KOODANKULAM – What is the truth behind?
The 1000MW Atomic Power Plant  - Is it a boon actually ?

                      Koodankulam, a place situated in Trichendur; somewhere between Trichendur- Tuticorin  is currently hitting the news like anything. it was like in “Peepli live movie” that an unseen village for years is hitting the news.

                       In mid September nearly a lakh people joined in a protest against the implementation of the project.Nearly 120 people went on fast for the same issue. It is people’s fight whether the people fight and protest out of fear or for just, it is still a people fight and this saw the temporary hold in inauguration of the plant. After that the tale and stories at Koodankulam – the Peepli of Tamilnadu is taking u turns and twists.

Over thousand crore project, the project which is said to reduce the power shortage in Tami
lnadu –what is the agenda behind it?

KOODANKULAM was a project that was announced first in 1988 with a treaty between Russia and India during the era of Rajiv Gandhi. Right then protests has started for the project. Leaders like Vaiko who was a parliamentarian then expressed their fear about the project.

                         The collapse of Rajiv government and USSR itself saw the project go at pause and finally another treaty was signed; with Russia this time and the implementation of projects started. Now after 23 years, since the treaty was first signed; the project is yet waiting to be functional and operational.

Now what is the big factor behind?

                         The major concern of the people living here is the fear of a nuclear tragedy – and the major concern arose after the Japanese reactor tragedy. If a likely tragedy is to occur then the radiation hazard is set to immediately affect nearly 10 lakh people living in this radius.

The people’s movement in September saw support from various leaders and social activists like Medha Patkar. And as usual many of these leaders have taken a big U in the issue. Once such is congressman is            Mr. Thanishkodi Aaditaan, it was during his period as MLA in this constituency the treaty was signed but now he participated in the Idinthakarai protest. This stand of his didn’t stand long for reverted saying the project is requirement of Tamilnadu.

What do the people demand?

The people here demand immediately halt in the project and complete stoppage of the project itself which off course will cause a great loss for our government.

It is mainly out of the concern of safety issues. The project does not stir any land acquisition nor it involves any major displacements of inhabitants.  Safety regarding the radiation hazard and the usuage of water from pechiparai reserve is the major concern.
people demand the state government to take a firm grip on the issue. The people on protest also demand a resolution to be passed in the state assembly for the stoppage of the project and to push the same via state to central government.


Government as usual has not responded clearly on the issue. Central government has tried to push on the issue of peoples protest and fast as an issue to be handled by the state government.
While the state has blamed the centre for its no-action status. And our very own Mr.Karunandhi has blamed as usual Ms. Jayalalitha for her status on the issue. Mr. Narayansamy the minister of state sent in enquiring about the issue does not bring out any solution.

Is the Reactor Safe?

                        The reactor which is arousing all these safety concerns is actually viewed as very safe. Recently our very own Abdul Kalam visited the plant and has raised no doubts regarding the plant’s safety. He insisted people not to have even a Nano-bit doubt on the safety issues.
The plant has Allaying fears in the minds of the public after the recent quake-tsunami-triggered explosion in a couple of nuclear reactors in Japan.
                         Speaking to reporters at Koodankulam Mr. Balaji, thesit director has said the nuclear reactors there had been designed to be safe in all natural eventualities such as tsunami and earthquake. The buildings that house the reactor and its auxiliary equipment, reactor safety systems, safety diesel generators, the control room and other power generating equipment — all are designed to operate safely under seismic activity.

And “Koodankulam comes in a Very Low Seismic Category- Zone 2 as per the seismic classification.”

The project buildings are at a height of 25 feet and there is very less chance of flooding; the reactor has excellent cooling systems. It has axillary cooling system too . The diesel generators which operate the coolant are at a safer distance from tsunami. The reactor stood unaffected and touched in the tsunami that hit these coasts in 2004.

Now the solution is ????????
                          If the reactor is really safe and if it really is going to be a boon for the people of Tamilnadu and if does answer all the safety questions then there should be no constraints in starting the reactor.
If only our governments both in central and state are really oriented to the concerns of the people the issue can be solved very easily.Independent enquires should be conducted and safety drills as promised involving the public should be conducted. The government should first understand the merits and demerits and can explain it to the people.

But how will this happen? Our leaders want us to remain as their cattle being driven.

Will the people not understand if our chief minister herself visits the place enquires the safety and assures people? Will then the people not accept?? How will that happen for she raises the bus fare and all basic commodities to a greater extent and that too without any notice.

They will play the name game…..central will say the state is responsible they are not acting accordingly and the state will ulta say the same.

Do you know that even after the famous nuke deal between INDIA and America the one that stirred many emotions across was signed – there is not one single project that is implemented and operational till now?

Koodankulam is just a part of the ongoing protest across the country.

First it was Jaitapur. Now it is Koodankulam. Haripur and mamta was another issue.

Resistance against nuclear power plants is happening around everywhere in Haryana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, where nuclear power projects have been proposed.

Is nuclear a source of energy for future? –the answer is yes for a vast and ever growing nation like India yes it is our only option right now.

Will the issues regarding the safety concerns and other displacements be answered by the governments?????????????????????????

Will our leaders ever stop the blame game and actually start worrying about the people’s benefits?????????????????????????????????

Will India ever become independent and self sustained in power????????????????????????????

I would like to end with Abdul Kalam’s recent comments.
Proposing a ten stage plan like constructing a medical hospital, four lane road connection between KOODANKULAM and Madurai, Tuticorin ,Youth development and so he stated.

“If karikalan has thought that the dam would burst and destroy humanity then the dam wouldn’t have come up.
We are all caught up in the disease of fear and danger. History is not made by cowards.sheer crowd does not bring change. Only those who think everything is possible can bring about changes.”

True were Kalam’s words and the answer to KOODANKULAM lay in efforts taken by the government in convincing the people on the merits of the reactor?




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  2. Well stated about the need of electricity and what could be done to overcome the fears of the people!!!
    Once upon a time, we had the basic needs of human being as food, cloth & shelter. Due to advancement in technology and way we lead our living, electricity could also be added to the basic needs!!!
    Its high time that people think about using Nuclear power, as even a country like France has 70% of its electricity being supplied by Nuclear power!!!!
    Well written Raja...have become a gr8 fan of ur writing!!!!


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