I looked up the sky and there she was smiling as usual. For how long I have forgotten her.  She smiles with that ever-ravishing beauty. How she has always managed a smile? …How she has maintained her glowing beauty for ages? I walked through that familiar path, nothing has changed there after all these years; the same old dusky banyan with his mighty branches was still standing tall there. He looks younger than me now. 

The “Sevanna Park’ once a busy and famous place is now left untouched and uncared for this city has grown too big to bother a place like this.

I walked that familiar path and searched for my ‘home’ ….. My home, yeah that little wooden bench. It is here I used to rest my body for the whole night after a hard day.
There it was dark, coated, weak, withered but still holding on. My little wooden bench – maybe it is holding on just for me.

Lying down and taking that cozy stretch, Wah!   I glanced back into my memories.Years before I roamed these streets, I lived in this park; I slept in this wooden bench for I was a destitute, a beggar left in the mercy of fate. Running from a drunkard father at 6yrs, I became a beggar in these same streets.  

Have you lived a life like me? If you have not then you will not understand me!

Seeing those rich kids playing around, seeing those plump women lousily spending money, seeing them enjoy their life to every extent only because they are blessed with a birth like this and seeing those selfish men who do not bother about his fellow beings.

I decided. I may be born like this, I may have become a beggar but in the days to come I will decide what I am going to become. I will make everyone bend before me and   I promised myself that.

You call it a kid’s dream –a 6yrs old kids dream.

Nevertheless, I strived for it and achieved it. That day I became a thief - a transition from beggar to thief and I was quite proud of it why should I beg someone when I can take from then. I understood money and power is all that needed in this world, with them both you can buy anything around.

From petty thefts to robbery, I managed everything.

At 12, I started my own shop but I was not satisfied with that too. I did everything I had too - flattered, deceived, toiled, robbed, killed and did everything I can for making this world bend before me.

You can tell, “What a stupid?”

But then be on streets ….. Kicked by rags; begging for a penny; begging for just a meal, a day. Be there on there on streets striving for love, care, and affection. Be there hoping this world will take you in. But all they will give is ignorance, they will never bother you, they will not bother your need, your feel nor love…….when this whole world runs selfish , when this whole world runs on money and power then why I should be different?

I choose what I had too and I did what I had too, now I made this world bend before me.
I have power, I have money ……………. I have everything.

But really ???

Oh, what I have become?
Am I like this, when I came out of my mother’s uterus?
Am I not innocent and loving like you?
What have you done to me?
Why my mother died?
Why my father was a useless drunkard?
Why YOU choose to ignore me?
Am I not one among you?
Now what have I become?
I say I have achieved everything.
But have I not just fumbled with my life?
Where is that love I searched?
Where is that happiness I searched?
Where is that peace I searched ?
Do I have a friend to sit and banter?
Oh, my selfish worlds, why have you turned me like you?.............................................

Lying in that wooden bench looking at the ravishing beauty above and wondering how she alone chose to be happy all these years, he hoped he could just stay there like that forever.

He then saw that little boy with his little sister searching the gutter for leftover.He went picked up them up both and walked away.
For now, he realized what to do.
For now, he realized the meaning of his birth ………………………………..have you?

brought out from the picture above and form the three words
Banter, Fumble and Glance.

written for talesthursday
written for threewordwednesday 



  1. touching.
    n cant really blame him cos hardship mks ppl so tough frm within.
    loved d end. perfect :)

  2. So he found his redemption when he found his heart. Good for him.

    Great use of three words. Please come see my three words


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