Its been long
Its been long since I wrote about you
It is not that I had forgotten you.
For how can I when you are there mixed in by blood and soul
But maybe I am lost in my own world.,

I may not have rights to speak about your greatness
I may not have words to express about your beauty.
But i can speak about my love right?
The love that had on you ever since i gained my senses.
Yes you know I love you; don't you?

Five years I am then.
I carried you in my heart since then.
Love can never be expressed right?
Then how can I express why I love you ?
You are everything to me since then.

To love you is a pleasure.
To sit and dream about you is a pleasure too.
To read, understand your glory and greatness is a pleasure too.
I often wonder is it fair for you to take away all those beauty?
I still wonder is there something beautiful and precious than you!

It is five years when I first wrote ' I LOVE INDIA' in my school book.
Since then I loved you more than anything else.
More than my family, more than my mother,
Often I may misguide myself, but you have always made me realize.
That you are my true LOVE.....

Will this life be enough to understand you?
To relish you?
Or will you give me another thousand generations?
Will that thousand lives be enough?
To portray your pride and glory?

Oh my dear India
The land of culture and history.
The land of seas and hills.
The land of belief and Love.
The land of Everest and ghats

Oh my dear India
The Land of Dravidians and Aryans
The land of ganges and yamuna
The land of Tigers and elephant.
The land of desert and snow.

Oh my Dear India
How many years do i need to learn the languages you speak.
How many lives to I need to understand the religion and culture you follow.
How many births I need to learn the ARTs you learnt
Oh my dear India.

Oh my dear India
The land of yoga, bharatham, kalari
The land of countless music and dance forms.
The land of Rajputs, Cholas, Marathas, Mughals, Mauryas.
And countless other empires.

Oh my dear love
The one that is close and special to my heart.
You have given me everything.
Still i ask you something.
For I am selfish.

Oh my dear Love
It is the glory to die for you
Yeah for then I can be forever with you.
Forever I can lie within you then.
Grant me that death....for thou art my Love......................


  1. what a passion wow!
    beautifully written ...
    keep writing & smiling always :)

  2. Wonderful.. such beautiful thoughts in simple words...

  3. wow.. nice piece of writing.. a real tribute to India :)

  4. its very rare to see sucha love these days...i am glad to find a patriot around here :)

    wonderfully written

  5. This is so beautiful. My deep respect for your love. Would love to visit India one day ;)


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