Constrained, restricted
and held in by bonds.-like a
Hapless soul in urn 

Mind is to explore, 
Will is to break free; yet forced
to a life in urn

written for haiku-heights


  1. Nice set!! Thank you for your visit. Let our dreams be uplifting and move past the restraints and constraints of the "urns"!!

  2. Great haiku...I think at times we all feel trapped..

  3. Well done haiku suite, thank you for sharing.

  4. welcome Raja Rajan to haiku my heart.
    fabulous haiku! thank goodness life's lessons are all about setting the heart and soul free!
    welcome, so glad to have you here.

  5. Loved the second one and nice pics to go with the haiku. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Both haikus speak of the spirit being constrained and restricted by a power greater than itself. The second evokes the desire of the spirit to break free of this restriction. The first, sadly does not. It brings to mind a spirit that has already died in lost hope -- a woman completely disenfranchised. I am with you sister. These are very strong haiku and moving to the soul.

  7. romba nalaikku apppuram un bloga open panninen for a new post and read this pa!!!!
    Well written, especially, the depiction of urn to the restricted...
    In the present scenario, its looks as if people have become bonded labour by themselves, as everyone restrict their thoughts and have a herd mentality!!!This needs to be overcome for a free flow of creative thoughts...
    Nicely written haiku!!!!


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