"Red Revolution - A True Revolutionist - Ernesto 'CHE' Guevara"

                                After, a long time I am writing something again, that too on ‘Red Revolution’; so I choose about one of the greatest revolutionist I had ever learn. 
Ernesto “CHE” Guevara‘CHE’ as they call him, yeah the man who adores the T-shirts of many young men is whom I am going to write. ‘CHE ‘is popular, he and his Cuban revolution are things known to many. I don’t want to analyze his history; I will just speak on the impact as a revolutionist and the things that I had learn from him. 


                  Guevara has revolutionary qualities instilled within him right from his childhood. The ideas a man start to believe, the way he builds himself all depends on the family he grows and the way he has been nurtured. Guevara’s family with extensive book collection and with leftist ideas and being supporters of civil war has instilled those qualities in him.
He, as a child itself had affinity towards poor. His interests in games and poetry nurtured itself further as he grown into adolescence. Then those travels - pedaling in his motor fitted bi- cycle for 4500kms  in Argentina and then the south American ride in ‘ LA PEDROSSA’ ( the motor bike) with his friend Alberto changed the views he had.

                     A man, who believed that entire Latin America was nothing but one, the man who believed equality and believed armed revolution is the way of achieving it, is actually a doctor.  He chose politics as a field and he believed it would serve his purpose of helping people better.
Born in Argentina, attracted by Guatemala and its government, fought in Guatemala against imperialistic power and identified there America as an imperialistic power.

                    Born to a rich family, educated with a good degree; he left the sophisticated life and again took arms in Cuba and became the ‘Brain of CASTERO’ and finally led in liberation of CUBA from the puppet government of USA.
CHE was in his height of powers- holding ‘Ministry Of Industry’, ‘Ministry Of Finance’ and a position as the president of ‘National Bank’ when he choose to renounce that and go to fight and liberate the African nations from imperialistic hold. He is a revolutionist by nature and he believed in it. He is not a politician but made reforms in every field in Cuba .He worked for literacy, in giving land to landless farmers and in stabilizing economy through links with soviet.
                    The man who trained 100,000 peasants with the help of Castro into soldiers at Cuba left to Congo. Congo was a failure and CHE believed in staying there and fighting till death but due to repeated requests from Castro he withdrew.

                     He couldn’t gallant back into Cuba for he believed in something else. CHE with his supporters again tried to overthrow the US puppet - ‘Bolivian’ government. But Bolivia failed to rise with CHE – Conspiracy and CIA won - they won just in capturing CHE.

                        They won in killing him and amputating him but they couldn’t win his spirit. They couldn’t control a revolutionist. They couldn’t make him succumb.
CHE believed in revolution, CHE saw all people as one, he fought for equality. He fought against imperialism. He condemned American’s racism against blacks. He is a man who saw peoples suffering as his own. He took up arms for anyone in this world.
It is only ‘CHE ‘that has been put to death. His ideas his views, he as an inspiration is still around every corner of this world.

CHE said - “The life of a single human being is worth a million times more than all the property of the richest man on earth... Far more important than a good remuneration is the pride of serving one's neighbor. Much more definitive and much more lasting than all the gold that one can accumulate is the gratitude of a people.”  Is it not true? The gratitude that you see in a fellow human being’s eyes is worth your life.

We must begin to erase our old concepts. We should not go to the people and say, `Here we are. We come to give you the charity of our presence, to teach you our science, to show you your errors, your lack of culture, your ignorance of elementary things.' We should go instead with an inquiring mind and a humble spirit to learn at that great source of wisdom that is the people.” he said.
                              The ideas of great leaders were often were similar, One great Dravidian leader –“ANNA’ believed that a man willing to live A PUBLIC LIFE should first go the people and address people and should first learn from them – for they are the greatest source of wisdom. Similar was CHE’S views.

Some more of his words -“I knew that the moment the great governing spirit strikes the blow to divide all humanity into just two opposing factions, I would be on the side of the common people”

Injustice and inequalities are there all ways. They had existed with this indeterminate- human species ever since the species existence itself. And wherever the need for a leader, for a reformer, for a revolutionist arose there from the common man has always raised a revolutionist. Some chose guns, some chose people, some chose pen, some chose non-violence – only the faces and weapons of a revolutionist differed but their spirit and  intentions were all same.

There are diversions- two in number
The one who suppresses
 and the other is been suppressed,
Poverty, illiteracy will exist for long
and equality will just be a long borne dream!
But until that dream blooms REVOLUTION and  
REVOLUTIONIST will continue to rise.

Man has a basic defect
A defect that exist right through his gene
A defect that makes him selfish
A defect that makes him weak
Until this defect exist which I believe
Will exist forever, reformers and
Revolutionists will keep rising.

The fight they chose the weapon they chose
The path they chose differs
But their intention is to cure those DEFECTS.
No revolutionist lives a life of king
They change power but they never reign with power
They reform but continue to reform elsewhere.
Revolutionist doesn’t l face a death by disease.

They will arise and will arise forever
The weapon and ideas are just transformed
From one to another
It is only their bodies that will rest but not
their ideas or their views
And “CHE” is the best of the revolutionists I have learnt about.
And so “CHE” lives forever……………

I will end with these words of ‘CHE’– “If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine”

Some books to read
1.   The motor cycle diaries –CHE
2.   The guerrilla warfare – CHE

Biographies like “ The life and death CHE”
“A revolutionary life” – I haven’t read either

Do watch – “Motorcycle Diaries” movie too.

Let the spirit of revolution live forever and let the spirit 

of free will be undaunted ever. 


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