

How weird is it? That young kid- calling him a soldier has completely lost his left leg; still he holds his gun high!!


                   The army is coming, run ………run ………run……….that’s the last I heard, before the sound of huge tanks and bombarding cannons silenced our ears. We ran, ran like mad deer waiting to be hunted.

                  I took my daughter and ran, I saw him carrying my boy and run beside. We were a group of 1000 -2000. We ran as fast as our legs could carry us. The army opened fire.  These poor little kids holding ammo deprived guns were shooting back to buy us some time to run.

                 Shells started firing right at us, people started running mad in all directions. I saw many blown into pieces.  We ran and hid behind a deep valley. It was a pretty large group to hide.

We know we are to die!

I trusted my finger deep into his hands;

You said we will live to see freedom.

You said we will live to be respected.

You said we will live to see HOPE?

Where is it?

All that he could answer me was a drop of tear. For me even those tears failed.

Tada tad …..gunshots …….long distant echoing……………it was on for some-time. Soon it silenced too.

                We diverged and started moving; we were hoping to find our soldiers strong-hold  soon. No one knew then the so called safe strong hold had seize to exist then!
                We found men holding gun and guarding. But they were not the ones meant to protect us. They fired, it happened in moments of whiskers. The tanks didn’t miss the target too…..the army was well trained!!!!!!

                Like a thousand little ants trapped under fire we were shot and shelled from all sides. I just sat there…………………….. sat there willing to be blown or torched with fire!!

                He - my only understanding of hope, was shot right through the heart, another shell hit him and he holding my son went into shattered pieces.
I sat there and laughed because all that I can do is that. I laughed like a mad woman!!!

               I ran taking my daughter with me……………………………….. I ran, ran and ran.


                                       Today after managing to escape from that wretched sands and living at an orphan country, I was watching television; the ceremony in COMMON WEALTH games and the person who I will call a war criminal, who signaled and finished the fate of hundreds of thousands, the fate that his forefathers wrote was honored and was presiding the event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHAME on you Humans…………..

Shame on you people who let my husband and son die.

Shame on you for letting all that thousands die that day.

Shame on you for letting hundreds of thousands die on those wretched sands, for years.

Shame on you to not even think about these and to think your pizza is spicier.




Some other day it was fateful for some other families.
For our fate were all decided years before.
But why?

Are we not humans?
Don’t we deserve to live?
What did I ask u for?
Did I ask for a thousand acre?
Did I ask for your Mercedes Benz car?
Did I ask for lakhs of money?
What did I ask for?

All I wanted was a peaceful calm, respectful life. A life where there is dignity, a life where I was not considered a dog and can be shot but no one to ask.

All I needed is love.

All I needed is respect.

And for this I have been crying for years. Yet you all failed to hear.

Not one of you heard me!!

You continued to live worrying about your education, your work, your salary, your relationships. You continue to watch your favorite heroes’ movie and shed tears when he is dead in movie.

You continued to watch those world war movies and shed tears at the intolerable injustice against humanity.

Is it not what was happening here?

Is this not injustice against humanity?

Is this not a massacre?

Is this not Genocide?

Am I not a human like you?

Are my children not innocent just like yours?

Whom shall I ask?

Whom shall I question but you?


                      Take a walk there in that wretched sand if you were allowed too, take a walk there in that sand painted red with blood. They might have buried, burnt or destroyed our existence.
But thousands of souls there wandering with winds will tell u our story of misery and our story of anger.

Those winds will carry on the truth forever in thy breath and will one day bring out the truth.

Be ready to answer your inner soul then ………………”Why you let this happen?”

(                        This story is based on a true story from a lady living in my neighborhood, who lost her husband and her son in that fateful –other day. There was exaggeration on her life and the narration of events, but the event truly happened. And the whole situation is just a true depiction of what has been happening.

You must be aware of which wretched sand I am speaking of --- if not it is SrilANKA

                         The lady is now living with her daughter as an orphan. Her husband and thousand others killed that particular day were dated to be dead at different time – months apart and some even seized to exist.

For now she is just trying to find a new life willing to live it for her little daughter.

Thanks to Racism, thanks to Imperialistic Indian Government – thanks for the selfish politicians of Southern- India; thanks to the Respect less people who chose to do nothing – there are thousands of orphans living around the globe from that wretched sand.

Thanks to them there were hundreds of thousands dead and burned in that wretched sand And just a few more to be killed, burned or buried …… just a few more and then the job is “job well done.”

I can never forgive myself?

Can you???????????????????)

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  1. the random use of red and black just served to reinforce the kind of dark, dejected and gory message that the post is intending to provide!

    An absolutely well described piece and very very thought provoking at the same time!!!

    ATB for BAT

    Read mine at The other day

  2. I agree, with Aashish regards your presentation. It was well thought out, and the post made better by that! Well done! All the best for BAT.

  3. well critics, this is the best post I have read in this edition. Wish you Good Luck for this contest.. Wanna know what happened the other day?

    Someone is Special

  4. very nice. when tear can be the only answer for many questions, beautiful. Well-written mate!

    Sureindran - The Other Day

  5. Reality at its best.. Good luck for BAT

  6. Heart touching story!!! Feel bad for the woman, who lost her closed ones...The way you presented the story makes the readers to sense the feelings of that woman!!
    Even though crimes like this happen every now and then, there never seems to be an end to it..Every activity has linked to some political gain or vested interest of some individual..what a shameful world in which we are living, where we were mute spectators of these crimes :(


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