"Being A Biker"

                                 Passion and profession criss cross each other at most times. We do work,  we have professions for our body to survive and live. But for our soul to live, for our soul to survive and cherish it needs dreams and passions.
 Biking has been one of mine ever-since....................??
                     The love of bikes ……….where from it came in I never knew. Maybe its genetic , seeing my dad ride on his JAWA – YEZDI 250CC and ROADKING around or from the movies where all the rebellious action heroes from Arnold to Rajinikanth drove around 'big hard roaring machines'. Or maybe now 'CHE AND HIS MOTOR CYCLE DIARIES'. who would'nt want to be Che - if cant in life least in rides.

                                   thunder bird - my babes
                    For me, from childhood those who drive tougher and faster machines are heroes and my passion came in so. Every kid would only want to be a hero na???  And ya the particular roar of YEZDI always had a special addiction for me.
                  Till I entered college I never knew to drive one though for I had always been a over- pampered kid and no-one really bothered to teach me how to ride one. But bikes and I are meant for each other. I started with a YEZDI- ROADKING myself, without learning the gears with the machine stopping up then and then and the sweaty tries to start it up is all still a refreshing memory. It was one of the toughest machine to start your learning with.

                                    my babe -yezdi classic
                    From Roadking it became Yamaha rx100 in college days. Then came in CLASSIC YEZDI and ROYAL ENFIELD THUNDERBIRD.Every kind of bike I had drove - from tougher bigger ones to faster smaller ones.  My three special babes that are now my girlies for years are the RX100 , YEZDI CLASSIC and THUNDERBIRD.
                   I don’t know why many prefer to call their rides as their girls. Even I prefer to do so; for maybe it adds on a little bit of more sassy and sexy tone to it. But how can a BULL or even a YEZDI for instance be a girl – it must definitely be a male. Whatever, they are my rides or may be the steads I ride in and I love them.
                   What adds on to this passion and flavour? Whats the big deal in riding a bike ? And whats the big deal in calling yourself a rider?
                 Well there is always something about it. For me it gave me a different identity – my choice of bikes or the speed I drove. And it pushed and made me feel yeah I am different. Maybe it is all just delusional but to heck with it. Why should I bother when It gives me the happiness I want?

                                         rx100 - my babes
                  College in 'Pondicherry' - the vroomm vroom drives on my RX100 - the races on french colonial streets and the narrow lanes of ECR, with my girl or my friend as pillion and even me on pillion and my girl driving. How could I ever forget those days and rides?
                 The long rides then on Classic and now on Thunderbird, doing 600kms in a day, the face becoming darker and dirty. The dust, the glares and turn around you get on a highway. The questions and enquries, the interest and glances you get around from everyone. Why would I want to miss that?
                Being a biker and being rider is my wish and passion. I will never compromise it for anything. The hypertrophied scars on my body will be a proof for it – both knee ACL torn, there are scars from foot to torso, thank god face is spared. But who cares? For as long as I live I will ride.

                I will ride long and hard. It is a kind of push  too. For some choose to push their life, I choose to live and push for my soul. The scars or falls does'nt scare me instead the roads and bikes just lure me…………… and it will lure me forever. When this country is done and traveled in bike I will do the cross country rides.
              Being a biker is something…………………………….. its like heaven. Its like loving and making love to your girl over and over again. Why would I stop making love to the girl I love? And why should I stop living and love my dreams and passions?

            Why would I miss the adrenaline rush, the instant high the tiresome accomplishments, the toughest tracks and the endless friendship. Why would I stop those endless exploring, the search for new horizons?. Why would i stop those off road beats and beets? Why would I leave the quest for fun, to ride to learn to mingle, to experience. Why would I leave the chance of seeing a new culture, a different kind, a different society, to learn a different language; Why would I leave all new experiences?

Shinning roads, Dirty tracks.
Long days, Tiresome nights. 
Dirt on face, sweat on back.
Shabby hair, Harder hand.

Nature to explore, Terrain to conquer.
Beauty to unveil, Soul to break free.
Happy moments, Tough times.
Breaking back and Paining legs.

Vroom in the city, Vroom vroom in the open.
I stop for none, I wait for none.
Bonding friends and Inviting brotherhood.
Journeys, memories and tales to tell.

Endless list, It is a soul to wish.
Mind willing to explore, Heart willing to break free.
I ride on, Ride on long and far.
For I am a biker and I prefer to be so.

You are the one and I know you read it now.
Past is past and you are the one now and forever from now.
Live with me and lets ride Himalayas and Indus together.
For I am a biker and my soul wishes to be so..................................... 

                                      the endless tales/.......

"There is world out there waiting to be conquered 
………………………. And I will conquer them all, riding upon my steads."

written for INDIBLOGGER- castrol power blogging contest

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  1. Very nice post...

    "Being a biker is something...." is something which we cannot describe much... but you have done a pretty good job of it ;)

  2. "Interesting glances and questions from everyone.. ." Everyone would need a way of expressing their pent up rebellious nature, and when people can't get that out, they behave judge-mental along with a crowd. But deep inside them there will be a longing and jealousy when they look at us.. They are too ignorant that they have forgotten how to fly. :-)

    1. Awesome comment ..... loved those words


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