"A silent raise - for the cause of justice "

My experience – on the international day for victims of torture.

IT’S Marina, Chennai. With the sea breezing its chillness; the usual mad so called busy people were busting around in their own way. There were those old men selling peanuts and those old ladies selling balloons and jasmine meddled and busy in their own work. There were those couples lost in their own romantic world. Amidst of all that was a gathering - some thousands were gathered near the famous ‘kannaki statue’.
Its June 26th, UN has announced it as an “International day for victims of torture” and this crowd has gathered with candles in hands and thousands in number to remember the people who have lost their life in the Srilankan civil war – in the Srilankan genocide.

Some said it is a historical crowd.

But I had a little anger! Where people should have gathered in lakhs, where million hands should have been raised there was only a few thousand. Yet the people who have gathered are those with real heart. They have gathered knowing the cause, knowing the reason.

The level of anger, the way it expressed varied. For instance some raised slogans in Tamil saying “They Are young un-armed Tigers( relating to the LTTE – TIGERS)”. They praised VELU-PRABHAKARAN AS LEADER AND RAISED SLOGANS PRAISING HIM”
The out-burst of feelings were different but the cause was – justice for this atrocity against human beings, justice for the people who have suffered and for those who are dead.

I personally believe one should not marginalize this issue speaking it an issue of Tamils. It is not about Tamil, it is not about Tamil Eelam. It is not about debating whether LTTE is a revolutionary force or terrorist group …… It is about the people, it is about humanity it is about injustice to humanity, it is about bring those who are responsible before justice.

After a small silent rally holding candles the crowd settled around a temporarily placed remembrance stone. And a street play was played depicting the nature of inhuman acts that has been committed in srilankan. In the beautiful acting of the actors in play everyone was glued and sitting with tears in their eyes.
Even the skies opened up shedding its tears there.

70 year old fisher woman, t-shirt girls, woman holding a infant child, young men, office going people and every other different sort of people gathered was sitting there un-moved even in that pouring rain. When I was happy seeing these people’s motivation and feel for fighting against injustice came the police men. You have no permission for this gathering they said.

For humans to gather in silence to mourn the injustice done to their fellow humans they need permission!!

When is this community going to change?

Anger, out-burst was there but then power won again and people started moving away in crowd.

There was this 2 young men – from the affected part of Srilanka – the srilankan Tamils  - Illancheliyan and nesan.

Nesan escaped to India when he is 16yrs old. He has lost his mother, sister, his property home and everything. His sister was in LTTE ranks, he showed her photo – clad a white uniform with a gun in her hand she was standing. Do you know how she died? 27 srilankan soldiers were surrounding her and firing. She held an RPG fired at them and died.

I don’t feel she is a terrorist; I feel she is a brave soldier who shed her life to protect her home-land. If this was happening somewhere –else, or even in kings time, if this was read in history wont we call it heroic and read with pride about it?

Illancheliyan was a LTTE soldier too then!

Now a simple man living in hopes, saying firmly Prabhakaran is not dead. I don’t know from where he educated – where could have he learnt – still the language he spoke, the knowledge he had and depth of understanding made me mesmerize.

He said “Friend (with his hand around my shoulder) come see the land of Srilanka one day. You will know what life we lived there, you will then understand our suffering; see those dead bodies in bunkers and they will tell stories of our sad tale”

He said “Friend we are fighters… you know what kind of fighters are we? We are those who walk into death. My fellow soldiers were walking towards ‘Yannaiarivu’ military camp to attack it – they were 500 walking. And they were carrying 200 coffin boxes with them telling “Macha (friend) lets go” …we are those kind of soldiers” he said

“Come; see in Srilanka those busted and burst tanks and planes of srilankan military all through the streets will tell you the story of our war tactics. We had firemen (suicide bombers) with us then friend.”

While speaking about Prabhakaran he was telling, “Friend we had planes then – jets …. “RUBAN” was boarding one to attack an army base and Prabhakaran was saying, “Ruba go forward now for I and our men will follow you soon….. Ruba we are to attack the srilankan military not the innocent people remember that!!”

If those who say not to attack innocent people are terrorist…………………then the one who puts hundreds in cage, in bunkers considering them to be worms and bombards them are what???

I didn’t see racial anger in Illancheliyan. I just saw a hurt soul with tears trying to seek justice there.

This is not a problem of decades……. It is problem of ages. Thousands and thousands of elephants destroyed Ellalan’s army and his throat was silted.  Ellalan – the famous Chola Tamil king in srilankan
For ages the Tamil kings and Singala kings were fighting in the lands of Srilanka. But is it needed in this so called civilized world.

Oh actually its is over now….with so many countries help including the imperialistic India run by a stupid congress government RAJAPAKSHAE – the srilankan king has won.

Do you know how …. By killing just a few lakh people; chasing out the rest. Destroying their homes, their life and raping even 15yr old girls. Wah! What an achievement!!

I was standing there with the few people left behind. They were mostly from “May 17 organization.” We were discussing on what to do next how to seek justice and so. Frankly speaking no-one including me had the faintest idea on what we are going to do on what should be done to seek justice for these people.

We are ready to shout all day, to fight all day.

But will the international community ever look upon here?

Will these crimes and their criminals brought out?

There was this African man there he don’t know the language, he does not understand what is happening but he was saying, “What police why should we move? This is important we should stay”

The feel he had for his fellow beings were lacked in those people sitting and romancing in that same beach sands. It lacked in that bunch who went away in disappointment seeing the crowd – for they initially thought it to be cinema shooting!!

When is this society going to change?

If someone cuts your hand, kills your mother, rapes and kills your daughter then?
Will you then not cry?
 Will you then not sit and fight for justice if the same happens for your fellow being then you act blind why so?

Why not one srilankan soldier protested against what they were asked to do?

Why the srilankan majority population not rising voices against what has been happening?

How Mr.Rajapakshae and his army generals are having a peaceful sleep every-night after doing this?

Srilanka is one nation were Buddhism thrived during the period of kali goddess followers.

Now only KALI is thriving there.
Even BUDDHA was reduced and brought down with shame there now!

I know only to ask questions.
I know only to sit and cry!
I don’t know where I should seek answers!

“But I am ready to fight for justice. …………….if u felt injustice somewhere and need me to fight for you, call me. And I will fight for you.
If you are one like me then come lets together fight for justice for these sufferings.”

A coward who can do nothing but write and speak and protest for these injustice, a coward who is ashamed of himself for not having done something to help these – my fellow human- beings                                                                    



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