Jamfest - my experience from within

JAMFEST ---------- An experience from within

                Four days of unimaginable extravaganza; four days of fun filled moments, days that are ever to be fixed in memories is what I gained being part of Jamfest and working for Jamfest. Working with kids working with young minds has always been a pleasure for me and that’s how I said, “Yes” when Karthick anna called.
“ Thambi, Jamfest money collection samamthama unkita paesanum” after that I was busy with my own events and some other things that I never actually took apart in any activities and preparations of Jam-fest expect for money collection from my batch.
           After Diwali I promised karthick Anna that I will work for Jamfest.  And If I hadn’t turned up only I would have been a looser.

When I came there wasn’t many - two seniors’ Chimman and karthik sitting, guiding, commanding and running around with all the works. Then the laziest Tamil arasan was running around like a bee here and there with his action force Naveen and co. I had the biggest surprise; Tamil was that you? And then Vinoth was there with all editing works and organizing works.

The fun and beautiful moments started from the time I joined these guys….they were teasing each other, making fun of each other yet were making sure the work is being done.

Kanniga, kannaga, ashwini and girls were running around with certificates, shields and stuffs.
Karthik, I should hate him. He gave me the most boring of all works ---yeah the documentation.

The next day at work, many more joined in….  Shyam - his batch guys and the young guys from 2011 batch they were the best part of all. From climbing ladders and doing the decoration works to setting the banners, setting the stage everything they took care. Chimman was in the mean time commanding to set the decoration right and the stage right.

Karthik was pulling up work in his own way “Thambi nee etha panu pa”………….as time turned in many younger guys from 08, 11 batches turned out and they were all enthusiastically running around.

Meanwhile there was another group - the event organizers - the ones with lazy works sitting with laptop and sadly I was part of it ,thanks to Karthik. They were busy with their minds in setting their show. Dhivya, Anusha, nithya, kannigai, kannaga and some girls whose name I don’t remember exactly were working with their minds in topic decisions.

Then came nazreen to show, she took up the task in real ease and finalized in presenting the event in a grand manner.

But to me frankly the real entertainment during the days of works are with Beverly  “ She tortured me calling ‘doctor sir’” ….and she with her English slang and the belief that she actually speaks Tamil lightened and ignited the crowd. She was busy in her own ways with prayer song preparation and so.

There were few other guys running around whose name I was not aware off; the one with a charming face and the other guy who addressed everyone as ‘thaliavarae’ , all these guys made the evening before the big day eventful.

Then nimalan was there busy with his instruments and lap preparing the videos. He was yet another talented guy I noticed around.

The experience I had there was immense; I never felt like leaving from there. As time rolled I only found new friends keep adding in.

It was a tiresome night for most of the guys there..Many worked till 3 and woke up by 5.30….and for me it was a sleepless night…preparing SPELL bee questionnaire and registration sheets it took me my night. And I gave a big surprise for my dad finishing the ink cartridge and all his A4 sheets.

The event finally bloomed in like a flower. It turned out to be the best many more old students from my batch and other batches turned in everyone took some work in their hands and made sure the show was a success………….

From hospitality desk to stage events to literary events everything discovered great talents.

Lawrence and Vinoth’s brother came in with cameras clickingall the way....

For me it was one of a kind experience to conduct spell bee with Beverly and Shyam before my very own peter master.
 I remember the days when he taught me how to speak MC and speech in stage and now I was conducting the event before him and the privilege extended in sitting with him for Mr. and Ms JAM FEST.  I had never even imagined this!!

Then BESGI came, he put some great work with karthick in conducting the quiz. He took most of the works in his shoulders.

Wherever I went, I saw bold, young and talented kids. Even the JAM show Lawrence conducted exposed confidence of many kids. There was a transition in confidence level of these kids from prelims to finals.

I had the best treat for Diwali enjoying with these kids.

This continued on to the quiz and elocution where also I saw many young talents.
And as I judged elocution there with my very own Asuntha mam who scolded me many times, "Budhu I will break your knuckles” all my good old school memories floated back in.

Everywhere painting, dancing, variety show, Modelization and everywhere the kids exposed some great ideas and talents.

Finally my day doubled with joy when all my old teachers came and especially when all of them identified me.

I always had special liking to chitra miss and to see her back, to see that tears filling in at the corner of her eyes while saying she misses us all was something I will remember for-ever.

How can I just express in words these days it is the best Diwali celebration for me, from being with my kids during Diwali for chain of happiness to seeing all my old friends and finding many more new friends; being with all these young kids in Jam fest these days of inexplicable memories will travel with me forever.

My day and purpose was full-filled finally when some young kids who participated in Mr. and Ms Jamfest came and spoke with their parents personally to me. They said “Anna thanks na, Anna I actually wanted to do this and Anna I will do this” 

I always took my teachers specially chitra miss, Arockiasamy master, Peter sir, Ruby mam as my molders and inspiration, somewhere, at some point i wanted to be motivation for some young kid and I am sure these kids were least a little motivated being with me.

It was an experience that I will never forget; and an experience that I will cherish forever.

"ஒன்றாக இருந்தோம், கவலை மறந்து சிரித்தோம்;
    காலத்தால் பிரிந்தோம், அலையென களைந்தோம்;

   இன்று மீண்டும் பள்ளியில், கவலை மறந்து
   பள்ளி குழந்தைகளாக மாறினோம்.

   பழைய நட்பு, புதிய தோழமை, என பந்தங்கள் 
   தோன்ற மீண்டும் குழந்தைகளாக மாறினோம்.

   கற்பித்த ஆசிரியர், கறிபித்த பள்ளி, உடைந்த பந்தங்கள் 
  என அனைத்தும் புதுப்பித்தோம்.
இனிய நாட்கள், இனிய நினைவுகள், பசுமை அனுபவங்கள் 
என அனைத்தும் பெற்றோம் 

இனி என்றும் பிரியா  உண்மை நண்பர்களாக 
இருப்போம் எப்பொழுதும் ........................................................................................


  1. tooooooooo awesome na :) love u :)

  2. You lived your life man.. என்றும் பிரியா உண்மை நண்பர்களாவே இருக்க என் மனமார்ந்த வாழ்த்துக்கள்..

    என்றும் நட்புடன்,
    மு சரவண குமார்

  3. great anna... padichadhulayae kannellam kalangiduchi... I was overcome by feelings!!

  4. Doctor sir!!!!sila maasa kathaya short and sweeta eluthirukeenga!!!awesome piece of work!!!felt very emotional on reading this, especially the tamil kavithai!!!
    am happy that i got the right person for documentation:-)


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