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'Intertwined in Love'

Here she is
lying embraced in me.
With her long veil shed
and her naked skin embracing.

Will this uncertain love -
The one so daunting and mystic,
the one so discreet yet so open,
Will this unauthorized love find its way?

I touched and her body 
played pertinent tunes. 
It expressed perspicuous love.
I kissed and she became me.

All this cross country trouble,
I forge to understand.  
Survival I couldn't guarantee
Future I couldn't promise yet we lied there.

Can I elude all this earthly obstacles?
Can I embark with her to the deity himself?
I don't know and 
I wish not to know.

For I don't care about the day
that is to come. For I am a prince
this day and for the days, I am with this princess.
And there our souls lied Intertwined as one ......................


Here is he, with his magical eyes,
I was in trance then
as I was forever with him.
Here is he my love.

He is my happiness
but will that happiness last an another day?
He is my strength
but will that strength shatter me to weakness?

He held …

Life's simple realities - Crimson

Darkness unveils, as  the crimson reds' paints magic in both sky and heart.

(related night and sun with heart and love)

Portrays happiness outside; but inside lies her  dark crimson sadness

written for /haiku-heights-prompt-104-crimson and

image courtesy Google search and internet ;) 


Life always asks you so many tautening questions!  It asked me a hell lot of questions a few days before. After a tiresome fight with books I ended up watching this documentary movie, the one that my friend has been boasting about for months, the one that we are trying to get for months.
           It finally arrived via Mumbai from US; ‘Living in Emergency’ – ‘Stories of doctors without borders’ is the movie and living in emergency is what it is all about. It is about a group of doctors who have associated themselves with ‘Medical San Frontiers’. San Frontiers is a volunteering organization which provides medical aid in calamity of natural and man- made cause – where deaths and medical emergencies are the cup of the day, every day.
         These doctors were working in Congo and Liberia, where civil war has onslaught the routine life of poor civilians. The movie showed me real humanity, real challenges, it showed me ‘LIFE’. One of the doctors said that he was so proud of h…

FOR THE SAKE OF LOVE - a travel beyond

The Space between is frantically disturbing; the silence is killing………… Will you come with me my dear?
                               Can she leave me and go like this? why have I been a fool and failed to realize my love upon her? Thinking, whining is going to change nothing. I will do something, Siddarth will do something.
Tomorrow is her birthday and you know what she is getting married tomorrow; and I learned it from her apartment watchmen just now. I must do something. Let me be kicked, thrown, chastened and thrown I don't care. "CARPE DIEM - SEIZE THE DAY", it's now or never.

Munnar is where she have gone; then Munnar is where I will go to; it is either winning her or dying there. Let munnar decide my future.

                                Things do change fast in today's so called life. The girl that was so close to me;The one that can't sleep without talking to me. The one who waits hours for me is not anymore there. In matter of months she is gone. Yeah…


To all those who wish to live Live with joy Live with love Live with happiness
To all those who wish to sing Sing with the magical wind Sing with the waves of sea Sing with those lovely birds.
To all those who wish to dance Dance with that flawless moon Dance with that ever-green nature Dance with that childish grin.
For all those wish to love Love with a heart so warm Love everything around Love everybody around.
To all those who wish to welcome 2012 Welcome it with smile and happiness Welcome it with warmth and kisses Welcome it with me………………………………………..
The year of dragon will bring you all that happiness you need. (pretty late to welcome new year but Dragon Year here I welcome you !!!!!!!!!!)