I am beginning to rest.
My days are getting fast over!
‘Gluon’- that’s what I have been turned into.
You my children doesn’t care anymore!
For you have your own things to attend.
You don’t bother in letting me die.
You have forgotten that if I die; You die with me.
Like a lurcher you - my own children hunt me down.

You won’t stop.
You won’t rest.
You won’t let a thought that wouldhamper’ your progress
You won’t realize that the progress you seek leads to an end.
The very end of everything!
All that beautiful, vivid and colorful
are turned into synthetic and smoke.
Everything with life has been 'pulverized' into nothing!

The basic need for life is of value no-more.
Your needs of life are defined rather otherwise.
You ‘taunt’ – me and yourselves.
For you have forgotten what have been given to you.
The true forms, the true purpose,
The truth of life you never realize.
“My dear children, I am laying to rest
My dear children, mine and your days are nearing an end.”

“’O’ thee my children
Behold and save what that is not lost.
For, it’s now or never.”

written for magpietales 

written for threewordwednesday

Inspired from the picture above
The three words pulverize, taunt and hamper 
And from the progress towards our end.


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