A few days back I was notified with a mail that the Mumbai team has challenged us. They have challenged us on the topic ‘Prostitution is boon or bane’; why does INDIA Stereotype its women?
                          The topic by itself gave me intriguing thoughts and had a session of debate within self.  For the first question posed here is a difficult one to answer; maybe it can be brought up with only a theatrical solution. Prostitution can never be tagged a boon or even bane; for prostitution the underground unspoken profession is in fact a very old profession existing right within our society that too in an Indian society. But then the second question worked out more powerful thoughts ‘Why does INDIA stereotype its women?’  - Hmm …………India does stereotype its women!  But is there a way out of it?

                  Immersed in some powerful thoughts I was taken aback in memories where I had a chance to meet a girl, a beautiful girl. I opened the blog and started to click back the pages of past and found the post where I wrote about her. The post might have added masala to it but then the fact is she is a prostitute, an escort and she was not happy being one. There is sadness sticking deep within her but then she still chooses to be a prostitute.

                           Few days back I made a journey to a country where Prostitution is regularized and legalized – ‘Singapore’.  Being a traveler I chested down the entire stretch of Singapore and ended myself in GEYLANG; ‘Geylang’ is the red light district of Singapore. I was never interested in sex, I believe in love and love making not sex that to in just paying and buying but I was always destined, destined I should say to human emotions and its soulful earnestness. I love understanding human emotions so I visited Geylang with the idea of taking a ‘girl sex worker’ from the streets and spending some time listening to her. I hoped I could give her some valuable time and then I would learn something interesting from it. To this cause of mine I pulled in two other friends of mine who were literally scared to death to this cause. 

                        I am going to use some language and going to write something serious in the following lines, if you are a person who believe that you are living in a society so beautiful and if you believe reading or hearing these things are a sin, then please don’t read. But believe me whether you live in India, Singapore, United States, Europe or anywhere there is some unspoken truth around you. Unless and until you see it with a different eye and a different perspective these things will never curtain down.  Just so that we have a blessed life it doesn’t mean that we should turn blind eye to what is happening around us.

                   As you can see I started by saying previously ‘with the idea of taking a sex worker’ – taking – that's what is called stereotyping. You take a girl. Whatever but that’s the status here. Worse words like hiring, per hour rate were actually used.  'Geylang' is a mockery of any society but sometimes a mockery like this will keep the other part of the society clean. There are prostitute houses with pimps which OFFERS women of various nationals per hour and per night basis! The cost and rate will differ according to the BEAUTY OF THE GIRL ……….  

                 Is it even readable? Cost, rate and offer; actually we are speaking here of a living person with heart and soul. But the true fact is humans never respect emotions some forget the emotions of trees some of fellow species and some of their own species – this is what humans are! Actually what we are!

                 Going a little further away from those houses we found lot of normal residents sitting and passing out their evening with their kids in local restaurants! They were least bothered of what is happening around them. A little further walk down the streets there are least 200 girls standing dressed up in the skimpiest of clothes. And not one of them will be more than 30 years of age. There were some transvestites too around the corner. You walk around there and you will be pulled with an offer from them

“40 DOLLARS per bang, Condom and hotel I pay”
What should I say?..............................................

I approached a girl and asked her
“I pay you -2 hours but no fuck; we will just go somewhere sit and eat”
She was shocked “No fuck why?” why?
“Just like that”
No …No…. No…………….
Another girl ran away. Another laughed at me sinisterly “What are you going to talk”.

               I approached three girls and none of them was interested to spend an hour sitting and talking. I felt it weird for no man would have approached them saying these and I felt disturbed. I couldn’t understand this - girls are so emotional I have a girl who would kill me for using all these languages and writing about this incident which I told her I will not write about.  She will fight and make it in hell if I don’t give her the time
 she needs.

                    How come these girls could live a life like this? They smile at everybody they simply have to do it whether they wish to or not! They try to please and make everybody happy again if they wish or not. And in turn I am sure they are not showered with love care and affection daily. But girls need this, they need care; they need someone to treat them special always. I seriously wondered at these girls; are they so professional? Are they so content with a life that fetches them money alone? We can speak about the situation they got into this or the way they were cheated or lured or whatever but then why don’t they walk away when they have a chance to?

         Finally I started from Geylang not finding a girl willing to share her story with me. Maybe they were scared by the looks of me to sit and talk!  

                   The next morning I was looking the local newspaper and found lot of local news and then there was classifieds with various requirements form drivers to hotel staff. There were these ads, so many of them posing requirements on girls – BEAUTIFUL YOUNG GIRLS ABOVE 18 YRS FOR ESCORT SERVICE. INCOME- 5000 TO 10,000 dollars a month!

                    Now that’s just Singapore if you go to a nearby Island BATOM –the major business itself is this – ‘prostitution’. Leave Batom or Singapore fly further to Thailand it will be more open and the business offer will be more ‘cheap’. 

Now, tell me were you able to read the previous lines casually? How can you call something like this a boon? But the truth is neither you can call it a bane!

                       Cheap, offer, per hour, rates according to beauty of girls !!!! - Now you might say chee, but do you think the very INDIA where you live in is any different? If you think so come out from the false beliefs – INDIA host 2.8 million of sex workers as of 2007. Indians and India always speak of culture and they portray themselves as the best in abiding these. But the true Indian culture itself hosted prostitution, yeah go back to history.

                               INDIA is one of the countries where trafficking and child prostitution is so prevalent. What happens in countries which legalized prostitution is happening in the dark in India.  ‘PROSTITUTION is not illegal in INDIA’ – yeah that is how you can say it, it is not illegal. It is either legal nor illegal – one, a woman can practice sex trade for money by herself  in her willingness but practicing it in public places, advertising for it, running brothels, pimping is illegal and punishable.  This leaves sex workers hanging on the wall and pushes them behind the veil of darkness.

                           Least in countries like Singapore these girls have the freedom to come outside in India these girls are graded and are seen as some dark ugliness. In countries like Singapore the regularity allows a check on trafficking and puts a check on the transmission of STDs for these girls are regularly monitored and registered. While in INDIA the AIDS prevalence is so high and the trafficking of young girls is higher than anywhere. So many young girls are trafficked from Nepal, Bangladesh and states like Assam and put into street prostitution.  How many news you turn up to read every day –  girls being rescued, girls being rapped drugged and put into prostitution?

 Sonagachi, Kamathipura, G. B. Road, Kashmiri Market, Reshampura, Budhwar Peth, Naqqasa Bazaar in Saharanpur, Peddapuram and Gudivada are just few places know for prostitution.

And do you know INDIA hosts more than a million in child prostitution?

                         “So now again IS PROSTITUTION A BOON OR BANE?” Is it answerable?   It can never be called a boon – look at the life of girls who’s been lured, pulled forced into prostitution. They get no love, they get no care, they get no affection they are degraded and they are forced into darkness. Young girls who could have studied and become anything are forced at puberty or even before puberty by an offender called poverty into it. Majority of the girls who take up this as profession are poor, or a runaway destitute from home, an orphan, someone who is sexually abused at the very earlier age. Not many girls born and brought up in a good family, who gained good education turns to be a prostitute in any country. MONEY IS THE MAJOR DEVIL HERE.

                            Now then you can term it then as BANE RIGHT? I don’t think it that way either.  The real bane is man and his never satisfying desires. Humans are the worst species that are created. It is mistake made by the nature. They know just one thing that’s called destruction.  With man and his unfolding desires on sexual pleasures prostitution is just a solution that rose.

So how can you put a curb to it? Can you ban it? 

                           Prostitution can never be eradicated completely from the society. It exists in the society for long – the days of nagavardhus and devadasi are more than a thousand year old. It existed as mujras during mughals and it thrived and enriched during British rule in terms of slave sex workers. Prostitution even enriched in the great cholan era in south India.  Prostitution has always been a center of tourism; where there are no strict laws on sex and drugs are where tourism thrives is a truth.

A simple law can never put an end to it. It will only put it further on the darker side.

                          The solution that can be foreseen is legalizing prostitution in India which might make things worse in its own away but it might be a solution to keep a check on trafficking and to keep a check on the prevalence of AIDS. But then one might end up writing a blog on the prostitution of INDIA rather than on the cultural and architectural beauty of India as I did now about Singapore. But again it might end things like someone making a documentary on the dark life in INDIA or about the AIDS in India. Least it may make it matter of choice. Legalization may earn income to the government and it can lead the government in monitoring who enters this.

                          Now look from another perspective of what was there in the previous paragraphs. Taking a woman, hour per bang for a girl, girls with skimpiest dress in the streets, girls been trafficked, girls being forced in child prostitution – now that’s what is called stereotyping woman. Women have been stereotyped ever since men and women started to exist. Stereotyping doesn’t stop with women being pilots or Presidents, stereotyping can stop only when thinking changes.
                         The reason for this being both men and women.  Why there were not so many men with skimpiest dresses on streets, why men were not forced into male prostitution? Men prostitution does exist but then it is matter of choice here. In India men prostitution is not even recognized.
This stereotyping exists in any society but it exists to greater extent in Indian society. Men take and woman offer; it is what is been the culture of this society.

                       It didn’t happen over days it is right from the times of first man and woman and as I said the reason is both – men and women. Women have long taught to keep her home good to keep herself good and beautiful. Women are always taught to learn cooking taught to please her man and satisfy her man. Men are not taught to do this, men are taught to work, protect his family and her girl. Women and men are different and they are taught different virtues of life. These virtues that they learn long before run within them even in the modern society.

                      The basic nature of woman is - to dress up, to make-up, to color, strain her hair is all a way to proclaim herself beautiful; and it’s one way to attract guy. This might not be accepted by many but that’s a truth. Even a man does that but a man does that to a certain less extent he tries his way of attracting by jumping, driving bike crazily or by showing his valor and strength.

                 This is what the basic of stereotyping is; the very basic thought that women are this and are meant to be this and they should be only this. Modern rich societies portray that they are out of it but that’s far from truth even there woman are seen as objects of sex. Why do woman prostitution is so very wide and not men prostitution? The truth is women are almost always sincere to their partners. They are taught to do it. Men are taught not so. The great Indian culture one way or other or any culture by a matter of fact for long says it is ok for a man to marry many girls! It is even legal in certain culture. This is the thought that has been put into him. He has been taught to stereotype women.

                                All these can change and a different outlook could be born when people open new eyes and gain a newer vision.  This holds true for both women and men – even the modernist woman today sees equality as right to dress the way she wants, do whatever she wants and she looks for that equality in coming late to home or utmost in politics. Equality is in thoughts and that can be achieved between men and women when they understand each other and redeem their thoughts.

                        And if this stereotyping is curbed and if men and women come out with a different perspective then things will bloom itself in a beautiful way. If men can stop thinking and seeing women just as a flesh and if he can go deep into her thoughts and emotions and if he can link himself with women and if women starts to see equality in different terms then things will change.

                        All this again might start only with a different learning. People must be taught to come out open understand better about sex, only if they start to speak in open about sex and love and see these things not just as hidden secrets or dark desires and pleasure, only if the young boys and girls are taught at their rightful age about sex and love then things can change.

                       Sex should not been seen as a dark night pleasure there should be more meaning put to it. Only then men and woman can start working together for a better cause and purpose. Only then stereotyping or for the matter of fact prostitution can end. Until then it will exist right within us and aside us. …………………..

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  1. One of the most daring topics to write on!!! nd most daring adventures, which none of them would have done for the sake of even knowing them...but, a good attempt as i say....

    What you have written about prostitution is true..but, few things that are not mentioned here, are the free style of living by boys & gals in cities, which they do bcoz they feel thats the culture practised in foreign countries...just bcoz, these boys & gals do it for pleasure and not for money, doesnt mean that they are not prostitutes...they are....not only these, but there are still a lot more to write about....

    way to go for our society to understand these things :(

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  2. Wow..powerful writing about the oldest profession in the universe.

  3. Brave writing!!!In dis world the solution to prostitution n women rights r trivial!!!for years n years d world dat we r living in is been n will we like dis,by d influence of culture n religion!!!only in a world which doesn kno abt d existing cultures n religions dat man is following for ages,can be a place of equality for men n women...!!!



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