FOR THE SAKE OF LOVE - a travel beyond

The Space between is frantically disturbing; the silence is killing………… Will you come with me my dear?

                               Can she leave me and go like this? why have I been a fool and failed to realize my love upon her? Thinking, whining is going to change nothing. I will do something, Siddarth will do something.
 Tomorrow is her birthday and you know what she is getting married tomorrow; and I learned it from her apartment watchmen just now. I must do something. Let me be kicked, thrown, chastened and thrown I don't care. "CARPE DIEM - SEIZE THE DAY", it's now or never.
                                Munnar is where she have gone; then Munnar is where I will go to; it is either winning her or dying there. Let munnar decide my future.

                                Things do change fast in today's so called life. The girl that was so close to me;The one that can't sleep without talking to me. The one who waits hours for me is not anymore there. In matter of months she is gone. Yeah I hurt her, Yeah I did bad; but why cant she slap me and correct me then?
Can she forgot me totally in span of months, I don't think so! she must waiting for me; Waiting for stupid Siddarth to realize his love. I will not loose the best girl in my life, the girl that happens to be my best friend.I called her and it switched off as it has been for months.

 Munnar, munnar ……hmm googled for route and distance; it is somewhere around 500kms.
Bus- not an option, OK let me take the bike and ride then.I called Mahesh, as usual he was out and eating somewhere.

“I need a help da, where are you?, its regarding Swetha; we have to go to Munnar immediately.
“Dai kanna, lover boy, I am always there da. I am in Ampha mall – in KFC, come here.”

                                    Packed up fueled and I started towards Ampha, the Saturday traffic, the ever-running crowd in this great Metropolitan city -Chennai will never change. Life at a metropolitan is actually curse in disguise, people often realize it too late to do something about it.

“One KFC chicken popcorn and a chocolate crusher and you can take the remaining for that feeding poor kids program,” He said.
“And make it a take away “, I added.

“Mahesh, Swetha  is getting married tomorrow in MUNNAR da.” 
“And you are right da. You were right about us then. I am in love with her.”
“Dude isn’t this realizing it a little late man?”
“What? And what you are going to do about it now dude?”

“Mahesh just shut up with your dude and stupidity. I may not be the man in love then, not the man who relished and realized her. I was a 150 pound meat who will walk with her and still talk about other girls but now I know I am nothing without her I will not leave her. I am going to propose her before her marriage and grab her and run away.” “I have exactly till 7 o clock tomorrow that means we have somewhere around 19 hours da.”

“Awesome man. 19 hours deadline proposing, eloping from marriage, munnar. Ha it is fun.”
It's 12.15 as i grabbed mahesh with his krushers and chicken popcorn ..... poor fellow I can't guarantee when his next munch is gonna be!!

19 Hours To Go……………………………

                                         I clutched and hit the gears to the top 5 and started riding my Bull- Thunderbird in a care-free Tambaram bye-pass. We soon reached the awesome four-lane to Trichy and hit the gears once more.Our first stop will be Trichy which is like 330kms and reaching there in that four-lane is no problem.

The meter hit 110,120 and 125 ,126, 127 and then Mahesh started holding me.  ”DDDDD…Dude……………”

                                        "Relax Mahesh, trust me and shut up", is all that I said. Caught up in her memories, pretending to be responding to my pillion in the back I drove. Those sign boards reading Trichy and a jerk and shiwel from a blasted tyre brought my senses back. and a flat tyre it is
TRICHY- 14 HOURS TO GO…………………….

As tiny little air bubbled and escaped out form that punctured tyre, I sat sipping my Tea  and her thoughts bubbled out of my TEMPORAL AND HIPPOCAMPUS.

"Hey mental, Pagal. Come out of your den (hostel). I have bought a new bike!!" 
"What is this? do you think your Mr.Terminator? Can't you buy something sporty. I am not sitting with you in this"
 "Hare baba, I am going to ride and you are going to sit behind me." she boasted.
"You are a devil, do you know to ride a bike even, least how to start it?"
"Before I could say anything she has grabbed her keys and started the engine; What is the gear pattern Mr?"
"Its my new bike and she is definitely going to hurt it. She will escape anyway. A devil she is really."
She rode, she rode for the astonishment of everybody around. 
"Want to hopp in" she clattered near me.
And I hopped in with all the pride .............. "Yeah she is my girl"

"Enough of day-dreaming and sipping the empty glass lets go", mahesh said
"It's her birthday too tomorrow right, then aren't you surprising her?"

"That’s a good question I should do something crazy…… birthday ….. Proposal ……Ok it’s her 24th birthday, I will buy her 24 gifts and also a ring and will propose her."

Mahesh, cut in through the city and hit the bazaars. 'Ok 24 gifts.............where are you all?……..'

                           “One, two, three................There is Higginbotham- her favorite novel, Handbag, kurthi, fashion bangles, a fast track watch,  barbie doll, her idol god, temptation chocolate, goggles……..and that’s ten. Her favorite sandal, haa ya a teddy bear, now how did I forgot that. A birthday cake, a card, a coffee mug…………………and that’s 15. She needs an I-pad, her favorite movie collection, her favorite cotton candy, the bubbles that she plays around with, ha the Cuban cigar, here somewhere in TRICHY ! God’s must be crazy – ya she wanted it or least pose with it ever since she became a fan of Che.

                                 Then special, special, something special…… think…. think…………. Bunch of roses, a framed picture of us – the one she loved; the one I acted as if I don’t care but still had it forever in my mobile and the count is 22. Ok I will get her a ring – definitely a diamond studded and then 24th will be a specially written poem for her.  Swipe, Swipe and swipe ……………..God bless the credit card system – least at times like this!! The shopping is done packed and we rode again.

TO DINDUGAL – 9.45PM; 9 HOURS 15MINUTES 25 SECONDS TO GO...........................

                              Another 90 odd to Dindugal and mahesh hit the tracks in another four lane. The country is growing; the roads to lifestyle is all changed. From Dindugal its Theni. Time and time again as I travel through this country all that I notice is contrast – stark contrast in lifestyle and living.  But that’s the beauty of this vast nation and blessed I am to enjoy the pleasure of living here. From Theni its Kambam and the chillness of Western Ghats already started to freeze upon our skin. Kambam and its vine-yards all around is a scenario to live for. But in this mid-night light nothing but the eyes of howling dog’s and the road markers on tree were visible.

              Stopping at a 'nightu kada' (night hotel), to fill in the bellies, we had some hot parottas.  A 10 yr old was left there at the mercy of who-ever .That is India for you. While some travel in Audi some argue to reduce fare by 5 rupees to auto-walas. People sleep down in air conditioned compartments while at the rear end of same train people hang down in a leg and half for miles. Well it is no time to speak socialism or try to chase away the inequalities. For all that I could do now is feed the hungry little kid and move for my love is waiting there for me. We bypassed and bisected the Ghats to reach Kumily, I took the bike on the Ghats as I am experienced before on these curvy roads, the pits and bumps. 

             If you take on a pleasant evening ride, the ride up the hills all the way into God's own country with nature at her virgin best around and a track with promises of surprise is the lane of  your dreams - a driver's dream. Kumily is a mid town tourist spot a wonderful location within itself. But at midnight 1.15, it is very unlikely that one could admire her beauty. 

53kms to Munnar - 5hours 45 minutes to go ……………………
         The beauty of this country portrayed its vivid colors yet again as we crossed the inter-state border into Kerala at Kumily. The language, tradition, culture, style everything changes in a matter of hours if you take a ride through this country.   7 am was the deadline …I should have enough time to make her understand and convince her before some caravan rider comes to snatch my girl!! Love is the craziest thing in the world and it will make you do the craziest things in life.  To swirl, feel and fall down for her, the one you love is a worthy thing to do.

“Cheta ethu entha uru? Munnar evada?”
I spoke out all that Malayalam could.

Chettukuzhi, is where we are and we were  advised not to travel further specially with a Tamilnadu registration bike as the bone of contention Mullai Periyar dam between Kerala and TN states is triggering some local hostility ahead.

God, is this needed to me?
"Should these issues trigger only now ? In these earnest of moments, Moments in which I have to win her. Why can’t they make the rivers nationalized? Why can’t the 2 state governments come to a solution. Least they can avoid triggering people right?  I don't care if the whole world is drawing to end. I am going ahead for her"

We moved forwardI was ready to sacrifice Mahesh for my love. He became expendable to me then.

“Mahesh nothing will happen da” taking some mud and applying it on the number plates making sure the TN registration doesn’t show I drove ahead. 

                    The curfew started long row of buses being stopped, Sabarimala pilgrimage sent back,  some agitated local youth creating issues, police jumping in all cinematic were happening around. Hours passed and time flew. 

"There she was sitting down and crying; "what happened Swetha?"
"Where did you go?"
"I just went to buy some-thing to eat Di"
"But then we were fighting and i thought you left me and went"
Don't ever dare to me leave me again siddarth"

3 hours and seven minutes to go…………………

                          It is now or never; I will not leave her. I passed to a policemen,and clattered my story around. Well I am no Marlon Brando or Shivaji but I described the best in best possible way I could. a man watching us offered help he took us through a mud road bypassing the curfew to ‘kanthipara’ and from there we took on ride back to Munnar safely. 
Munnar – It sunrise, an hour and few minutes to go …………….

                   I reached that hillock where the future of my life is to be decided.The future of Swetha Trivedi and Siddarth is to be decided here yeah.. We found the resort where my love is to be wedded in few minutes.I jumped over and went in.

Is the wedding over?
“No you are right on time, don’t worry”, someone answered.
“Dude, are we doing the right thing?”
“We shouldn’t spoil her life dude” “ We don’t know whether she loves you man” ,Mahesh said.
I know she loves me. Whoever she is to wed even if it Bill gates will not suit her. I know, I complete her and only she completes me.

"I am in love with her, I was and I will be in love with her forever.
If I were to fall in love twice; I will fall in love with her twice"

I went straight to the bride room. There she was dressed up in all that bride dresses. I couldn’t see her as she was turned towards wall and was talking to someone. It is now or never, in another half hour she will be someone-else’s girl.
And it is time     ,.......................................


The gifts are there the ring is here. Oh my god where is the poem?
I didn’t write one …..think ………think ………..think….

Oh my dear love,
You were there.
You were there to hold me when I cry
You were there to laugh with when I am happy.
You were there to shoulder when I need.

Oh my dear love,
For all the time I was with you,
I never realized.
I never realized,
That I was in love with you.

Oh my dear love
In all these days you weren't there with me
I learned to love 
I learned to dream love.
And I learned that dream is you.

Oh my dear love,
I want to live 
I want to live deliberately long.
I want to live long and live all that with you.
I want to live with you thee my love.

Oh my dear love,
Come with me
It is not too late to seek a beginning.
It is not too late to fulfill our purpose,
the purpose of loving each-other.

Come with me my dear,
to seek, find, live and love.
This life - you push it, stretch; it will never satisfy you.
Until you hold the love of your life in your hand.
and that love of my life is you.

I love you my dear ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

What the hell??????????????
This is not Swetha!!!
I am bent down proposing to some girl in bride dress, waiting to be married with all those gifts and roses before me. And ya with that wonderful little ring in my hand.

“Who are you?”……………….the bride girl shouted.
“Who is he?”………………………………….. came an echo from a bunch of anxious looking people around. I looked around, who am I?  I thought to myself.

And there she was the sweet cunning Swetha Trivedi with her devilish grin on face.
“What are you doing?” her eyes asked me.

Only then I remembered her telling me months before about her cousin’s wedding in Munnar.
My god what have I done……Swetha Trivedi is not getting married; some Trivedi, her cousin is getting married. I looked at Mahesh winked at him and smiled. I looked at Swetha and gave a grin and completed the lines.

Come with me my dear,
to seek, find, live and love.
This life - you push it, stretch it; it will never satisfy you.
Until you hold the love of your life in your hand.
and that love of my life is you

I love you my dear………………….will you be with me for life long?
Will you accept me as life partner and your soul partner?

               This is a surprise to the lovely bride by our beautiful groom here. He is lovely romantic and manly and want to propose his bride in a scary and surprising away before his marriage. I walked in straight to the groom who was standing confused than ever and handed him the ring. Mahesh tapped his shoulder and said it is a surprise. “It is a surprise dude”

                The poor guy confused and happy walked straight to the bride and handed the ring to propose his bride. My diamond ring and the gifts I searched and bought for my Swetha is now throwing a party in someone else marriage. But that couple is going to have their own surprise when they open up the gifts and see me and Swetha in the picture there.

                “Give it up for the lovely guy and his surprise. Give it up for the lovely couple here”, I shouted. And everybody murmured around surprise…………. surprise and were happy.
Uff the marriage is over and everyone around is happy. Mahesh is busy with his dinning.

I was there standing with some flowers plucked in the garden with a scary look and Swetha walked in finally with her devilish grin.

“If you got something to say bend down and say………………………………” is all that she had to say.

And that’s how I bestowed upon the fate of living with my cute, sweet, lovely, devilish Swetha Trivedi forever.

Not all that is written is a fiction ....


  1. wonderful timeline !
    very different post than any usual thing..
    keep doing this good stuff !
    at last i read this essay :)

  2. hey Raja, weighta eluthirukkka pa.....been a while since u have written something and this comes in as a superb piece..
    u have mixed a perfect storyline, with a timely poem..
    I liked the poem very much ...
    And this chennai to munnar by bike - hopefully, ppl ll start doing it after reading this piece of urs :)

  3. Congratulations!! beautifully written :)

  4. Swetha trivdedi and Siddarth, a beautiful story weaved bro.. kalakara po.. Particularly the last paragraphs and the poem is too good.. Aaana ponnu roomla poiyu intha mathiri galata panna nammalala mattum thaan mudiyum.. Athuvum athu antha ponna illa.. super super po.. I'm glad you won.. Really happy to see a talented writer winning the contest. Happy!

    1. solla maranthuten.. rendu names are close to my life..!

    2. thank you SIS so much......congrats to you too........have been a while since i read ur posts will read them all soon....then regarding the mail i seriously forgot about could have asked me send me one more mail regarding the same on what exactly you are looking for from me...i will immediately send u the details...and hows that novel shaping up?

  5. congrats....
    like the gritty elements u bought in the story....luv the poem too:)

    1. thanks elli....glad u liked the gritty elements


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