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I looked up the sky and there she was smiling as usual. For how long I have forgotten her.  She smiles with that ever-ravishing beauty. How she has always managed a smile? …How she has maintained her glowing beauty for ages? I walked through that familiar path, nothing has changed there after all these years; the same old dusky banyan with his mighty branches was still standing tall there. He looks younger than me now. 
The “Sevanna Park’ once a busy and famous place is now left untouched and uncared for this city has grown too big to bother a place like this.
I walked that familiar path and searched for my ‘home’ ….. My home, yeah that little wooden bench. It is here I used to rest my body for the whole night after a hard day. There it was dark, coated, weak, withered but still holding on. My little wooden bench – maybe it is holding on just for me.
Lying down and taking that cozy stretch, Wah!   I glanced back into my memories.Years before I roamed these streets, I lived in this p…

Revenge -"The revenge of Aparniyan"

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Somewhere far from Cholan empire – an invasion over a small kingdom.

 “My king the victory is ours”, roars a young warrior riding tall on his black steed.

Amidst the major division of the Cholan army stands tall King- Emperor Rajendran. In the storm of ever-growing Cholan empire was another kingdom that had bitten dust.  

The kingdom of Srihaliputra is coming down.

Some months before.......... He, Neduntherian is the prince of the mighty cholan empire and he, Aparniya…


Lost in your world You were dancing there with eternity Delicate and tender are you. Yet powerful and strong are you inside. Addictive are your moves For I was in trance watching your dance.

Your hands waving long and singing tunes in air. Your legs drawing paintings on earth. Your eyes mesmerizing the skies above. The stars forget to blink too for they were staring at you. The moon fell in love with too and refused to leave. And my poor soul lost somewhere deep in you never came back to me.

Call it a Fate. For I never knew I am going to fall in love with you. Call it a fate. For you are a goddess and Me just a petty peasent. Call it a fate – but had I an Option?

Indecisious was I For I had no choice but to love you. Indecisious was I For I am not aware on what to do What to do to make you take a decision. Call it a fate.

I know you cant stay with me Yet I choose to stay with you. Call it a fate. But I call it a bless For fell in love with a goddess For I fell in love with you.

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Masked are WE -----

Masked are we! We wore this mask for long To acquaint, To accommodate, To portray and to deceive, We wear this mask for long.

Smiling and whole-hearted outside. Dark and jealous inside. Warm and gentle outside. Ruthless and racial inside. Loving and caring outside. Perverted and greedy inside.

Hard and matured outside. Kid-dish and loving inside. Educated and professional outside. Care-free and willing to break free inside. Loveless and animated outside. Craving for love inside.

We are masked. Masked are we for long. Straight and fighting for justice outside. Corrupt and striving for power inside. Calm and resilient outside. Doubtful and lacking inside.

We are masked. For we choose to be so. For we prefer to be so. The color, stride, shape and nature of masks may vary But yet we are all masked. And masked for long.

Let those masks tear apart. Let that inner darkness be shed. And let that in-born goodness build. Let those mask tear apart. And let our true identity shower upon. For it is more loving and smile borne.