To all those who wish to live
Live with joy
Live with love
Live with happiness

To all those who wish to sing
Sing with the magical wind
Sing with the waves of sea
Sing with those lovely birds.

To all those who wish to dance
Dance with that flawless moon
Dance with that ever-green nature
Dance with that childish grin.

For all those wish to love
Love with a heart so warm
Love everything around
Love everybody around.

To all those who wish to welcome 2012
Welcome it with smile and happiness
Welcome it with warmth and kisses
Welcome it with me………………………………………..

The year of dragon will bring you all that happiness you need.
(pretty late to welcome new year but Dragon Year here I welcome you !!!!!!!!!!)


  1. Hope the year has welcomed everyone with a smile...
    Liked the uniqueness in each four lines of ur poem:)


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