Life is like a cynical wind. It changes its flow and tide frequently. Today I sit here leisurely in my wooden bench. The bellflower dropped as if feeling shy upon seeing me, the Rueilla, blue nettle and all other vibrant colored ones  have bloomed today to their full and has created a mixture of vibrancy around.

                                  I sat there gazing at the hot steam from the cup of coffee that was waiting to be felt and tasted. The half read book, the half written poem and the cut-loosed papers were singing tunes in the wind. Today is a perfect day; what a life I have been granted.

                               “Hey Mr. Rahul move from there. What are you up to? Day dreaming???????”  That’s my wife. “Yes my dear. I am dreaming. Dreaming but about you”

Swati has been everything in my life. She is perfect and had made my life the prettiest in this world. She walked in with freshly toasted eggs and some brown breads. All the vibrant colored flowers started hissing in jealously. For she was beautiful than the most beautiful and rarest flower on earth. Her beauty can’t be expressed; maybe one can express beauty by her.

With her usual grin and lovely smile she looked at me teasingly. I grabbed her and kissed her like there is no tomorrow. We walked to the beach that lay right outside our courtyard. The warm sun and the blue waters kissed the beach. The golden sand glittered more when she walked out with me.

“From singing birds
To perching insects
They questioned me

From the vast sea
To the mighty sun
They questioned me!

From the breeze that tuned
To the echoes that sang
They questioned me

They questioned me
Who she is?
They questioned me
If I have kidnapped a goddess to earth?”

She lied down on me while I read the poem I wrote for her. With love filling each other, our eyes met and we kissed in love.

Two years back:

                   It is in love we wed; it is in love we lived. But things are getting bad between us. Why can’t she understand me? This is what I wanted to do. This company, this name is all that I need. Why can’t she understand me? She is gone mad.

                    Every day I go home tired and rusted out; and there she wages a battle on me. Maybe she is idle all day there and messes up something in the garden and that’s why she behaves so. I want to move on. I want to achieve big but here she lies, as a constraint.
                    She thinks I don’t care for her. She thinks I don’t love. When all that I do is love her only. All that  I do is for her! And she can’t understand that. If only I had 2 extra hours in my life I could spend that with her maybe then she will be satisfied.

A year back:

“Rahul I need to say something to you”          

“Hey Swati save it I will come early today and will listen to you whole day.”

“But Rahul I have been trying to tell you now for past six months and you never had time to lend your ears.”

Here we go again! “Swati you know I am busy. This new project and the new company proposal are coming up nicely. Now it is my run and my time to grab the golden egg. Once this company is settled we have achieved Swati. Please understand.  

“For whom you are running this much?  What you want to prove? Which race you are trying to win Rahul?”
“This is not race Swati, this is life and I am trying to settle it for you and  for our family, understand that.”

“Oh Rahul seriously??? I believe you have gone nuts. You are living for excess.”
“You can never stop. You can never be back as the same Rahul. Your pride is ruling you.”

 I slammed the door and walked away. The day was hectic. The new project –new proposal and hell yeah finally everything is done and settled. My new company is going to be born very soon.

I pulled in my car, oh yeah Swati god if only I had two extra hours a day!!!  I took the mobile and saw 35 missed calls. 

Oh god what’s on her armory today? I searched for her spot outs dine- dress –every single thing is closed. Don't desert me gods I have to convince her. I drove up the road and parked the car.

 I rushed through the garden, and for the first time noticed its beauty. I shouted her for wasting time meddling with the stupid garden but now these flowers blooming with colors never known to me before filled even the late evening night with colors.   
                            I plucked in some flowers and went in keeping a sorry face.  I searched her everywhere but she was nowhere to be found. Where she is at this time of night? I took out my mobile and dialed her she didn’t respond. Maybe she is angry. I rushed out to the beach and there she was lying down –lying down in her own pool of blood. I picked her up. She is breathing. She is alive.

The sirens wailed and people in white coats rushed in. I sat frozen in time unaware what was happening.

"Are you her husband?
Do you know she was pregnant?
She aborted today.
She has lost consciousness and will take time to recover.”

The words echoed like it was spoken by a devil.

                           She was pregnant and I never even bothered to notice her carrying a six month old baby. What pain she must have gone through? Her husband not expressing love; her husband not even noticing her belly that carries a six month old baby.

Seriously it’s my pride that has been running my life for these years. All that she wanted was one word of love. All that she cared is one passionate kiss.

What have I done?

If only I had 2 extra hours?
Two extra hours to spend with her ….when I had wonderful 24 hours to live with, I was living it like I had to win a race.
I couldn’t find least that two real hours for me, for her, for my love.

We walked back into the house. The doctor was there waiting for me. I looked at her she said “Rahul, doctor says for your good only”

“Are you taking your medicines Rahul?
How are you feeling now?
Who else you met today?
Did you complete the poem you showed me last week?”

I watched him in silence.
“I am fine doctor.”
“I am keeping myself busy by working on this garden and with my books.
I am fine doctor”

“Rahul you must give away the past. You must let go. You didn’t do anything wrong with Swati.
What happened with her is fate and you have no part to play. Let go Rahul. Let go. See others, talk to new friends.
Let Swati and her soul rest in peace. Wherever she is she will watch upon you.
Your love for her is true Rahul don’t worry.”

I smiled at him. I uttered no word and looked at her, she in-turn smiled back at me.
If I say she is not dead. If I say she is living with me. If I say she has forgiven me. If I say we make love daily they will say I am mad. What has happened to them I don’t know for they will call me schizophrenic.

If it is not her then how this garden is so lively? I didn’t speak a word and just took my medicine.


SHE was lying in her pool of blood and she was breathing

“Are you her husband?
Do you know she was pregnant?
She aborted today.
She has lost lot of blood and we can’t recover her. I am sorry Mr. Rahul

(Swati carrying her baby decide to put an end to herself and her miserable life. She held those pills as she walked through the golden sand. She has lost his love. She has lost him. For years she waited for him to come back and he didn’t. For months now she waited for him to least note her belly but he didn’t.

A life of machines is what they lived. In this busty world where everything seems to be show off. 

   Every one runs to win a race. Swati walked thinking of taking those pills but then her beautiful little baby growing in her made her throw those pills away…. She took the phone and dialed him a few more times but as usual he didn’t care to pick.
She smiled at the phone and texted.

“Hey Rahul I love you do remember that a creature here is living just for you and waiting just for you.”

She didn’t watch that stone lying down and tripped down only to be hit badly in her head and she lost her consciousness and baby there. 

She lost her conscious - only never to be regained.)

Life isn’t about needing that extra two hours.
It is about finding that time in the given 24 hours.
Life is not a race to be won
But it is to be loved and made love to.
We run, towards something but
When you realize WE have come too far
We are already far from our loved ones.

Find your extra hours for yourself and for the beauty around you and love life to its 


Rahul hugged her tight and walked with her back in the lonely beach.
the Setting sun kissed his feat telling him goodbye for the day.
he smiled and kissed her, now i know what is important.

"I will never leave you alone my dear"



  1. loved it:-)time time time...all we need is some time N love..when he felt he need SOME MORE TIME.she felt she need SOME TIME .

  2. I should have got the point, atleast when I first read "If I had that extra two hours"...After completely reading the blog, I am surprised on ur writing!!!!
    Am very happy to see you write such a wonderful blog!!!!
    We are living a mechanical life racing against time, not even bothering to care for ourselves. Most of us are committed to our profession, forgetting our surroundings and the persons who care for us. Nicely written!!!!
    According to me, Time is created by us...If we decided to dedicate time to a particular work, then we would really be able to, rather than complaining that there is no time.
    Good going doc!!!!!

  3. nice read. all the best for contest



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