Revenge -"The revenge of Aparniyan"

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(This post is long....... but for the story I couldn't cut it short. SORRY PLEASE read it through)


Somewhere far from Cholan empire – an invasion over a small kingdom.

                    “My king the victory is ours”, roars a young warrior riding tall on his black steed.

Amidst the major division of the Cholan army stands tall King- Emperor Rajendran. In the storm of ever-growing Cholan empire was another kingdom that had bitten dust.  

The kingdom of Srihaliputra is coming down.

Some months before..........
                                                                                                 He, Neduntherian is the prince of the mighty cholan empire and he, Aparniyan is the young general leading the mighty army. Together they have won battles and together they have faced death. They were like brothers.


                Holding arms with each other they enter in a chariot. The whole crowd cheers at the mere sight of them. They enter claiming yet another victory, a victory on sea. The cholan navy claimed a new kingdom – the Sorna-theevu on the east.

              King Rajendran had arranged a festival to celebrate the victory of his young prince. The capital Tanjore was decorated like never before. She was glowing all day and night. Aristocrats, singers, dancers and ministers all have traveled from far- far ally kingdoms.

          Aparniyan was sitting down by the river, on the steps of the river-banks. He was lost in his lonely dreams there. The silence there was disturbed by the sound of clinging anklets, they echoed in that beautiful night's wind.
          A young lady dressed up in red attire, with her veil covering her head, with mehandi deco-ring her hands walked towards the bank.

“And then the moon came out of the clouds as he took her veil off to shine more at her beauty”

        Aparniyan was just mesmerized and lost in trance watching her. She was like an angel dropped from heavens. And then her eyes met his and was trans-fixed with his for moments unknown.

“He was in love
For all that he did was searching her.
His heart is tuned.
There he saw her.
Saw her dancing.
He was lost.
And why wouldn’t he??
For even the skies was lost in her beauty.”

“He is a general
But now he chose to be her slave.
He found her name is kannigai.”

“They met.
They met in a temple.
And their eyes spoke what their hearts desired to.
They knew they both have lost their hearts.
He promised to come for her 
Come for her wherever far-off kingdom she resides.”


In the midst of invasion.
         “A small petty kingdom it is ……..that is what is it”   Neduntherian thought.
Neduntherian has brought nearly half his army. With a ten thousand elephants; with tens of thousand horses. With army that stood longer than the small kingdom of Srihaliputra itself. 

          He thought that the kingdom of Srihaliputra will succumb merely at the sight of his army.

But instead he was proved wrong. He was shattered striven back and now the brave warriors of Srihaliputra are holding in for weeks.

  The most he misses now is his trusted general – our Aparniyan.

Neduntherian is the most ambitious and vicious young prince of the Chola clan. He loves to crush small kingdoms around him and all that he needed is a reason to do so.

But for the battle of SRIHALIPUTRA it has been fought for no reason at all. Against the kings wish, against his army’s wish he –Neduntherian has raged his battle.



           Aparniyan left to seek her. He sent his bellowed prince- his brother a letter on his venture and started leaving.  She never knew that he was the general of the mighty cholan empire and she waited there long for him to come.

           Reaching the kingdom of Srihaliputra he found it  a kingdom as beautiful as kannigai. The city was rich in art and culture, education was spread through vassals. It is by-far a normal city, it is a city of heavens and that's were his angel resides.

Dressed a trader looking to learn the art he traveled into the city gates; it is dawn and he rested in small house.

While he was drenching in her dreams, a white horse carrying some-one in white robes passed-by and to his hearts surprise it was kannigai herself.

      His heart skipped a beat. She came and stopped before him and said, “ Hey mister you looking for me”

She took him to darkness.
“I know you will come for me”
“I know you will but what made you took so long?”

He was happy to hear those words but all that he could mumble was “who are you”

“ I am the ghost of Srihaliputra”, she laughed.
  I am your kannigai, now take me and ride off somewhere far off.

“Who are you?”

“Aparinya, I am the princess of Srihaliputra…….I might be the princess of Srihaliputra but I am kannigai, your kannigai.”

I want to live in eternity with you. If I can’t live with you kill me now with your hands. I don’t know who you are, you be a poet, an art lover or whoever but I need you to be my Aparniyan”

“Take me now”

Kannigai, I am the general in command of the mighty cholan empire I cannot sneak the princess of Srihaliputra like that.

Wait for me and I will come and proclaim you back with my king and my beloved prince.

She started crying, “ You a general of that army!!!!!!!!”
“Your beloved prince????”

“He has proposed to marry me………not proposed to but ordered me to marry him and if I refuse he is going to wage war against Srihaliputra”

"My father, the just and wise king of Srihaliputra has ridden to talk directly with emperor Rajendran now."

“If you don’t take me now and make me yours you will lose me forever”

“Kannigai, Neduntherian is like a brother to me, I will ride now and talk to him. He will understand”
And while they were talking it sounded

“Our beloved king of Srihaliputra has been murdered on his way to Tanjore. He was killed treacherously on the command of Neduntherian!!

Aparniyan couldn’t believe what he his hearing!
Kannigai rushed back to the palace.
Aparniyan couldn’t understand on what his happening and sneaked out in his ride to meet his prince.


Neduntherian has already started his war, he moves in with his bulk of army. He has found his reason to destroy Srihaliputra. He found that his trusted brother loves none-other than the princess of Srihaliputra, and he knows if he sends his proposal the girl will refuse.

And he knows, he will use that a reason for waging his war.
The need of power, the need of vicious glory had conquered him, he is out of control. 

Even the old wise emperor couldn’t control him anymore.

“Come my dear brother Aparniyan”
“It is time to crush another empire.”

“Neduntheria what you are doing is wrong, it is not right”
“We never waged war against innocent people. We never battled against our allies.”

“Those times are over Aparniya, it is time to show our strength. It is time to enforce ourselves. Srihaliputra is a petty-kingdom lying in between us and the northern plains.”
“I have my reasons, don’t let your love blind you my brother Aparniyan”

“So you know about that too!!!!, you have planned everything. You are not anymore the one that I called a brother.

“My love for her is dear but my love for my country is dearest”

I won’t let you spoil the just and might of the Cholan Empire for your ambitions. I will ride to the king and will come with his order.”

“You petty slave, you are just a commander in my army. You will be shown your place”

Before Aparniyan could do anything he was arrested.

Before Aparniyan could escape and reach the city gates of Srihaliputra, the city was raided and people were killed. The trusted men of Neduntherian were carrying on their orders of tearing the kingdom apart. 
There was no warning given; there was no time given; there was no choice given - even to surrender; there was no mercy shown.

Death is what they have as option.

KANNIGAI has gathered her army and started to ride with her horsemen.

“Like a warrior from hell she strikes.
Her swirling swords and riding soldier’s raid,
Punch enemy’s head to ground.
Her bravery fears their enemy.
Her skills threaten the heart of one mighty army.
She rides giving strength and hope.
She rides for honor.
She rides for her country.”

Neduntherian has never expected this; he expected the kingdom to fall by night. He cut loses his Assassins and their poisoned arrows-( never a way of fighting for the Cholans before) pierce right through her chest.

Aparjithan watches in agony as his love, his beloved falls; as she falls as a warrior fighting against a treacherous prince.


“For long he considered him his brother.
But for long he was only his dog
For long he believed and brought down anything
That he ordered to do so.
But now he takes arm.
He takes arms against his own men.
He takes arms against his own heart-felt brother.
He takes arms to avenge.
He takes arms for her.”

“With an army less than a tenth against his enemies
He threatens them.
He haunts them.
He pushes them.
For long he has been doing this.
But now against them.
And now for a reason,
To teach his mind-less prince a lesson.
He is a traitor now among the men he commanded.
But he knows he is fighting for Justice.”

“He has promised her
He has promised to send NEDUNTHERIAN to hell
He has asked her to stay alive
For he will bring his head as her gift
If she does so.”

“Struck with anger and
Unacceptable of his loses Neduntherian plans to starve them.
Surrounding the gates, cutting of the trade routes.
He plans to starve them to death.
But never had he known the man in command there is Aparniyan.
And never had he known, APARNIYAN will never give up!”

“For days they hold up
For days they frustrate the cholan army.
Cholan army’s spirit is lost.
They believe they are in a war for no reason.
Their will is broke.”

He rides with his party.
Knowing his son’s act of shame.
He rides.
He is a man of just and honor
And justice is what he believes in.”

“NEDUNTHERIAN KNOWS he can’t lose.
Aware of his father riding in
He declares open battle. 
He strikes with all he has. 
The gates shatter.
The arrows lay.
The walls brought down.
The armies meet.”


“Aparniyan walks like an animal
With two swords swaying on either side,
He cuts everything that is between him and NEDUNTHERIAN.
He walks.
No-one is even dared to fight him.”

“They were astonished to see him.
He walks straight at NEDUNTHERIAN.
He cuts his assassins heads to ground.
Jumps on that 20 foot beast and pushes him to ground.”

“Brothers they were,
For long their swords swirled aside each-other.
For long they protected each-other.
But now they swirled against each-other.
To kill each –other.
One turned against for power and greed.
One fighting for justice and love.
They fought.
It was fight that shattered skies apart.
A general fought against his own prince.

Aparniyan was mad.
All that he wanted was the head of Neduntherian.
He has seen the people of SRIHALIPUTRA burnt alive.
He has seen the beautiful city destroy right before his eyes.
All he wanted now is just and he promised to do it.
And then he trusted his long sword through him.
He put his foot on him.
And TORE Neduntherian’s head right apart.
He carried it in his sword
He carried it along-side a thousand arrows struck upon himself.
He carried it to KANNIGAI TO fulfill his promise.”



“The battle is won my king”, shouts a warrior riding in his black Steed as Rajendran the mighty emperor has just entered the field.

Another rider rides fast “My lord our PRINCE, - NEDUNTHERIAN has been killed my king”

The king smiles,” He got what he deserved. The battle could never be won when we don’t have APARNIYAN with us.

NEDUNTHERIAN chose is fate.

Withdraw the army, declare SRIHALIPUTRA a free kingdom. Arrange a gathering where I can seek Srihaliputra’s people forgive-ness. And ask APARNIYAN TO COME AND MEET ME”


There she was fighting death and was waiting for him
They met and she knew he fulfilled his promise.
He has had her revenge.
He has had his revenge.
They both laid there expressing love and rested forever.
Rested forever only to embrace each-other inside the gates of heaven above.”


(All about this story is a fantasy)

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  1. What a story! I am amazed. A misture of narration and poetry and pcitures! Wow! I am speechless. I had already decided who to give my 3 votes and I read this ! Who do I drop from my list now? I am a sucker for historic fiction. Afte reading lot of foriegn historic fiction, now on to Kalki's Ponniyan selvan. I wouldn't be doing Kalki injustice if I say your almost as good as him. Think you have more like this on your blog. Will come back and check them out.

    I hope people don't miss this gem deterred by the sheer size.

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  2. Dude this one comment will do for me . . . thank you so much for your valuable time and this wonderful comment . . . i feared no one is going to read this long post when i wrote it but seriously this one comment will do thank you so much . . . . will surely come back to yours

  3. hey..this is the story which you told me that day,but wrote with slight differences..good story and good narration..:-)lucky to meet u ,talented guy.

  4. What a yarn you have woven-took time to read it but it was actually my fault coz i kept going through some of your verses again and again-especially loved your choice of words in describing not just the battles but also the emotions of the protagonist.
    GREAT piece of writing !

  5. Your post looks long only because of the large font size and the verses in between. It is BEAUTIFUL and I was transported to that world until I reached the ending...! I do wish you would pay more attention to the grammar, sorry, but somehow they always catch my eyes :( I was so sure that this was some real character from Tamil History, until I saw the footer :) !!!!!

  6. ya shilpa those fonts are large...i wanted it to be so.....on the grammar i will check for sure....thanks for the wondeful comments.

  7. u r truly talented :) loved the story and the narration :) I dont read long posts but this was great... :)
    if u have time, check my Revenge

  8. definitely "long" but worth the read, loved every bit of it... :)

  9. critics, one of the best post in this edition.. The pictures, poetry and the plot made me say awe... I wish your work should be recognized.. Wish you lots of good luck dude.. and thanks for your comment on my post.. Here is the reply for you..

    "He stabbed his dead with his ink pen all over his face and he filled his nose with chalk piece powder to prevent him from breathing and poured ink on his face and eyes. As he used ink pen to pierce all over his face, his eyes and that's the reason for the blood clot."

    Someone is Special

  10. Because of your warning, I was ready for the longish post. Glad that I read it .. enjoyed it fully.

  11. That was some story!!!! Felt I am right in the center of the proceedings and am watching the battle in front of my eyes.... good one.

  12. MAN! That was some story that you wove!

    I am all for lengthy tales seeing as most of my posts are way beyond 1000 characters... but yours was way too much even for me... but I really liked the narration and the entire storyline!

    ATB for the BAT...

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  13. Very interesting indeed.. Liked the story... :)

  14. wowww! i hav always wanted to write sumthin like dis bt never knew how to go abt it.
    now i do :)
    its brilliant!!

  15. too good a story mingled with poem...nee englishla eluthinatha padikaracha, oru tamil poem mindla odura mathiriye irukku.....
    nice way of showing the love between two hearts!!!!expecting a lot more like this from u!!!


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