'Intertwined in Love'


Here she is
lying embraced in me.
With her long veil shed
and her naked skin embracing.

Will this uncertain love -
The one so daunting and mystic,
the one so discreet yet so open,
Will this unauthorized love find its way?

I touched and her body 
played pertinent tunes. 
It expressed perspicuous love.
I kissed and she became me.

All this cross country trouble,
I forge to understand.  
Survival I couldn't guarantee
Future I couldn't promise yet we lied there.

Can I elude all this earthly obstacles?
Can I embark with her to the deity himself?
I don't know and 
I wish not to know.

For I don't care about the day
that is to come. For I am a prince
this day and for the days, I am with this princess.
And there our souls lied Intertwined as one ......................


Here is he, with his magical eyes,
I was in trance then
as I was forever with him.
Here is he my love.

He is my happiness
but will that happiness last an another day?
He is my strength
but will that strength shatter me to weakness?

He held me with emphatic attire.
He kissed and our naked skins sent 
loves waves. In rhythm with nature
we sang love. 

Why this love so complex?
Why this love so mystical?
Why our destiny is in despair?
Can I detach and live?

Can this night stay long?
Can this night be forever??????
Can all this be a never ending dream?
I don't know and I wish not to.

'After all tomorrow, is another day'
And I am a princess as long I lay
embraced in his arms.
And there we lay intertwined as one in soul and body.................. 

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  1. Made me go all gooey! What a charming piece www.keithsramblings.com

  2. romantically beautiful critics both he and she.. intertwined in love :-)

    Someone is Special

  3. well written...
    Liked the way, u expressed the thoughts of him and her.....
    keep writing...


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