Masked are WE -----

Masked are we!
We wore this mask for long
To acquaint,
To accommodate,
To portray and to deceive,
We wear this mask for long.

Smiling and whole-hearted outside.
Dark and jealous inside.
Warm and gentle outside.
Ruthless and racial inside.
Loving and caring outside.
Perverted and greedy inside.

Hard and matured outside.
Kid-dish and loving inside.
Educated and professional outside.
Care-free and willing to break free inside.
Loveless and animated outside.
Craving for love inside.

We are masked.
Masked are we for long.
Straight and fighting for justice outside.
Corrupt and striving for power inside.
Calm and resilient outside.
Doubtful and lacking inside.

We are masked.
For we choose to be so.
For we prefer to be so.
The color, stride, shape and nature of masks may vary
But yet we are all masked.
And masked for long.

Let those masks tear apart.
Let that inner darkness be shed.
And let that in-born goodness build.
Let those mask tear apart.
And let our true identity shower upon.
For it is more loving and smile borne.

written for magpietales


  1. It's so difficult and risky to take off the mask.

  2. We do wear the mask for too long.

  3. I love where this mask prompt has taken many writers- exploring. :)

  4. masks are tricky,
    well penned sentiments.

  5. Wearing masks is a choice... but hopefully with time and love, we learn to show our real self ~

  6. indeed, we have to make ourselves vulnerable and live! enjoy the rally!

  7. I love this picture and each writer's take on it - yours is powerful!

  8. This has struck a chord: Educated and professional outside.
    Care-free and willing to break free inside.

    A powerful message.

  9. great poem reminds me of TS Eliots lines'prepare a face to meet a face


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