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"Being A Biker"

Passion and profession criss cross each other at most times. We do work,  we have professions for our body to survive and live. But for our soul to live, for our soul to survive and cherish it needs dreams and passions.  Biking has been one of mine ever-since....................??                      The love of bikes ……….where from it came in I never knew. Maybe its genetic , seeing my dad ride on his JAWA – YEZDI 250CC and ROADKING around or from the movies where all the rebellious action heroes from Arnold to Rajinikanth drove around 'big hard roaring machines'. Or maybe now 'CHE AND HIS MOTOR CYCLE DIARIES'. who would'nt want to be Che - if cant in life least in rides.

thunder bird - my babes                     For me, from childhood those who drive tougher and faster machines are heroes and my passion came in so. Every kid would only want to be a hero na???  And ya the particular roar of YEZDI always had a special addiction for me.                   Till I ent…