Will they train Chinese army to kill the people of Arunachal Pradesh?

Will they train LAKSHAR-E-TAIBA or Pakistani soldiers in killing Kashmiri people?

Who  knows they might to do!!!

For they train SRI-LANKAN army which kills our own fisherman in Rameshwaram. Yeah the very army which has successfully committed a genocide.They might call it diplomacy and they might say it is national policy.

How do you define a country? ---- does INDIA only include Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Calcutta alone?

                      Because I don't understand or rather fail to understand a government that is least bothered with the sentiments of its own people! When fisherman in Rameshwaram are fighting for justice, when they are fighting to stop merciless killing of fellow fisherman by Sri-lankan Navy. How on earth the very government which has to take action against this will train the men who is involved in this merciless killing?

                     A whole genocide was done and finished successfully 2 lakh people was killed. Over 5 lakh people were displaced and now living as refugees in lands abroad. Many will like to believe it as another country's issue, as a war against terrorists but the truth is its a 'genocide'. Indian politicians in the name of their diplomatic policy provided arms, shared essential information, supplied naval support in successfully committing this genocide. This is still continuing there RED CROSS reported 15,000 Tamils missing in past 3 months.

                    Now the Srilankan navy thinks it is master of south sea, the very place where Dravidians' established trade and had the greatest civilization a mil-lien-nieum ago. They are now pointing gunships ( maybe the ones brought from our own money ) on our fisherman. In-spite of all this, ignoring the sentiments of crores of people the great diplomatic idiots of this country trains SRI-LANKAN ARMY in our very own soil.

                   The times of India report says - " The premier Indian Military Academy at Dehradun, for instance, has even run 'special courses' to train hundreds of "gentlemen cadets'' from Sri Lanka.
Over the last several years, India has also trained thousands of Sri Lankan personnel at its military institutions ranging from Counter-Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School at Vairengte in Mizoram to School of Artillery at Devlali in Maharashtra, apart from providing specialised naval courses in gunnery, navigation, communication and anti-submarine warfare. Continuing with this diplomatic and military engagement, India and Sri Lanka last September-November had also held their first major naval combat exercise "SLINEX-11'' in six years, with a total of 16 warships off Trincomalee. The Indian Navy, in recent times, has also done hydro-graphic surveys and salvage operations for Sri Lanka."

Is training the Srilankan military and doing salvage operations for Srilankan navy the prime need that to of a racist nation who also contributes in killing of our citizens?

There are farmer's suicide happening around. Many kids still die every month of starvation and malnutrition yet we spend money and take efforts in accomplishing a genocide and in aiding of killing our own men.

Look it this way - "A country trains another army to shoot at its own people." It so much respects a racist Rajapaksha's sentiments that it does not care about its own people's - Rameshwarm's sentiment.

                           If RAJAPAKSHA has to be deemed a war criminal then all those great diplomats of INDIA from Sonia Gandhi to Mr. Puppet Manmohan Singh must be deemed and named war criminals. These criminals may never face justice but we can bring it to them - WE SHOULD LABEL AND STAMP THEM AS BLACK MARKS IN HISTORY. As we remember HITLER as a demon all these should be registered in hearts as demons. Write it in your heart, on your wall - tell it to your friends, teach your children and their grand children and theirs and mark the truth in history.

                         India had just been kept in a vegetative state without any soul infusing some chemical to artificially deem growth. This is not growth this is destruction - look at the policies, selling everything to foreign companies (recently planning on domestic airways!) training personnel to kill its own people!

Who knows they will come up with the great plan of selling the administrative authority to some foreign private firm.



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