We will board the train in few minutes from central station, Chennai; it was a tiresome day; a day so eventful with work but still it was my memorable day. For months my eyes tuned music for him only to be rejected by his hard looks.

                             Today something was different! He came towards me,” Hey Priya, Advance Diwali wishes di; long weekend is coming up la have a great time.” ‘Hey you know what I think ‘I will miss you these days’. What? What did he say? I was floating in air and smiling at the heavens. He walked away only to stop turn back and give his grin. “ Priya be ready we shall go from office together I am travelling with you”Am I still in dream? “No he was wearing a red shirt then in dream” what is happening?       

                          The clock ticked and the time moved like it was years .Finally its 3 pm and we both started early. He came and picked me in his bike and took me to my favorite coffee shop. He took me then to beach where he took my hand in his and held it as if I am all his. He made sure that I am his girl. He bought jasmine and kept it in my hair still without my permission. We then went to udipi for a short dinner and all I ate there was his lovely eyes. Now I will be boarding the train back home with him and he never cared to explain how before Diwali he managed two train tickets out of blue!

                   Where is he now? Will he tell me that he is in love with me?  Is he in love with me?
There he is with his stupid grin carrying a cup of caffeine. Here Priya have this coffee. He watched me as I watched him, sipping through my coffee. Hey Priya he shouted suddenly making sure the people around watched too.  Loud and bold with a bunch of roses that bloomed in his hands suddenly he bent down and said, “Priya I LOVE you” will you adjust and take this idiot.

                All that I managed is tears, I smiled at that idiot and emptied that half empty coffee in his head and said, “ No ,Mr you adjust with me” ……………………….
As the train came we boarded it with a new happiness and new hope. We knew of the life we are going to live with.

                            Its diwali and everywhere it was happy faces around  with huge bags of crackers big heavy suitcases carrying dresses for  entire family. And for me definitely it is my best diwali of life. Midway the train went in silence as the tiresome crowd slept for the festive season ahead. It was silence everywhere expect for us. We were sitting near the steps and where drenched in the thoughts of future.

                        There was a sudden thud and an unlawful Impact. We don’t know what has happened but it happened in moments the compartment  before derailed and people was Ejected from their seats. All those sleeping flew to places around. He caught me by hand and hugged me as he held to the rod next. I prayed and begged it to stop. And ya it stopped with  some heavy rod coming straight at us. I didn’t know what happened, the next I opened my eyes we were both crumpled under and I was bleeding from forehead. He moved and lifted me in hands he forced himself through the windows then carefully carried me away from the tracks.

                              As he kept me there and made sure I was ok I realized that the place was so aloof and help will take time to arrive. I got up and I saw something bad. He had broken his leg his bone was sticking right through his left leg. Maybe he has cut his artery too for he was bleeding heavy. It is bad I know but I didn’t dare to speak a word. Maybe he already knew about his leg. He dialed for help and rushed back to train to help others.

                           I saw him limping around and carrying others. I prayed nothing should happen. People came by and were helping each other. He still walked, he jumped in with his broken leg into one of the derailed compartments and I saw him helping people get out.

Then the worst happened,the compartment caught fire and it minutes the fire caught the entire derailed one for there were heavy load of crackers. I was lying there helpless praying he would come out. I collapsed there seeing the entire compartment burn. 

Is he dead? My dear love I need you don’t you dare do this. Don’t you give up on me. Do you think I can live a life without you?

“Grandma wake up the train is coming” I woke up as the train boarded the station. Me and my granddaughter are heading home for her Diwali holidays.

                           We boarded the train and the train rushed through the same place.
Forty years back I lost him the day he expressed our love. He never came out from that burning compartment for he broke his leg and couldn’t move anymore. 

May be I killed him that day; for I could have stopped him that day. But how can I? For he is a Renderer and would have never listened.

As tears rolled down my wrinkled skin the train flew past the rusted iron which carried stories and stories – the stories of the echoing long train. 

WRITTEN FOR talesthursday 
 written for threewordwednesday 

Inspired from picture above


  1. Penned well. Quite a blog you have!

  2. well done.

    love your blog,

    come join our poetry picnic week 9 today,
    first time participants can share 1 to 3 random poems.

    Old poems or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome.

    Hope to see you in.


  3. i liked the flow of the story!!!!expected some twist and waited for that guy to get out of the train..but, the twist kept by u was completely unexpected....


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