Journey In A Mystic Ocean

Journey In A Mystic Ocean  -
                                                     The one never so mastered

We are a bunch                           
A bunch that
Traverses the same ocean;
We are a bunch.
A bunch that
Sticks together and travels together.

We are a bunch,
Yet we are different.
Some Intoxicating as mead;
Other Peer through hardships.
Some relentless;
Few with a heart so kind.

 We are a bunch yet so different.
Some warm; serene; gentle; steady;
Reliable; inspiring; inventive; independent.
Some grave, imperturbable; fussy; indolent;
Sober; timid; evasive; lacking; shrewd.
Some musical; artistic; mathematical; dexterous.

 We are a BUNCH –yet so different.
We are born in that same ocean,
We travel through the tides and waves of the same ocean.
We choose paths,
Paths so different from each other.
But all we try to do is master that ocean.

We are a bunch - a bunch so different.
Like a para-graphic, we scribble,
We strive, deceive and fight
To reach that pinnacle.
But never have we realized
Why we choose so!

For we are not born as monarchs, ministers,
Aristocrats or kings.
We are just innocent kids born to explore.
For we shall not be rested as
Pageants or princess.
We are just dead bodies waiting to be buried or burnt.

Inspired from the picture above; written for magpietales


  1. Really liked your take on the image
    'born in that same ocean'
    great wording!
    Tiny thought though in title, think perhaps should be "an" not "a"
    Poets choice and license, of course!
    Nicely done!

  2. had changed it .....thanks Ginny.. now the title looks better i guess

  3. Great work. Different in a good way. Grabs the reader and won't let go. Nice one!

  4. The last line was a surprise, to be sure. Nice work!

  5. You describe 'the bunch' well - we are all so different yet to some extent reliant on each other. But when our days end we are indeed just dead bodies. Good stuff!

    Anna :o]


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