Trance -lifes simple realities

Left to starve; ready 
to abjure; He was in 'Trance'
seeing rotten meat

Choose to starve, calling
it beauty; She was in TRANCE
winning the 'Pageant'.

WRITTEN IN HAIKU POETRY FORM FOR     haiku heights -prompt trance.........................


  1. loved this..

    Trance..described in two different variations..
    nice thought!


  2. Powerful haikus. The first one really was like a punch in the gut. Great job

  3. punch in the gut.:)....gr8 comment thanx

  4. Powerful messages through both word imagery and photos ... incrediblly powerful but indeed sad and off balance!

  5. Nice! What a contrast. Beautifully done. I got the message.

  6. It always gets to me when I see a really thin woman. I just can't see the beauty there.

  7. Lovely and powerpack thoughts!The haiku yet should be in correct format of 5-7-5 as a suggestion to bring out more talent of yours :)

  8. thanks umaanandane that's some crappy mistakes i made there ...i think i corrected it now...thank you so much for notifying it

  9. powerful.
    Quite impressive job.
    Check out our potetry potluck week 38 today,
    With Kavita/Olivia starring the show.
    First time participannts feel free to share 1 to 3 old poems or random poems in case you don’t have anything fitting our theme (inspired by a song).
    Come on it nOW.
    We love your talent!

  10. The images selected by you exactly matched the words expressed here, especially the person holding the child's hand!!!
    keep writing more!!!


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