Innocence - Regained

Innocence - Regained

Perched with sadness,
In mood so imperturbable,
With an impetuous act committed
I sit here in a mood so darn.

That silence creaked
Creaked with that girl
She looked at me as an alien.
And I cursed.

Cursed her for perching in my loneliness.
That little one is the most I hated then.
I went back in my vivid thoughts.
Trying to think the events so wrong.

In a distance not so long
Fluted the familiar sound.
Some balloon vendor is on his early prowl.
The girl- the little one,

She got all excited.
Searched her little pocket
And counted coins
One two and three and a penny less.

She came straight at me.
Search; search the pocket - hundreds and thousands
But not a rupee in; oh ya there it was holding in.
The little one grabbed it and smiled.

she was running through careless.
With bubbles she played and kissed the vendor bye.
I blessed myself for being there now.
For that little ones presence took me away.

I realized then she couldn’t speak.
Couldn’t speak but she spoke a thousand through her eyes.
Care-free and happy she chooses to be.
Where have I lost this innocence?
I took the kid and flew with her in wind.
We caught and the bubbles burst.
We laughed and the heavens blessed.
With her I felt reborn!

She kissed me good-bye.
I watched her as she danced back to home.
With a lighter heart and innocence regained.
I danced my way-back-

"I took the phone and dialed that familiar number.
"SORRY" is all that said as i danced further............................."


  1. wonderful expression! i enjoyed a lot! ur words took me to the imagination of that little girl.... :)

    sometimes small things gives us more happiness than what we expected in fulfilling our huge desire!! :)

    keep writing & smiling :)

  2. Kids stand for innocence..Many a times, most of us have felt that, "Its good, had v been kids all the time"...
    If you look at a sad kid and ask the reason for being sad, he/she would politely reply, "I got my exams"....such is the level of innocence being displayed by the kids..
    Gone are those days, where we had a wonderful life, without any worries...Nowadays, we are living a life, worrying every now and then, about the things that happen around us!!!!
    AS I always say, Well written Raja!!!!!

  3. creative.

    well done.
    lovely imagery in wind flying.

  4. I was completely transported. Incredible. Image captures the essence of the poem.

  5. Very sweet story, with a lovely rhythm to it. Nice!

  6. sweet!!!
    enjoy the rally!!!


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