What does DEMOCRACY means to me?

  The vision is a real DEMOCRACY 

                             A gleam of light escaped and unveiled the darkness; unveiled the darkness that existed all night.  We were in a remote village as part of our youth volunteering program, and we had sat out that entire night playing cards in a ‘Critically ill’ Panchyat building. Power cuts were not so rare in this part of the country and that too it is just a routine in this village. But for us ‘the inverter’ group it was a difficult night to pass!
                            The escaping gleam from that mighty sun painted that dark sky into a golden glow. The darkness has unveiled, but then who is to unveil the darkness that has been in existence for years in life of these people? I sat there watching those kids having difficulty in ‘A-B-C-D’ and even basic Tamil and they were studying standard four in local school!!! Who is to unveil the darkness that exists in life of these kids?
                              Who is to be blamed …….. The government?  The politicians? The Leaders? Or maybe it is the existing system – ‘THE DEMOCRACY ITSELF’.

What is this democracy?  – A government for the people. But really? If so then why there, are people suffering? Why there are extremist groups like MAOISTS taking up arms and fighting. A government for the people should be a government for all the people. DEMOCRACY in all major countries that too in INDIA has always been favoring a section, a section which can find ways of winning a race even without participating in it.

What is democracy? -  a government of the people. Is it so?  Then why the representatives travel in the best available car while the common man’s bus fare is raised so much that he can afford only to walk?  Why the representatives eats for their taste buds while a common man waits a long striving queue for his daily ration?   If a common man dies with unnamed disease, why the representatives get the best-exported medicine for treatment?  The same disease could have been identified diagnosed and effectively treated; if only enough resources were available.

                        If someone reading this thinks I have written some non-sense speaking of socialism and the darkness that is not even prevailing, then travel with me. Let's travel to the depths and breaths of this nation, all that we will see is differences and inequalities. Come with me to those Primary Health Centers where a NURSE or even worse, a MID-Wife is left to handle patients and that to with the miracle of bare hands!

What is democracy?– A government by the people; Really? If so, then it is the biggest joke!  Where do people elect the representatives they want? People never had elected their representatives. They have been told by money and power on whom to elect and whom to choose.

For me democracy means a failure now.  It is a failure indeed.  If equality and freedom - the two essential contents in democracy is lost then it is nothing but a failure.

                I always wonder, whether socialist and communistic ideals suit better.  At least they promise equality, but then not all-socialistic country has not prevailed into a blooming and successful one! Whatever form of governments that would exist – aristocracy, democracy, dictatorship, communism or whatever;  It will not bring about a revolution and a change if that change is not looked forward from within the people.

                  Democracy whose origin might be in Athens or ancient India –( SABHA and GANA system) or even might be in Samaria was created for a reason. And that reason is not to be a failure or to make people suffer in anyway. That reason was to have the voice of every common man echoed; was to make every single common man live but not strive.

                  Democracy overall can never be a failure. Only the existing democracy is a failure – it is a failure because of lake of leadership. How can a lazy crooked, corrupt, stupid whose doesn’t have the will and brain to think beyond, be a leader?

                        It is a failure only because of the selfish people – who only think about them and their heirs . It is because of the people who corrupt. It is because of the people who bother, about country – its policies and politics only on Election Day.

                      This democracy is a failure because of  you - ‘YOUNG AND STRONG YOUTH OF THIS NATION’  who thinks that anything and everything can be achieved in social networking.  'I share about a corrupt politician – ‘wow’, I am patriotic and then the next day I don’t go and vote for I believe why should I? And I ask questions; Why should I strive for this country when this country has not given me anything?'

                      The existing system is a failure but this country has never been a failure and never will be. Only this country and its democracy have given the rights to speak openly upon its own capabilities. This country has given us everything – life, belief, pride, education, culture, relations and more than anything ‘LOVE’.

                            It is our duty to LOVE back this country. It is our duty - the duty of educated young cygnets to change the failing and falling democracy. We together can form a democracy so strong, a democracy so valiant, so rich in intellectuals, humanity, harmony and love. Let us build a Democratic India so strong that is spreads it love and humanity all around the globe.

Become the LEADER you dream. Change the system that you are so angry about. When so much of energy and potential is within us who can stop us?

Instead, if we just sit back looking at the failure then one day we will realize, we ourselves have become a failure.

“Let’s a build a better DEMOCRATIC INDIA for our children.” I will leave you with this quote from the NGO I work with  “YOUTH ARE NOT USELESS, THEY ARE USED-LESS”................................

written for youthkiawaaz - blogcracy 


  1. The youth of this nation is willing to bunk office or college to watch cricket matches or the movie of their fav. heroes, but, have they ever done so for voting???
    We are living in a free country, mainly because of the sacrifice done by young persons such as Bhaghat Singh, Azad and for that case, even Gandhi, who fought for freedom right from his young age.
    Have v ever drawn inspiration from these people. We remember them twice a year (once during their birth anniversary and other on their death anniversary) and continue to do our own work.

    Fresh minds are needed in the political system, but, are v ready to spare our time to actively pariticipate in it (or) even support those, who are willing to pariticipate???

    Unless our mindset of expecting someone else to do the job changes, our nation ll be like this forever...But, that will soon come to an end, as am able to c few responsible youth here and there in the country and who would surely bring in the difference, which the nation really wants!!!


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