THE RAY OF LIFE..............

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THE RAY OF LIFE..............

It is dark around here. Where am I? Who am I? 
Why I have been abdicated into this darkness? 
What crime have I committed?
I am forced to fold, crumple and cuddle myself; 
For it is difficult to move around here.
How long should I take this? Is this what they called slavery?
When will I be free? Can they least tell me what is happening?
For days, weeks and months I dwell in here.
Someone gives me a warm touch but I do not know who it is!
Words were spoken around – good and bad!
I want to break free……………………..

May be there is someone else too, striving with me.
Yeah I could feel him – or maybe be her.
At least now, I am happy, for I am not lonely in this darkness.
Who are you?
Is she a competent for my survival?
She spoke nothing but she continued to lay there.
I knew she is my competition; I
have to fight and outlast her first. 
Then I will find out who really she is.
I ate whatever is offered and more; I
dwell ed, I survived……….For I KNEW I HAD TO.
I outlasted my competent she is there no-more, 
For she did not have perseverance as me.
Maybe I succeeded.
Maybe all they wanted to show is perseverance and fight.

Yes, I succeeded…
It is time to break free.
Again, I hear those talks around.
This time it is louder and bigger.
They are planning on what to do with me!
Finally there is that ray of life…………………Light…………………….. Shinning.
Ray of life shinning right through ………….after days in darkness……
Alas, I am free.
I opened my eyes and there that feel of freedom …hmmm
I am free, I stretched my hand and breathed heavy after a long time…….hmm
I am free……..

Days After……………………….

Where am I?
Where am I dumped?
Is this my prize for months of struggle?
Is this my prize for persisting perseverance?
For hours I cried,
For hours I lay there,
With no one to my rescue.
May be this is my real test for eternal freedom
May be this is yet another test that I had to pass
Maybe this is my final step towards that eternal freedom.

 For the poor soul of dragonfly, born now as a human (born days before competing and killing his own sister and now thrown in garbage), for he choose to be a human in after-life never realized then that his choice to be a human is his real test and curse. A curse that he choose upon himself ………………

THE STORY...............'

“I am Shenoy
Shenoy, the king of dragonflies.
We roam free in the mountains of Abrada
We were proud for we were the beautiful species on earth.
Love, care, unity, harmony is all that existed between us.
And then he asked, “Who is the mightiest creature on earth ‘my lord’”
To find the Mightiest of all we set in
Maybe it the lion- the jungle king
Or Tiger- the ruthless.
Or is it the panther
No, it is the tall dark-wood standing for 400 years now…
Yeah he is the mightiest
Standing tall for 400 hundred years…..and he fell there in few minutes
Yeah there came the mightiest creature of all
The ‘HUMAN’, the one with eternal freedom.
He is the blessed
He can walk, fly and can live on seas too.
He can even control nature.
He is the mightiest.
The one bestowed with eternal freedom”


“Who am I?
Why have I been cursed into this?
Or did I choose this?
Why I choose this curse upon myself?
Hatred, jealously, greed is all that exists around me.
Survival – that is what they cry for.
Love is long lost here!
For now, I have to be one among them!
For now, I have to live this so-called life.
‘Humans’ – the mightiest of all creatures?
They are the wimpiest and
The meekest of all !
They run all along.
They call it development.
They call it achievement.
They call it improvement.
They say they have extra sense….
But poor are they; for they lack all other senses.
The strive and will strive to prove there are the mightiest creature of all.
They will strive to prove they are the mightiest among themselves.
They will strive to prove they are mighty than the nature himself.
For they think that is what they are made for!
For they think they are tested
For their hard- hear-ted persisting perseverance.
However, they fail to recognize they were made just to love…………
Eternal freedom –is a long lost dream for these loveless hapless souls on earth!
Eternal freedom is a long lost dream for these materialistic souls.
Eternal freedom is beyond reachable for these cursed souls.

When shall my curse end?
For I am SHENOY –THE DRAGONFLY and I prefer to be so.

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  1. Very Well narrated story... I got a bit confused in the human/dragon fly phase so had to read it again... but all in all a nice narration!

    ATB for BAT

    Do check out my entry at Free? To do what exactly?

    Wandering Thoughts

  2. ur write ups are always so forceful dat it mks d reader tk wat ur sayin seriously!
    i reallyyyyy honestly admire dat!
    its like writing dil khol ke. kno wat dat means? :)
    gud luck!

  3. Nanbara, this is a great post and interesting naration.. I admire you for your writings man.. Good luck for Blog-a-Ton.. Free... Are we?

    Someone is Special

  4. I really appreciate the attempt you have made - you take up really ambitious projects. This one was king size. But such grand ones some times work, sometimes do not. That is the risk. Last time it was great. I was so disappointed you did not win the first prize. This time, again I respect the effort you have put. It was great in parts but could not fully connect with the overall story so much. Maybe others will think differently. Best of luck for the Blog-a-ton. You can find my entry here In search of Freedom

  5. I was hooked onto the post in bits and pieces..somewhere in the middle you lost me..
    but then i sucked in my breath, breathed a loud sigh and took it as a challenge to see it through the end :D

    I really appreciate your effort in writing this post..and i know its not an easy thing to still dare to express an idea fearlessly, despite knowing that there might be some who would not relate to the length/relevance itsself and run away!!
    so hats off to you for that :)

    all the best for BAT!
    you can read my entry here---


  6. Loved the way you have portrayed the eternal dilemma of disillusionment with one's lot in life, however it may be.
    Especially liked the line where the dragonfly chooses the "curse" of being a human, even though that bestowed upon him eternal freedom-very profound and ironically, very true too !

  7. Interesting story .. though I too was confused in between and had to re-read :-) This is an internal dilemma - what to choose and whether the choice is right!!

  8. Good one ... a very different take. Got me thinking if being human is really a curse!!!


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